Sony and Nintendo missed something big at E3

Gaming Irresponsibly's Josh Knowles writes: I’ve been giving this some thought. There has been so much talk about who won or lost E3, some say Microsoft while others say Nintendo and even others claim Sony came in last. When it comes down to it, your system of choice came in ahead and likely it’s competitor’s show was a joke. There really was a loser this year at E3 though and ironically, they do not hail from house Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft but from your own.

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blitz0x2508d ago

I totally agree with the article. There is a lot of untapped potential that is just going to waste on most consoles.

agentxk2508d ago

It is a sad truth, the fact that these two ignore it too is kinda unnerving

FamilyGuy2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Is AAAAANYONE other than me excited for that OutLand Game? It looks awesome to me. This article is kinda bs, PS3 has PLENTY of indie devs, it's just sonys have a higher level of quality so there's less of them but they DEFINITELY have a decent number. I rarely really look at the psn titles but I've found a number of gems EVERY time I do bother to look.

OutLand will be my next psn title. They have games for everyone taste so I'd suggest you all browse what on offer when you have an extra $5-$15 on you, waiting on that next highly anticipated title. A lot of the games have previews, trailer or demos. I noticed Outland in an a Pulse episode I think.

coryok2508d ago

sony inde games are better because sony will put up however much money the dev is willing to put up for their game.

if an in inde dev wants to make a $50,000 game sony will match that $50,000 and publish it for them

it gives small devs the ability to put out better quality games, way better than what 360 has where anyone can put pretty much and junk up

SephirothX212508d ago

Its amazing how the PS3 fanboys are disagreeing with anyone who says that Nintendo and Sony are unwise not to support indie games. Take off your fanboy goggles and be unbiased for once in your pathetic lives! Clearly this is an advantage to the 360 and something Nintendo and Sony need to think about.

Livin_in_a_box2508d ago

Uh, Sony have plenty of Indie devs. Look at Fat Princess, Super Stardust HD, flOw, Flower and many more including the PlayStation Minis.

If you read the comments then you'll find a quote from Eufloria about the PlayStation Indie support:

“[The Playstation Network] is the only natural place for the game really as a WiiWare version stranded early after Nintendo approached us at the IGF (they don’t like that we work from a home office) and Microsoft put so many extra demands on an XBLA port that it would be both too much a financial risk as well as introduce things in gameplay terms we are not that interested in. Sony on the other hand have been genuinely enthusiastic, and have shown to be very welcoming to the indie approach we bring to the table.”

No one can say that Sony doesn't support the Indie scene because they do. And before anyone starts piping up about Minecraft on 360, it's one of the games think will be MUCH better on PC, no matter what.

So basically this article is spreading a bit of misinformation.

farhad2k82508d ago

Minecraft is a PC game. And it should stay that way. Even if it was a PS3 exclusive, I wouldn't give a shit. I would always play it on the PC.

SephirothX212508d ago

Well if that's the case, then fine. My point is that fanboys will disagree anyway even if it were not the case. The same goes for 360 fanboys. The PS3 is my console of choice but if I thin the 360 has something better, I don't mind saying it. For example, I prefer Live to PSN but I prefer the PS3 overall for its exclusives.

Legion2508d ago

What most people are getting tied up with is the definition of Indie which has been an on going debate. Sony does support Indie development but not the low tier developers/garage developers. They sign contracts with companies to develope Indie games.

Microsoft on the other hand has truly opened up to the garage developers of Indie games. The non-company non-money backed game makers.

Similar thing is happening in the movie world. You used to see real Indie films, but lately all you see are big companies making Indie films with big name stars and show casing these films at cans and other Indie shows. Just a shame that even Indie movies these days can be made with hundreds of thousands of dollars put into them.

Microsoft has your XBLA Indie games... (more company based and microsoft pushed) and they have their true Indie games that you and I are creating. Some being pure fodder.... others being true gems. Microsoft even goes as far as putting free development tools out there for you to use. (XNA) Yes they take a larger 30% cut then a normal game might have to put out but they are basically letting you develope for free where most developers are paying anywhere from $2000 ~ $12000 dollars a year just for that option. (Note: a $99 dollar yearly fee is charged once you choose to put a game on Xbox Live. Basically requiring you to sale about 130 downloads to break even on one game.) Of course our goal is to be able to even get our game out there in the first place. Microsoft allows that for the garage Indie developers.

FredEffinChopin2508d ago

Cannes =p

Very well said though, and absolutely true.

Legion2508d ago

ha... yea... dropped an n. :P

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Godmars2902508d ago

The most annoying thing about this console gen is that, more often than not, quantity is being confused with quality. We don't need more games, we need more creative, well thought out games.

Its the iPhone app store and things like it combined with the big, shat out franchises like COD that is making the industry bland.

SilentNegotiator2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I'll take a good action-adventure, RPG, and platformer, in exchange for all of the 360's lineup, the PS3's shooter-rific lineup, and the WiiU's old FPS multiplats and GTA lego game.

I'm sick of the "PEW PEW"s and the "VROOM VROOM"s and the more "PEW PEW"s. Not to mention all of the waggling and jigging, and tapping.

just_looken2508d ago

so fn true 2 agrees and bubbles up i already hung my next gen controllers up my last console purchase is the vita.

gfunkera102508d ago

The article claims Microsoft wins E3 because they show a little support to the indie scene. Forgetting the fact all three companies support the indie market in their own way.

So they are going to claim Microsoft wins E3 purely on something that wasn't even showcased by Microsoft during their conference. Let's just forget the hour long demonstrations of awkward pre-taped Kinect segments.

Why N4G......WHY can anyone submit articles!!!! Though I blame myself for giving this site an extra hit.

FredEffinChopin2508d ago

We don't need any more comments after this one. Pretty much nailed it.

Malice-Flare2508d ago

some people just can't accept the truth. he, also, conveniently forgot that Sony has PlayStation Suite coming to not just Sony platforms but to smartphones...

chrisgay2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

In fact, correct me if I'm wrong- the article at no point claims Microsoft "won" E3. He claims that indie developers and the gamers lost E3, due to Sony and Nintendo's lack of indie support.

I agree somewhat, indie games on Steam are some of the most fun I've had gaming. They are the future; far more daring than anything the industry seems to be churning out- adding 3D support to a game ain't good game design.

Legion2508d ago

You hit it on the head. The article said the loosers where the Indi developers basically.

OooHJohnny2508d ago

I wonder how much MS paid him?

AXOi2508d ago

"say Nintendo and even others claim Sony came in last."
what? who is 'others'....
how was this article approved ....

kikizoo2508d ago

How ? because of the delusional xfans in denial living in opposite world, it's not the first time, it's not the last :)

"some say Microsoft while others say Nintendo and even others claim Sony came in last"

LOL, nobody say that, even all the dumb people looking onky for "surprises", when the most important it's games, exclusives, and hardware..

"gamingirresponsibly&quo t; LOL ...again, a new blog for desperate fans who don't have enough biased articles this days (with sony selling more than microsoft, and having 10X more good exclusives each years)

chrisgay2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

The author is making a point about console fans, clearly.

"When it comes down to it, your system of choice came in ahead and likely it’s competitor’s show was a joke."

Evidently, you didn't understand the author, so to assume you'll understand me is a bad decision, but you are the exact issue the author is referring to- people who ignore logic and reason and hastily declare themselves and everything they love to be right and everything else, wrong.

agentxk2508d ago

I'm going to need you to read a bit farther in. Chrisgay hit the nail on the head

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