E3 2011: Witcher 2 On Xbox 360 Is Awesome, PS3 Players Pray For Port

PC gamers were graced with The Witcher 2 about a month ago courtesy of CD Projekt RED. Upon release, the game received numerous commendations for its graphics, storytelling, combat system, and superb RPG elements. Up until now, the game has been a PC exclusive. Now, lucky Xbox 360 owners get to enjoy the rich tale following Geralt of Rivia on their console later on this year.

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M-Easy1786d ago

The last part of the title is pure and simple flamebait. You can be happy and dismiss any misconstrued fantasy about your "journalistic" integrity by writing a poorly written article on a port. That's fine.

But when you add the antagonistic last part of the title and for some reason put PS3 in the tags when when there is reason for a PC/360 game to be in the PS3 section you are doing one thing; Trolling for hits and its disgusting.

MintBerryCrunch1786d ago

gotta include the PS3 somehow in there when the article nor the story surrounding the game has nothing to do with the PS3

i guess just writing about a legit story is "boring" since its about getting page hits

ksense1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

titles like that are just sad.

if anything i am praying for money to buy the ridiculous amount of ps3 exclusives and multiplatform games during the end of the year

@below pretty sure there will be a ps3 version. cd projekt just doesn't have the resources to do the game for ps3 right away. if not the trailer would have said exclusively to xbox or they would have said it when they announced it.

malamdra1786d ago

also the 360 version is already a port, it's funny how he uses that word to cast a negative light over a possible PS3 version when that's what the 360 version is

MaxXAttaxX1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

like most other 360 games.

vsr1786d ago

Everthing other than Halo is coming to PS3( Please don't list any sundry games & features). There may be timed exclusive deal. So PS3 gamers can wait. In the meantime they can play on their PC.

slayorofgods1786d ago

The PC version of Witcher 2 will always be the best, the graphics are that good.

b_one1786d ago

They MUST make PS3 port if they want to license Red Engine to someone else - they want.... 110% they want it... no one will buy engine that is not multiplatform...

And other thing - xbox is easier to port and if they want to gather bigger amount of cash in shorter time its logical they make xbox port, hungry for quality games xbox owners will buy it...

as PS3 owner who lives in Poland, i have access to rumors that are flowing here and there, personal i dont even care about this game - if it will be on ps3, hype level has been lowered down :)

AyeGee1786d ago


Precisely why i have a gaming pc :)

sikbeta1786d ago

lol WTF! PS3 gamers could play it on PC if they wanted to, heck even I can play it with my damned [email protected] PC, if requirements allow me to do it :P

zootang1786d ago

Already playing it on the PC, lol.

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ATiElite1786d ago

well 360 owners are catching a break after watching PS3 owners play Exclusive after exclusive after bloody exclusive it's cool to see the 360 owners get some AAA titles like.....

Minecraft and The Witcher 2. It would be nice if PS3 gamers got TW2 but if they don't then don't cry cause I don't see KZ2 and KZ3 on PC.

maniacmayhem1786d ago

"power up counter troll on!"

Its just too bad that most of those exclusives after exclusives after exclusives are not to interesting to most 360 players.

im sure they'll be just fine with what they have.

MaxXAttaxX1786d ago

Is that why they keep showing up on exclusive PS3 game articles?
There's obviously some insecurity issues there.

I mean, one could just as easily counter by saying that it's too bad that the two(2) Xbox 360 exclusives are not interesting to most PS3 players.
Probably because of this:
I like these :)

To each their own.

Vega751786d ago

there are more sonyfanboys in xbox 360 articles then they are in any ps3 exclusive article so stop it. so the only people insecure on this site is sonyfanboys and if those exclusives was so great you and the rest of the sonyfanboys would be playing them instead of worrying what the competition has coming out or what 360 owners has to play.

honestly you should be so busy playing your great exclusives so much that you shouldn't be on this site. instead you should be playing them.

KonaBro1786d ago

don't make me laugh. Any Sony news will automatically draw Xbox fanboys like a rotting piece of meat draws flies. It's kind of hard to see that behind your rose-tinted glasses where Xbox fanboys are the righteous minority being bullied by Sony fans. Troll harder kid.

insomnium21786d ago


This is all because the x360 fans were so stupid back 5 years ago. Do you remember how things were back then? There is no point in being the way you are since it was you (x360 fans) who asked for it.

jbiz3301786d ago

[email protected]

>>"Its just too bad that most of those exclusives after exclusives after exclusives are not to interesting to most 360 players."

Some of these exclusives arent interesting to most PS3 players either judging by the sales.

Kahvipannu1786d ago

"This is all because the x360 fans were so stupid back 5 years ago. Do you remember how things were back then? There is no point in being the way you are since it was you (x360 fans) who asked for it."

