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3 Days After Wii U’s Announcement, It’s Future Already Looks Bleak

NightmareMode delves into why the Wii U's future doesn't look too bright. From a single Wii U controller per console to the system's proprietary disk format, we break down all the system's flaws and ponder the questions Nintendo has left us with. (E3, Nintendo, Tech, Wii U)

iamnsuperman  +   1629d ago
The biggest concern Nintendo has is are the third party support going to use the hardware in a different way. With a lot of people owning either a PS3 or 360 the third part support would need to have enough level of functionality (especially in the first two years) to make people instead of picking up a £40 spending money on this. I know exclusives sell systems but is Mario, Zelda and other going to do it. They have the functionality but in early console selling period third party games matter (not going to release all exclusives day 1)
darthv72  +   1629d ago
its would be easy to make something just like the other guy but this isnt how nintendo works. Never has.

It is almost like we are expecting the systems to be the same like when you go to buy a tv or movie player. You have all these brands and you know the basic functionality is the same so you base your choice on name or experience or features.

Playing a game should not be about anything other than putting the game in and pressing start. Nintendo went back to that simplicity with the wii but changed the manner in which we played with their controller.

Keep in mind their controller was the focal point for the wii. So now the controller again is the focal point for the wii-u. As if they upgraded the box like any other company that comes out with the next version. It playes the same as before but now it has a new remote to learn all the stuff it can do.

Wii-u is the evolutionary hop as opposed to the revolutionary jump when it comes to the actual console. Every system is basically viewed like that but its controller is the revolutionary jump like the wii-mote was when it came out.
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theaceh  +   1628d ago
Man... the wii-mote was as revolutionary as the lambada or the macarena.
Lyle91  +   1629d ago
Why would the disc format make the future not look too bright? It's the exact same as a Blu-ray, except this way they don't support their rival.

The one good point he made is that tech demos don't support consoles. A lot of actual games are now being shown though, so that problem is going away. I'm also sure that tons of more games will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show and next years E3.
Kanji08  +   1629d ago
The lack of blu-ray means it's not going to play disc-based HD movies. More and more, game consoles are expanding to entertainment hubs. And while online streaming is definitely the future, right now blu-ray is a big deal. To skip over it seems like a pretty significant oversight.

On it's own, it's not that big of a deal. Obviously the 360 manages to survive even on the archaic DVD format. However, as I'm sure some 360 owners would like the system to support blu-ray, so too will people want blu-ray on the Wii U. Is it a fatal flaw? No. Does it matter when it's another fault in a long list of faults the console seems to have? Yes.
Lyle91  +   1629d ago
Well I don't consider the Wii U to have a long list of faults, especially considering we don't know anything about it (which may be it's only real fault), I do see where you are coming from. To me though, Blu-ray will never be as big as DVD was, and online streaming will probably do very well on the Wii U.
Active Reload  +   1629d ago
" And while online streaming is definitely the future, right now blu-ray is a big deal. To skip over it seems like a pretty significant oversight."

Whoever thinks this is some type of fanboy. Anyway, they don't have to have games on a Blu-ray disc, obviously. And I'm rather sure theres some research that would probably say streaming is more popular than Blu-ray. Having a Blu-ray drive for movies is another solution, if they so choose, and they haven't spilled the beans on what all is exactly under the hood.
darthv72  +   1629d ago
movie playback is not a concern for nintendo. Hasnt been for some time. The only system to get "official" movie playback via disc was made by panasonic and it was a gamecube hybrid.

Nintendo is all about games and if the disc they chose was the failed HDDVD then so be it. I always thought the format was suitable for games when it lost to bluray. MS could have used it for that from then on but stuck to their guns and has now revised their dvd discs to suit games more so than movies.

Why we are under this idea that every system has to have the same or similar features is beyond me. Looking back, systems all played carts and they were of different capacities and shapes and sizes. That didnt stop developers from making games for those platforms.

