SG E3 2011: Skyrim Was A Sleep Inducing Bore

SG: I am a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls games that Bethesda has made over the years. That said, I also think that their Elder Scroll games and Fallout games do not show well at conventions. What I was not expecting was their 35 minute gameplay demo to absolutely put me to sleep.

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-Mezzo-2509d ago

WHOA!!! this will not end well.

Did i really miss something, because from the trailers and footage i saw, i think it might steal the GOTY this year.

MAJ0R2509d ago

when you really look at it, it has many flaws that need to be addressed

what was really underwhelming for me is the lack of gore and reaction from NPCs who just got sliced in the face

TheMrMadzen2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Isn't it supposed to be "boring"??(Doesn' ;t mean that it's boring for everyone). Doing the same thing over and over again. That, my fellow gamers, is the definition of insanity

Theonetheonly2509d ago

THIS...... IS......... SKYRIIIIIIIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

inveni02509d ago

Elder Scrolls games are very slow paced. It's not about fighting and cover mechanics. BUT the AI in Bethesda's games always seems to really suck (along with animations). It's actually the characters that draw me out of the world. But the world design itself is always amazing, and the depth to it is astounding. But that's something you have to get into. You can't experience Skyrim by watching someone else play it for a half hour.

X-DominusRebellis-X2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

There's a reason why my Oblivion file has over 100 hours on it and I still haven't beat it, it's not meant to be a run through wham bam thank you ma'm. A demo of Skyrim CANNOT show anyone what the game is like. It simply shows the detail/graphics, but doesn't show the game for what it is: an adventure game. It's a shame that all the games nowadays are so action packed that people think Skyrim or games like it are boring simply because they do not have explosions and guns.

Most FPS games today are like having sex when you're 17. It's fast paced, full of sxcitement, then 15 seconds later you're done...

Whereas, games like Skyrim will be like having sex with a gorgeous looking woman where you don't want to rush through it, but want to take your time and enjoy every second of it ;)

MAJ0R2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I don't quite get your point, Oblivion was an action based RPG and so is Skyrim

Morrowind was the one that is more slow paced

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RedDead2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Lets see. from the 13 mintue demo I disagree, however that was only 13 minutes. Lets look at the other posibilities.

First of all, Skyrim and the Elder scrolls are NOT Uncharted. They are opposites of games like Uncharted, they look cool and have cool looking action rarely. This game is an RPG...Not an action game. Want a version of Elder scrolls which focuses on cool combat? Go play Dark messiah. For me, any improvement over how it looks to Oblivion is fine by me, i don't care how it looks.

The gameplay did not look the same to me, it seemed exactly as the said it would trading blows trying to get a hit it. Oblvion was literally ......hold block....wait....mash attack...repeat. Skyrim is block at right time.....attack at right at right time etc... all down to timing.

Now let me input some other stuff, regardless or not if this is Oblivion 2.5, it has mountains, it is no longer a boring flat landscape. This was one of the biggest gripes with Oblvion, repeating landscape. GONE. Level scaling which fu**ed up Oblivion...GONE(for Fallout 3's not so bad one).

Magic IS better. I got that just from the 6 minute demo never mind the 13 min. Dragon shout included

That's all I have seen. Also Graphics are alot better.

Finally, more voice actors. World is handcrafted. More dungeons designers(8 instead of 2)

Major^^ It has flaws, but they are such how can I say..casual gamer flaws? Is that a good word for it? Stop caring how it looks and care how it plays, I agree a slash to the throat with only the enemy falling back was weird, but I accept it and move on. They aren't going to show his head come off, because he has a health bar and perhaps him still fighting without a head would be a bit worse than his head not coming off in the first place. Again, Rpg is a Rpg

If it really turns out to be perfect combination Morrowind and Oblivion strength and weaknesses along with a better combat system then it is hands down no question GotY. Unless you don't like Rpg's.

Oh yeah...lets no forget that for once Dragons are actually done right, from the demo's out now, they look and act like the really would. I have never seen an unscripted Dragon do that in a game. I was waiting for it. here it is finally

Carnage2509d ago

I totally agree with you and I want to add another thing. It is not Oblivion 2.5 its Elder Scrolls 5. Of course its going to have some similarities of the previous ones.

Eamon2509d ago

Totally agree with that lengthy comment. I'm psyched for Skyrim as it seems to address all the big issues with Oblivion while adding new exciting elements like random Dragon encounters.

damnyouretall2509d ago

i agree with you. its a rpg. the combat in mass effect was action rpg too. takes a second to kill the enemy. this is a video game and it is what it is, no complaints here as well


It's a rare to me reading a comment longer than my owns, but that was a good read.

I agree with almost everything you said. I don't know how a real dragon would move since they don't exist, but I had seen a lot of good dragons in other games too anyway... I think it was more of a achievement to Elder Scrolls franchise than to ¨dragons in games¨ in general.

Anyway, I won't call it GOTY yet (cause this year looks like we have a lot of good games in many genres, so let's play more before giving awards) but it's definetelly up there for my RPG of the year, with Dark Souls.

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MiloGarret2509d ago

Check source name.

Hint: Sarcasticgamer.

mousearmy2509d ago

I thought that myself but it doesn't really seem to hold up looking at some of the other articles.

