"Our dev time is dictated by us" Robert Bowling

Robert Bowling has been answering peoples questions on Reddit, he has now put the rumor to rest that Activison dictates the development cycles.

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-Alpha2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Is it really Bowling on reddit? Why wouldn't he just use his twitter?

As for dev time being dictated by Activision, I remember him saying before that he had this HUGE patch for MW2 to tweak things like Commando. But then he said it was canned because Activision said so and that it had to do with Black Ops' upcoming release. I haven't played MW2 in a while, but doesn't anyone remember a so called patch for OMA? Was that ever fixed? Because I remember Fourzerotwo blaming Activision for dropping a huge patch that they were working on.

Wish I could find it. I'm sure devs have some freedom, but to my understanding publishers in general have a lot of control over the end product as well

Dart892381d ago

Nope still same crappy sh*t as when it came out.

evrfighter12381d ago

bowling for bullsh*t...its in the urban dictionary you know

beastgamer2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Its one year, they release mw2 back in 09 they began to work on mw3 for 2011 release. That's their 2 years. no break compare to Dice which tends to make a better game.
They have people building on a new engine, which the fags at COD can't do. Oh wait, your original cod 4 team could. They probably got fired since they told Bobby to shut it, were making a new engine for mw3.

Bobby: "They got cod4 you polished the engine for mw2, do it again!"
IW team: "Their is nothing left to polish, new engine it is"
Bobby: Fine, "roll eyes"
IW: Who is that banging on the door?
Security: Open up, Who decided on a new engine?
IW Leaders: We did
Security: come with us
Bobby: Yeah that them, YOUR FIRED! GTFO!
IW Leaders: F you
Bobby: everyone in IW come to my office
IW: yes
Bobby: were using the same engine
IW: but
Bobby: no buts, gamers want COD. SO DO IT!
Some IW Employees: This sucks, im leaving.
EA: hey Vince, Jason you have a family to feed, come make games, do what you love, well sign you up.
Vince, Jason: yeah sure
EA: Great call yourself whatever you want.
Vince, Jason: Calling IW workers, "hey we got our own team now, come join if you want. anyone is welcome.
IW: oh yeah, f this, Ea here I come
Bobby: I'm suing you EA!
EA; for what
Bobby: Taking my employees
EA: They left on their own and the bosses you fired hired them.
Bobby we'll see in court.
Robert: we lost 35+ people, all our design leads, animation leads, & story leads, most of the design and scripting, and some of the engineers, etc.
Bobby: Who gives a rat, add some people from the Treyach team
Robert: aren't they busy with black ops?
Bobby: no, its only took 7 months to finish.
Robert: Okay

why did i write this? their goes my bubble.

Boody-Bandit2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Something smells a little off here.
Is it denial, damage control or flat out BS?

Can someone, anyone, name a Call of Duty game that was delayed on the consoles since Kotick to the reigns of Activision? So who dictates what again? Exactly. This series usually has a release date 6+ months before it hits the market and I cant recall it ever being delayed. Yet it always has a fair amount of issues that need addressing out of the gate.

Sorry but no. There is a calendar date etched in stone for this series and it is hit nearly every year without fail.

Activision rolls as Kotick dictates it, period.

Soldierone2381d ago

Yes I remember this too. It was an awesome patch and Bowling was hyping it for weeks. Then he suddenly says it wasn't coming out and instead we simply get a crappy "fix" for connection issues.

Then Black Ops comes out and we have that big update in it....

Same kinda goes for stats...notice Black Ops stat tracking sucks balls? And now COD Elite is coming out making the "advanced" stat tracking seem better?

gamingdroid2381d ago

When Bowling was asked why buy MW3 over BF3:

"You should be buying both because they both will be stellar games. I refuse to say one ill word of Battlefield 3 or DICE because I think they're both fantastic and am good friends with several of the guys on the team.

If you are a shooter fan, they are both fantastic games to own because of one reason. They are different.

