Konami: Metal Gear Solid remake may happen

In an interview with Eurogamer, Kojima Production's creative producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana has said that a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid may happen at some point.

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qface642746d ago

it did happen already lol years ago unless they are going to re remake it

Chinner2746d ago

Sounds like they're going to remake or 're-imagine' the original. They're not going to remake the Twin Snakes.

DarkBlood2746d ago

well to be honest isnt it literally the same thing i mean i remeber watching the movie feature with my cousin for the ps1 version and years later got the remake for the cube

only difference is:
-dialog for physo mantis memory card thing

-controller port switch im not sure if the ps1 had it, i wouldnt know unless i bought the ps1 version on the store

-voices were different im obviously assuming but as far as i remeber there wasnt anything different with the story

but other then that im not sure to call it a remake of the original or a reremake of the twinsnakes version

but techically speaking i think it is just a remake of the first game no matter what variation it is

darthv722746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

twin snakes was a remake or special edition of solid. I am actually more interested in a remake of the ORIGINAL metal gear.

Konami has done a couple of rehashes of the contra and gradius games under the "Rebirth" title. Basically they took the elements of the classic games and mixed them together.

I want to see a metal gear rebirth game. Mixing 1 and 2 to make a revisioning of the originals that started it all. It doesnt have to be for the wii like those others were. It can come to psn or ..... but there is a significant need for this.

Most people dont even know the back story which leads to even more reason to have a rebirth.

@newmonday: yeah...that is what the rebirth should be. Like they did with contra and gradius.

NewMonday2746d ago

they need to remake the first 2 games that where on the MSX

kindi_boy2746d ago

I guess they want us to try the new Wii U remote with MGS, my guess it's going to be the best version, the immersion is gonna be through the roof.

DigitalAnalog2746d ago

Twin Snakes was fun, but the jumping off a rocket while firing a stinger is just plain stupidity. Also, the amount of backflips/action-esque hollywoodized mentality is what destroyed this game. Why do you think Snake Eater features REALISTIC CQC combat? Because that sh*t ain't canon. Yes, it is better to be remade with the proper design in mind AND it should stick to the original music.

-End statement

Lylat_642746d ago

'It was further revealed that MGS was not included in the HD collection because it had ‘little meaning’ due to being technologically dated.'

Surely just remastering Twin Snakes was possible? Or does Nintendo have something to why they didn't?

Chinner2746d ago

Probably, Twin Snakes was developed by Konami and Silicon Knights and released exclusively on the Nintendo Gamecube, so I suspect Nintendo own the rights.

DarkBlood2746d ago

thats confusing do u mean own the rights to the engine because that cant be possible since its used from the second game i think

surely they can just take out whatever made it exclusive in the first place but then again isnt a remake suppose to make changes that make it impossible to have control over?

a_bro2746d ago

1. MGS 1 had Playstation Refrences.

2.MGS:TS had Nintendo Refrences.

Lylat_642746d ago

Yup shooting Mario and hearing the 1up sound was awesome!

Chinner2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I'll address both your points in one post Darkblood because I only have one post left!

The Twin Snakes had quite alot of changes and 'enhancements'. It incorporated all the game features that MGS2 had, so this includes: First person shooting, new guard A.I, new alert systems and the ability to sneak. This really changed how the game played compared to the original.

You're right, voice acting was completely redone. Additionally, the cutscenes were totally redone with new (and ott) directing along with new music and some script changes.

Now as for your other question, I'm not sure on the specifics. I assume Nintendo owns the rights to the title and contents of Twin Snakes. The engine wasn't the same one used in MGS2, but (I think) was something adapted and changed to fit the Gamecube.

Chances are however that if they do remake MGS, they won't use TTS but instead use the MGS4/Fox engine and use new assets as well as gameplay features.

Hope this helps!

DarkBlood2746d ago

thanks that clears it up

KillerPwned2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

It may have been done on the GC but i have no doubt plenty of people would still buy another remake myself included. I bought the GC remake i would love to see updated graphics to this gen.

VampiricDragon2746d ago


Come on guys make a new game or something

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