I mean really, game data is game data and if nintendo used a 5.25 floppy for their system is fine with me so long as the developers are able to use it for their intended purpose. And by that, I am referring to the type of medium not the capacity.
D2K  +   1629d ago
The key word is 'right now' BLU-RAY is a big deal. There was a time that DVD was a 'big deal'. There was a time that CD was a 'big deal'. The problem, not being able to watch a movie on a video game system has never had anything to do with success or failure. And please do not bring up the Dreamcast because not having DVD is not what killed it. The fact that people bootlegged the bejabbers out of the Dreamcast is what killed it.

The Nintendo Wii without DVD or BLU-RAY capability at all has sold 86 million units. The PS3 with BLU-RAY capability has sold 50 million copies.

Having the ability to watch a disc-media in no way, shape, or form has anything to do with a console's success as the proof is in the numbers. As a matter of fact, the 360 was behind the PS3 in overall console sales and with the advent of the Kinect (a VIDEO GAME feature) it surpassed Sony.

With the explosion of Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, and other movie services who needs a BLU-RAY player IN the video game console? I don't buy a game console to watch movies. I buy a video game console to.......

Wait for it.....WAIT FOR IT.....

PLAY VIDEOS GAMES!!!!!! What a novel idea eh? Having BLU-RAY is convenience, not a necessity. Anyone who thinks not having BLU-RAY in the Wii U will have any part of it failing is either a fanboy whom want it to fail and is grasping at straws to find something to back up their biased opinions, or an COMPLETE idiot. Period.
Kanji08  +   1629d ago
@Darthv72: Movie playback might not be a concern for Nintendo, but it's definitely a concern for the growing population who expect their game consoles to be more than devices to play games on.

@D2K: While DVD playback may not have killed the Dreamcast, it definitely lead to the initial success of the PS2. Just like the PS3 led to Blu-Ray winning the format wars. You are a fool if you think these two don't go hand in hand.

And while you might buy game consoles only to play games and nothing else, I'd say the average 360 player who spends 40%+ of their time watching shows and movies disagrees with you. Or the 36% of Netflix users who watch content on their PS3s.

Again, is not having Blu-Ray a massive, catastrophic failure for the system? No. Is it a flaw nonetheless? Yes. Simple as that.
JsonHenry  +   1629d ago
The biggest fault so far is they didn't mention anything other than a new disc type for the actual console itself. This has to be one of the most vague product unveilings in history.
Lyle91  +   1629d ago
With the Wii at least they showed some actual gameplay from launch games. Now we'll probably have to wait until the TGS for that. Hopefully someone can dissect this baby and give us some real details.
D2K  +   1629d ago
Uh no. Actually when the Revolution was first unveiled at E3 2005 they did NOT show any games or describe the Wii-Remote AT ALL. It wasn't until TGS 2005 that they unveiled the Wii-Remote, and it wasn't until E3 2006 that we saw the games in action.

So actually, people got more this time around when Nintendo first unveiled their new system than when they did at E3 2005.
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1629d ago
we know that the Wii U will only support 1 Tablet per console, it will not have a centric online service and it will cost more than $250... Things aren't looking so bright if you ask me. For the time this console is out the PS3 and X360 will be cheaper, offering better online service and wider game catalogs.

And from a multiplat perspective devs are not going to go out of their way to make one version superior than the other even if the Wii U turns out to be more powerful than the other consoles. Developers always try to make all versions equal so people doesn't feel like they are paying $60 for an inferior version.
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Mini Mario  +   1629d ago
"we know that the Wii U will only support 1 Tablet per console"

I actually thought i read it supports two and and possibley 3ds's (in other articles).....unless i read wrong?
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NESpower  +   1629d ago
FUD...nothing to see here.
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1629d ago
Agreed. Nintendo is doomed ver 2.0. Remember how they said the Wii would fail? Yeah, how did that one work out? Next to nothing is known about Wii U, it's still an unkown quantity and way too early to be passing judgement on it's success or failure.
VampiricDragon  +   1629d ago
The future is as bright as ever.

This is just another troll who doubts nintendo. Then nintendo burns them

and then they come out with an article why its succeeding.