Each do their own thing in a fantastic way and it is refreshing to have the option for both styles."

Very classy answer, unlike EA....

hassi942381d ago

Well he can't boast any features which are better than BF3 - so all he can say is they're both worth buying or mw3 isn't. Odd which one he opted for, isn't it?

His answer is stupidly vague, didn't say anything that made me think I should get the game. Just saying 'they're fantastic' 3 times isn't enough for me. He's just trying to be the level-headed gamer to try and get respect. Just like people on N4G go 'they're all as good as each other' and end up with 1000 bubbles.

It doesn't work like that, real people have a preference.
The only difference is it's the pussies who are too scared to state their preference in case they get hate from someone who believes otherwise. Why do these people strive so hard to be liked by the masses?

Jezuz2381d ago

That's a very kind response.

hassi942381d ago

It's all bullcrap.

Odd coincidence that what they 'need' for each game happens to be exactly 2 years every single time? You'd think games very in what time they need but not for infinity ward.

I used to like Bowling - now he's just a sell out. Pathetically ass-raped by activision into saying whatever they want.

the_best_player2381d ago

COD is noob friendly that's why it sales well.
BF3 will be the better game I hope COD dies.

FACTUAL evidence2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Tell me this guy doesn't look like angry kid.

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Focker4202381d ago

Thats a lie, you always have a 2 year development cycle, and it must be done by the first or second week in November. Activision currently have their hand up your rear working you like a puppet.

DavidMacDougall2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

I don't have proof but i doubt he could tell actvision to hold of for a month till after christmas to release it.

dragonelite2381d ago

So what sequels general timetable this gen for them is 2 years. So dont see the problem.

MidnytRain2381d ago

The problem is if the game has conspicuous issues, they have to release it ANYway.

showtimefolks2381d ago

and they improved a lot of things it just depends. i don't think these development studios do a lot of testing with COD series before launching it because each COD since MW1 has had major issues that reviewers over look

and instead of we receiving patches to fix them we get a new game

i stopped buying COD after mw1 now even when i do buy i buy use so my money goes to gamestop or someone on craigslist than these lazy devs

this year EA and activision will spend over 100million on advertisement so i fully expect the sales to be neck and neck and EA may even come out on top because when casuals see something during their fav tv show they automatically assume its good and tat's where both ea and activision get most of their sales

FlashXIII2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Lol who is he trying to fool? They don't dictate shit when it comes to time frames and anyone with half a brain knows this. As the guy above me said, go say "we're not ready for release, can we release it after Christmas" and see how much they really dictate.

Respawn made a great decision not to take this jerkoff across.. what a little corporate bitch. I understand he probably couldn't flat out say Activision control everything to do with development but he could have chosen to just not answer it instead of flat out lying to fans.

Activision probably control almost everything to do with the development hence the reason why all the talented people who worked on call of duty jumped ship to EA. Why else would these people leave such a good thing unless they felt they were unable to quench their creative thirst with Kotick breathing down their necks?

Heartnet2381d ago

... he could be telling the truth...

and dude thats not why every1 left for to EA /sigh.. they got fired thats why they left...

FlashXIII2381d ago

No they got fired because they were going to leave anyway or at least were in talks to jump ship.

evrfighter12381d ago

only 2 got laid off

the other 45 left of their own free will.

hassi942381d ago

He isn't telling the truth. If he is telling the truth then he's a bad developer. What developer chooses to release early - causing bugs and a smaller payment? These devs get paid by the hour - NO dev is fully in control unless they are the publisher too. But IW have absolutely no control by the looks of things.

And the 2 heads got fired. Everyone after that (almost 50 people) left because the treatment was unfair and the head devs were brilliant.

cyclonus0072381d ago

Riiight...Activision would NEVER allow a developer to release a CoD game before it was ready. Not without extensive QA testing and a beta. That would be silly.

outwar60102381d ago

biggest lie ever! why would we know the release time years in advance and the order of release etc if the c*** s***** devs dictated dev time

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