Ryse is not a only-Kinect title

Phil Spencer about Ryse: "Idea right now is that you play with both controller and Kinect".

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RedDead2418d ago

Well...This game has jumped straight onto my radar...terrible shame I don't have Kinect..but how will this work? Will I be waving my arms around with a 360 joypad? My joypad and Tv wouldn't last very long

Lylat_642418d ago

Dodgy translation, but seems you can play normally with a controller, or play it with kinect.

captain-obvious2418d ago

why didnt they show that ??
they showed a guy jumping around

EarthLover2418d ago

@captain obvious

They showed a guy jumping around because everyone said Kinect had no hardcore games, by showing this hardcore game with Kinect, they were attempting to give those whiners what they wanted, Kinect support in hardcore games.

Microsoft cant win because no matter what they do, people whine, just like you are doing now.


If this game was supposed to be hardcore with a controller, what they actually showed at E3 was Kinect transforming a FPS Hack'n'slash game into an on-rails arm flapping fest.

Trying to prove Kinect to hardcores? Nice work... -.-’

2418d ago
Biggest2418d ago

Wow, dude. That makes NO sense. If they guide you to the areas, it is on rails. What you're trying to say is that roller coasters are semi-railed because you can look at anything while the ride guides you to an area. It makes no sense.

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TBM2418d ago

The game didn't excite me at all, if it turns out to be halfway decent i'll pick it up when it drops to about $20 used.

TheDareDevil2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

If this is true, then I'm elated.
One of my most anticipated games!!!

Checked out,, and its listed as this:
Platform: Kinect.

kingdoms2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago ) is often wrong or not in the loop with developers. Everybody thought it was a kinect only game until Microsoft explained their plans after the press. They showed kinect gameplay because that was the theme of their show like PS Vita and Wii-U. Rise is probably a hybrid or has kinect specific mission/ gameplay like forza has an arcade kinect mode.

Why do ps3 fans care so much about the 360? We don't care about ps3. will update the info as they always do when this happens. Making an issue of this doesn't override what Microsoft game studios and crytek has said LOL

lowcarb2418d ago

"Why do ps3 fans care so much about the 360? We don't care about ps3."

I think you mean PS3 fanboys (just like 360 fanboys) because not all of them are haters.
OT:Anyways this is good to hear because we may just get two different experiences out of the box. I'm just waiting for that kinect hybrid game that does it right and hopefully Ryse will be it.

yourfather2418d ago

ttp:// /PressKits/2011-E3
well,not on the "Kinect for Xbox 360 Games" list

SuperLupe2418d ago

Yeah but still it wont be what it could have been otherwise it'll be better without Kinect whereras the game has been made to push Kinect.

Id rather play a on-rails Ryse with Kinect than without, otherwise whats the use ? If I have to play an on-rails xbox game might as well play it in an innovative way.

YodaCracker2418d ago

What it could have been? I'm sure it was originally intended as a Kinect game and it would not exist otherwise. It was never intended to be anything else.

-Alpha2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

This is what I heard as well, but the fact that they showed it with Kinect only raises more questions.

I also dont know how they would work a title that would work with both Kinect and a controller like that. Is it on rails on Kinect and free moving on controllers? How exactly would that work?

Lylat_642418d ago

It'l be like Pokemon Snap :P

kudakadere2418d ago

I can't wait to hit a Roman on the head with a controller

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