Lol.. "You were a prick 5 years ago in the internet, now I get my revenge, buahhahaaa!!" Really..

If someone still thinks that way, good luck. Fanboys will be always here, no need to justify anyones fanboyism, it's stupid everyway you lookk at it.

MaxXAttaxX1785d ago haven't been around for long, have you. Because that's pretty hypocritical.

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disturbing_flame1786d ago

i think this article miss something : PS3 players can have a PC. When you come on N4G you are using a PC and Witcher 2 has the best version on PC.

I am a PS3 player, i've got a 360 and a Wii also. Why would i pray for port when i can play the best version on PC ? And there's a lot of PS3 players that have a PC, the same with 360 and PC, or Wii and PC.

So guys, more than a port, just buy a decent PC and play the best version outhere.

Kahvipannu1786d ago

True, and there are also players who have all the consoles, but don't do PC gaming. Here's a lot of comments that PS3 owners can get it for PC, well, where the option go that PS3 owners could get it for X0? It's funny..

"So guys, more than a port, just buy a decent PC and play the best version outhere. "

This I am doing at the moment, I'm mostly a PC gamer these days, and I'm buiding new rig this summer, getting this game after that. I already have a ok laptop, but I have to play most games on MEdium/Low, which I'm ok with games like Civilization, Witcher1, etc.. But games like APB:Reloaded I just don't have the FPS high enough to be efficient in the game..

My point is, the game coming to consoles is great thing, ofcourse the PC version is the best version, but still it's the same game. Just like I have been playing Witcher1 at medium settings, I have loved the game, and I bet people will love W2 too on X0, even that they know there is better version out there. More options ftw.

Legion1786d ago

As is normal with most any site these days. They hit on both PS3 and 360, and poke at both to get each of the others fanboys going and trying to feed hits.

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xiren1871786d ago

Well the 360 needs exclusive.. This year it seems that PS3 is getting all good games :(

Darkfiber1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

You realize this game is already out on PC, right? And has been for almost a month? Just checking...

Just to save you the time and effort:

[ik-skloo-siv, -ziv] Show IPA
not admitting of something else; incompatible: mutually exclusive plans of action.
omitting from consideration or account (often followed by of ): a profit of ten percent, exclusive of taxes.
limited to the object or objects designated: exclusive attention to business.

[id-ee-uht] Show IPA
an utterly foolish or senseless person.
Psychology . a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.

xiren1871786d ago

looking through your comments, you're a 360 fanboy. No wonder you only have two bubbles ;)

Jack-Dangerously1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Let's turn that judgmental pendulum right back at you shall we? You must be in a really, and I mean REALLY bad mood to go through all that trouble to just act like a fool(to put it nicely yo).

More like dOrkfiber. *knocks on wood*

Motorola1786d ago

Or PS3 gamers can play it on PC. i can almost max it out at 720p on a 60 dollar GPU...

Motorola1786d ago

They dont need to, its coming out on Xbox 360

Xof1786d ago

I found Witcher 2 to be pretty underwhelming. It had a convoluted plot with a number of really... stupid facets, it was short as hell, and had very little content--just as few areas, monsters, armor and weapons as Dragon Age II.

Compared to Witcher 1, it's a pretty big step backward.

Not that any other PC gamer will admit to that: we really have become the most insufferable group of fanboys, huh?

Darkfiber1786d ago

Really? You're actually comparing it to Dragon Age 2? It's one thing not to like the game, but that's just downright insulting.

F4sterTh4nFTL1786d ago

What would you rather have The Witcher 2 be:

1. Same length as The Witcher 1 but same graphics as before, or
2. Shorter length but with significantly improved graphics detail, high detail graphics do not make by its own, Polyphony Digital took 6 years to make 200 cars at extreme detail, Battlefiled 3 took 4 years to make etc.

aPerson1786d ago

@ FasterThanFTL

I'd rather have a longer game with graphics equivalent to The Witcher 1. Really good graphics are nice, but they aren't everything. Besides, there was nothing wrong with how TW1 looked.

I'm still looking forward to this game regardless.

caboose321786d ago

It's just your opinion man. Just because you thought it was a step backwards doesnt mean everyone else has to think it is too. I personally enjoyed the sequel MUCH more than the first, since I had a very hard time getting into it at the beginning. It would have been nice to have a longer story and more environments to explore, but the detail and variety put into the settings were very well done in my opinion.

Jack-Dangerously1786d ago

I absolutely will not pray for any game.(lol)

But I would definitely look at it if it came to PS3. Like Gears, it's not for my platform so I don't bother looking at it, for obvious reasons. :)