Another attack on Sony is imminent, when will it stop?

Product-Reviews writes: Just when you thought normality was returning to Sony and their organisation following on from the initial waves of attacks, it has been reported that another attack on the company could be about to happen.

Hacking group Lulzsec posted this on Twitter within the last 10 hours:

”Recap of the last 24 hours: NHS assisted, Jihad site taken down, owned, Endgames + Prolexic shone upon brightly. Tomorrow… @Sony”

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tr00p3r2511d ago

Hope it doesn't affect the PSN again..that's the only thing I'm worried about.

qface642511d ago

if you ask me everyone is doing this to themselves the sooner people ignore these hackers the sooner they will go back to obscurity

it wasn't until everyone started giving these hackers loads of attention that the hacks really started to get out of hand

Anarki2511d ago

Or the fact that a group of hackers proved it's not that hard to hack a multi billion $ company. As soon as Sony prove themselves that their security is good then they'll stop.

S_C2511d ago


Exactly what i am thinking, they are only doing this so that they can get their name thrown about the internet and get their 5 minuites of fame. If no1 reported them and just let the compaines involved get it sorted out behind the scene then their attention seeking attitudes will turn to somthing eles.

AtomicGerbil2511d ago


With independent security companies involved with investigating the attacks, I'm sure we would have heard by now that Sony's security was not up to industry standard.

Every online company is at risk regardless of their security.

This was not about proving the effectiveness of Sony's security, rather an all out attack that would only end when significant damage had been done.

Brewski0072510d ago

If we knew the identities of these people we'd all just have to chip in and buy them prostitutes to take their virginity and help them move out of their parents basements. Then and ONLY THEN will this hacking problem stop.

bozebo2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

actually, flatbattery, sony's security was total dire. Any connection to the psn servers posing as a developer station (just a bit field in the network packet, authentication wasn't even needed - you can use wire shark to caputre network info then write a custom socket app to connect to the psn pretending to be a ps3, or do it the harder way by hacking a ps3's hardware) was given full permissions over the network commands that could be carried out, so that's normal user commands such as: "unlock trophy", "add freind", but also commands that shouldn't even have existed on the live system, such as: "get user database entry" etc.

That, is a textbook definition of bad security.

Now your other point, that every online company is at risk, yes that is completely true - the particular way in which sony was hacked shouldn't have happened though. Unavoidable hacks are usually due to undisclosed 0-days, so the software developers don't have it patched (or even discovered) in the time that the knowledge has taken to spread to enough people in the hacker community for somebody to take advantage of the exploit.

Also, all android and iOS devices can be hacked by walking past somebody else who is hacked in the street. Then when you walk into work and connect to the work LAN, that is your entire work network hacked through your phone. (the press don't seem to wan't to let people know about this because Apple & Google's share prices would drop too much, obvious bribes are obvious)

Theonetheonly2510d ago

allright anon......

its not our fault you were fatherless children!

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MerkinMax2510d ago

Yeah tr00p3r. I swear to god if this affects the Uncharted 3 beta, the man hunt begins!

JsonHenry2510d ago

I wonder if they regret taking Geohot to court yet?

I just wish the attacks didn't end up causing the consumer so much hassle. We are the ones really losing in the end.

jke822510d ago

you say that like they SHOULD regret takeing him to court.......
i say they need to go after them harder if anything geo shouldve been fined in to bankruptcy twice over imho..

hackers arent in this to defend anyone they are in it for said hackers own personal gain plain and simple

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the_kutaragi_baka2511d ago

These nerds are terrorist, no need to give them life sentence, a death penalty should be given for causing worlwide mischief..

Shadow Flare2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

No, I think as punishment, their locks on their front doors to their house should be removed, their front door kept open at all times even at night, and a massive neon sign saying "welcome, do whatever you want to this house" should be attached outside it. And if the home owner tries to fight his case in court, activists should break into his house and switch off the gas and electrics, and steal his phone book and wallet. And they should be barraged with mail saying how THEY are in the wrong for letting people break in

mastiffchild2511d ago

Bubs Shadow-time people started to see this could have happened to ANYONE and we don't blame a gran mugged in the street for not being tough enough to beat the muggers down. Sony were attacked and there is ALAYS something else you could have done in hindsight but the US media led witch hunt has become daft and reminds me a lot of the scare stories when superior Japanese cars started going over in the 70's with build quality and reliability US cars struggle to match even now.

I'd have hoped we'd see the western media grow up a little but the gaming press/sites are a joke and the way Sony have been treated is a piss take.

D R Fz2510d ago

*Slow, Dramatic Clap*
Well said Shadow... Well said.

jke822510d ago

nope nope its all our fault apperently for going after the first thieve that made the house vulnerable in the first place they are punishing us for going after that fucker then sueing him in to submission

xtremexx2511d ago

Cmon, the spanish caught some of those douches, im pretty sure America can too.

Legion2510d ago

Vast majority are not based in America. I would say a large majority of them seem to be living in my neighborhood.

xtremexx2510d ago

lol wut? where do you live? in a non pedo way

Legion2510d ago

I'll just say south east Asia currently.

Der_Kommandant2510d ago

America is a continent right?

AceofStaves2510d ago

North America is a continent. South America is a continent. 'America' refers to the United States of America.