Halo 4 Now Up For Reserve at Gamestop

Yup, that's right. You knew it was coming.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2537d ago

The next highest pre-ordered exclusive

Fasteddy2537d ago

You have no idea, MW3 has an unbelievable amount of reserves and its still like 5 months away. But yeah, hopefully Halo will blow MW out of the water.

fluffydelusions2537d ago

I doubt it considering it doesn't release till holiday 2012.

Trebius2537d ago

Happy the 360 owners have a game to look forward to after Gears 3. Gonna be a LOOOOOONG year. (unless you have kinect)

Cant wait to see what Halo 4 brings to the table. They're probably going to have new innovations like they did with halo 3 and it's multiplayer layout.

Fasteddy2534d ago

battlefield 3 is set for October 25th

despair2537d ago

hmnm my estimate is 2 million pre-orders by end of the year... now the question is which game will have the Halo 4 beta access codes.

Rapture722537d ago

probably the Halo: CE remake

Inside_out2537d ago

Once one store starts taking pre-orders, then they all have The game doesn't launch till ( prob Sept ) holiday 2012.

Rikan2537d ago

I believe this game will reclaim the sales record (it took a multi-platform title to claim it over the exclusive Halo 3) from COD.

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The story is too old to be commented.