FredEffinChopin2509d ago

It's amazing how often I see a retarded article on here and look at the title to find that its source is Sarcasticgamer.

The impression I get is that of a bunch of aspiring writers who are too lazy, bland, or unskilled (or some combination of one or more of those), to actually create things of substance, so they take a non-topic, put a title on it that will get people going "huh?" (something inflammatory, or just wildly opposite of popular opinion), and then proceed to create a dozen paragraphs of drivel out of thin air.

This site is an absolute piece of garbage. In case anyone forgot or didn't know, below the link to read the full article you can click on the name of the website and vote their article down, as well as their sorry excuse for a game site.

HardCover2509d ago

FredEffinChopin, I feel the same way about a lot of N4G comments (including my own!).

Everybody gets a say.

sikbeta2509d ago

Oh No you didn't sarcasticgamer

FredEffinChopin2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

wrong reply

X-Zone2509d ago

lol have you seen the games coming out this year?

This is bottom of the list.

malamdra2509d ago

then a demo for Oblivion would have out this guy to sleep too, but then he loved it

people should really have to pass some kind of anti-stupidity test before they can write for gaming sites

zinkabass2509d ago

I don't know ,..

I will still be getting it for pc probably,.. but I am afraid they are exponentially dumbing down Elder's Scrolls,.. There are things I heard about it,.. that kind of worry me.

Well there is still Dark's Souls ,.. (and even that has me worried a bit, because the last vid 'boss fight' I saw,.. was really incredibly easy compared to Demon's Souls - could be for the presentation porpoises, or they could not show shit)

thesummerofgeorge2509d ago

Almost had me goin there Sarcasticgamer..... Touche.

hassi942509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

The combat looked amazingly different than oblivion.

The only reason it could possibly be seen as 'boring' is because they didn't do anything on the game - they weren't questing and they weren't levelling up - just roaming and showing off the map (and a bit of combat).


Also - "Skyrim is Oblivion 2.5." This means it is BEYOND a sequel. A sequel to oblivion would be Oblivion 2 (well actually Elder Scrolls V but nevertheless) so 2.5 means it has gone beyond and above what is required for a full sequel.

I'm pretty sure the writer wasn't trying to convey this, idiot. I'm no Elder Scrolls fanboy or anything but the stuff he is written is just for the sake of being the contrarian - pathetic to be honest.

50Terabytespersec2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Are you serious! I am tired of these life/time wasting games, that are both repetitive in nature limited in variety and just based on BS task that bring nothing new to the table.did I mention
Over repetitive goals!with same boring low quality landscapes)
Fables,and other crap like Borderlands and PC ports like Dead space (Bioshock! the worse IMHO)and the rest(you know which ones).
You can see the lack of budget to design more intricate set piece levels and stages and build more models and different characters , so they throw in repetitive task to hold over the "mmo type,exploring journey)nerds with no life and keep them entertained.
(lackluster worlds at best)
Heck I am going to the arcade and then Biking with my bro and meet some girl friends for a movie and then work.
maybe play some motor-storm apocalypse tonight!

animalia852508d ago

Dude you're an idiot. You talk shit about some of the best games this generation and then mention motorstorm, what a joke.
Bioshock had some of the best set pieces ever in a videogame. stop talking about videogames and stick to biking because your opinion is void of intellegent thought and you lost all credibility in one comment.

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terrordactyl2509d ago

I think this article is flambait personally.

Therealspy032509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

such a typical, immature thing to say here on n4g. you people always say that if someone says something negative about something the majority likes. that's NOT flaimbait! and it's NOT about hits! reading negative perspectives is every bit as useful and important as positive ones.

god, you can't be a journalist anymore apparently unless you have unrealistically low expectations of quality.

this guy's opinion didn't change my own...but i still think his perspective is a valid one.

shayol33t2509d ago

Read the title again and say its not flamebait. It could have easily been labeled "Skyrim not up to my expectations" or "Skyrim dissapointing at E3". Easy

MysticStrummer2509d ago

Of course it's flamebait. It's just a different variety of flamebait than we're used to seeing here on a daily basis. There's nothing immature about pointing that out. You really believe it's not about getting hits? Wow.

Inside_out2509d ago

This guy has gone out of his way to try and discredit this game. Everything he said can be applied to ANY game that is an on going series/ franchise so Gears, Uncharted, COD, Battlefield, Crysis, Resistance, Portal, Mafia, GTA, GT, Forza, Halo...I mean, he spends all his time complaining it reminds him of Oblivion...except with dragons, different locations, much better graphics, dual wielding and probably ten other things that to him don't matter because, well, he hates the game and no matter what they show, he will hate the game...O_o

DigitalAnalog2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I agree with you on your points. However, what's worse than having a negative context of a subject is NOT knowing the context of the subject. The source at hand is "Sarcasticgamer" - and if you look at their history, they have a trend of (guess what) writing "sarcastic" articles on the internet. And this where you have failed to see rendering your entire comment.. pointless.

-End statement

FredEffinChopin2509d ago

You're ignoring several key features of this that are consistent with their articles. No, it isn't cool to call anything you don't agree with flamebait, but trust me, this is the real deal. This site is notorious for baiting.

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50Terabytespersec2509d ago

definitely flame bait i love this site!

Alos882509d ago

This looks like a article made purely for the hits.
And "slightly better graphics"? Yeah, this guy is an idiot.