E3 2011 First Impressions: Starhawk [Game Revolution]

"To infinity and beyond!" - Daniel Bischoff [Game Revolution]

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Trexman892538d ago

game looks great! and I've never played a Hitman game before, so this will be my introduction to the series.

T3mpr1x2538d ago

Played this for a very brief time at E3, it was really fun. Building on the fly adds an RTS-like strategy to it!

MintBerryCrunch2538d ago

having the buildings land on you is gonna make for a lot of LOL's and a lot of Rage

dbjj120882538d ago

I don't know if buildings could kill players but the drop pods that players spawn with do kill enemy players. I did it a couple of times while I was playing the game! ;)

MintBerryCrunch2538d ago

is that like the new yawn??

drink some java, you'll feel much better

Rikan2537d ago

Nope, that's a well known way of expressing the feeling of being unimpressed. Read more, you'll feel much better.