Nintendo at E3 2011: Where were Pikmin 3 or The Last Story?

GPT: "Nintendo's E3 Press Conference this year was one of the most anticipated events of E3 for many denizens of the gaming hobby. For people like me who play games for fun and not to champion some console like a knight of old in order to win glory and maidens, I resign to my fate of simply enjoying as many video games as possible and not giving a crap about who makes them. Instead, I watched E3 objectively looking for new fun things to do over the next year and beyond."

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vgn242326d ago

Right with all of Nintendo's other quality-exclusives, nowhere to be seen! haha.

Shok2326d ago

Pikmin 3 was actually confirmed at the Roundtable. But yea, it wasn't talked about at the actual conference.

The Last Story.......I give up on that, it's not coming out here lol.

fatstarr2326d ago

the last story will see a north American release ... its one of those games you hope for in the land of sequels prequels and triquels? that game really stood out

jacksonmichael2326d ago

@ fatstarr... the word you were looking for was trilogies. Lol.

BeaRye2326d ago

I like the first Pikmin on the GC, but Pikmin 2 sucked it. Not too sure how the third one will pan out, but considering they won't even talk about it, not good.

ChickeyCantor2326d ago

Just because they don't talk about it doesn't mean its bad.
Miyamoto stated that because of the Wiius horsepower he would love to see the game on that platform. Development actually started for the Wii but then got switched for Wiiu.

They don't need to talk about it, and if they don't it doesn't mean it a thing.

Knushwood Butt2326d ago

Yeah, Pikmin was moved to the Wii U because of the horsepower.

Had nothing to do with them abandoning the Wii and having nothing to put on the Wii U...

Definitely because of the horsepower, cos you know Pikmin is all about the visuals.

Miyamoto is such a corporate slave.

ChickeyCantor2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

"Definitely because of the horsepower, cos you know Pikmin is all about the visuals.

Miyamoto is such a corporate slave."

Why not look at the video on
He states it himself that the extra power can really put justice to the aesthetics. Cause its something that COMPLIMENTS Pikmin.

Not sure where he stab is coming from.
Who wouldn't wanna see pikmin with beautiful environments?

Knushwood Butt2326d ago

Had nothing to do with them abandoning the Wii and having nothing to put on the Wii U...

I'd say the extra power could COMPLIMENT skyward sword a hell of a lot more.

Oh, and I have beaten Pikmin 1 and 2.

ChickeyCantor2326d ago

Skyword sword was already going trough final stages.

So even if skyward sword could benefit from it more,sounds like you want it on the Wii?
Wiiu can provide so much more detail ( like troops of pikmins, good looking flora and whatever...and this is a bad thing?) .

Not sure why you don't want it on the WiiU..

Knushwood Butt2325d ago

You seem to have missed my point.

Point was that Miyamoto sounds stupid trying to explain away boardroom decisions.

He's a corporate slave.

pcz2318d ago

Nice try Sidar, but no.

Nintendo messed up e3 and you look silly after defending nintendo and saying there would be a strong wii showing this year... lol @ you!

i bet you cried.

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kennykramer2326d ago

Pikmin 2 sucked. Why want another garbage sequel?

Shadow Flare2326d ago

One of the best nintendo games ive ever played

jacksonmichael2326d ago

How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

VampiricDragon2326d ago

last story is coming out in europe in english

thats good enough for importers

ScubaSteve12326d ago

umm we need to have a imported wii from europe thats way to much money for one game

VampiricDragon2326d ago

90 percent of us unregion locked our wiis years ago

Desert Turtle2325d ago

Even if that were to happen, the Wii is still region locked.


lil boy blue2325d ago

true I already hacked it years ago

gumgum992326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Pikmin is one of those games I would really like to play someday. I never played when it first came out, but their Smash Bros. Brawl peaked my interest in it. ^_^