100% off all games on Ubisoft Store

Apparently something's very wrong in Ubiland - all games are 100% off on the UbiShop right now...

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TheBeast2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

*downloads everything.

Edit: I have never seen this store so slow, the word must be catching on :P

Double Edit, Tom Clancy HAWX 2 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Epic win

qface642147d ago

i tried this on settlers 7 it only asked for a billing adress and nothing more if you get a retail game they just charge you 7 dollars shipping

but i wont bother doing this they will correct it eventually and your games will go poof im sure

M4I0N32147d ago

ah damn, cant get it to work, is everyone using it from the U.S?

ikkokucrisis2147d ago

Damn, I had to pay for shipping because the total kept coming out to $0.00! Argh!

ct032147d ago

It's funny how people immediately turn into thieves when something like this happens.
I mean everybody knows this is a glitch. Ubisoft does not give away its products for free.

Is stealing a car okay if the owner accidentally left the door open?

CoLD FiRE2147d ago

Yet most of the people who complain about piracy and are against it will use this to get games for free.

So how is this different from pirating games?

jadenkorri2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

@ ct03
that's stealing and a very poor analogy considering the article. Better would of been going to buy a car and the owner handed you the keys without getting the money.

@ cold fire
that is not stealing or piracy, if you walk in a store and they have a game priced at $9.99, yet it just came out and you know it should be $59.99, its a legitimate purchase.

SilentNegotiator2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

"Is stealing a car okay if the owner accidentally left the door open?"

What if he accidentally left a "Free car" sign on it?


I went into a pet store the other day. They left the puppy cages open and had a sign that said "Free samples"
I've already eaten four of them.

Eamon2147d ago

The day people stop equating physical objects with intangible data, will be the day people have woken up to the 21st Century.

HappyGaming2147d ago

Where are the people who cry about the industry now?

Goldenarmz2147d ago

it really isnt, if you walk in to Best Buy and some idiot with a tape gun marked a Game down to 2 dollars, guess waht? the store will have to sell it to you. It was their mistake and they have to honor it. So if people get games out of this, its not their fault. Its Ubisofts, If i am going to buy a game, and i go ot the site and its showing me 0.00... im not gonna wait til they fix it, i am going to continue with my purchase. Not everything is stealing and not everyone is a theif.

CoLD FiRE2147d ago

@jadenkorri But this is a glitch in the system. So let's say a store forgot their door unlocked, does it mean it's ok to get into the store take whatever you want without paying anything since it was their mistake leaving it unlocked? It would be legitimate since you didn't break into the store. It was already open :\

@Goldenarmz So using the same logic I could say that pirating games is ok because it's their mistake for making it possible to rip a game and uplaod it to the internet. It was their mistake and they have to honor it. :|

jadenkorri2145d ago

@ coldfire

whats with people and bad analogies. That is still stealing. A glitch in the system, or mistake of a person who programmed it is a legitimate sale until laws say other wise. If a company advertises something and they don't come through what happens, they usually get sued. This however is a mistake in the system, someone in the company is responsible for this mistake. With no teller/salesperson to see an obvious mistake the sale it legitimate if you happen to have it sent and gotten before it was fixed.

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egidem2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

This is insane! I'm going to download EVERYTHING!

Edit: I'm not going to do this. This would be stealing from Ubi. They make good games and deserve my money. Plus, they should be done anyway.

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sikbeta2147d ago

Dude, WTF is that thing you posted?, a pop-up message appeared in my FF, not worried cos my U-Maverick is immune :P

turgore2147d ago

Good games. Did you see Brother's in Arms: Furious 4 ?

egidem2147d ago


No worries, I just got bored and decided to do it. It's a tiny javascript program that does nothing more than pop up the words: "Amish hackerz find your friend very attractive! :)" in a popup box. I decided to shuffle it up into a mess like that because I felt like doing it :)

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primesuspect2147d ago

It's still working as of right now, confirmed. It's slow, but the discount is still in place.

vinsanity07232147d ago

Still slow but still working

WhiteLightning2147d ago

I was trying to get on the store before but it said the page didn't exsist anymore.

Can you only get the Animus editon of AC from the Ubisoft store ?

AKissFromDaddy2147d ago

I'm getting 'The page you tried to access was not found. It is possible that the page has moved or that you entered an incorrect URL. may also be temporarily unavailable due to routine server maintenance. Please check back later.'

I'm usual.

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