Not to mention its only 1 wii u controller for NOW. The system doesnt come out for over a year. They will figure it out
Kanji08  +   1629d ago
"Already, I know a lot of you will say it’s far too early to make the bold claim my headline infers. “The console isn’t coming out for another year at the earliest. A lot can change in 12-18 months.” you will say, and I agree. What we know about the Wii U now is not indicative of how the system will fare when it’s finally released. However, that doesn’t mean we should ignore what we currently know about the system until it’s launch."

Way to read the article there, big guy. Oh wait, no. You didn't. You took one glance at the headline, your fanboy mentality kicked in, and you decided to rant about how any negative remarks about Nintendo must be a troll. The piece is concise and well thought out. It addresses that there are things we don't know about the console or things that could possibly change in the future. Perhaps a little reading will suit you well in the future.
VampiricDragon  +   1629d ago
its a trolling article.
Butt0n_m4sher  +   1629d ago
well said my friend, few people in this thread seem to have read the article which brings up valid and developed opinions.
Jdub895O  +   1629d ago
I have one question, does the wii-u come close to the hardware specs of ps3 and 360? If yes than i see some kind of innovation going on here.Its not a bad idea what Nintendo is attemting to do. Nintendo is changing the way we play games.
_Empath_  +   1629d ago
Day one. It's going to sit right next to my Ps3.
CaptainPunch  +   1629d ago
The thing that I don't get is why would I want to play 3rd party games on the Wii U after a few months of release. Like Batman Arkham City. Just give be Super Smash Bros and Legend of Zelda.
kindi_boy  +   1629d ago
Did you hear anything we didn't? are they gonna stop developing games after the release of the Wii U? Or are they going to delay each Wii U version intentionally?

I really can't understand why people don't see the potential? it's going to change the way people play games, just imagine having all the menus only in the controller or the HUD, or imagine playing a game with a sensor like CoD to sense life forms around you.

the interaction is going to be higher on that controller and the immersion is going to be much much better.

Nintendo lost me since the N64 and won me over with the Wii-U, can't wait for preorder to start.
CaptainPunch  +   1624d ago
I don't care about using the stupid ass controller, and the 4 people who disagreed with me are plain Nintendo fanboys.
Half-Mafia  +   1629d ago
the WiiU wont get much support when the PS4/720 is out. cause atm the WiiU will pretty much get every PS3/360 game, but once the true next gen consoles come out all 3rd party will move over to them after 2 years and just leave nintendo making games and the most money from it like every nintendo system.
xCaptainAmazing  +   1629d ago
the Wii U is next gen and confirmed more powerful than the existing consoles by a pretty good margin (as stated by devs already involved). Even if it's the weakest of the next three, developers will develop for it as long as it's lucrative for them and the platform sales are strong. People think developers are attracted to the most powerful machine, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Developers like simple architecture with some room to grow.

Look at how many studios closed this gen because they couldn't keep up. If the hardware is super powerful, developers will not care to utilize it until it makes sense and they can afford it. By the time people start utlizing the next xbox and playstation consoles to their full potential, the Wii U will have been in lock step for years. Not a problem. Then, they release another console and the same thing happens. This is why the least powerful consoles USUALLY fair the best. Nintendo believes they have the best strategy, and regardless of if that's true, it's still a solid strategy.

PS3 is more powerful than 360, but developers don't care. They go with brand power and development affordability, which is why the 360 still fairs so well. It's been the preferred lead platform for years for this very reason, and only very recently have we seen developers start leading on PS3 because they've gotten there finally and the brand is of course strong. PS3 will start to be lead platform, Wii U will reap the benefit of being more powerful, Xbox will release, Wii U or Xbox will become lead, PS4 releases. Repeat. Share your opinion if you disagree.
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BYE  +   1629d ago
I can't see this iPad...sorry, I mean Wii U controller being beneficial to gameplay. It's interesting, but does it really enhance the experience?
Shok  +   1629d ago
Does the Dual Shock 3?
kindi_boy  +   1629d ago
I really can't understand why people don't see the potential? it's going to change the way people play games, just imagine having all the menus only in the controller or the HUD, or imagine playing a game with a sensor like CoD to sense life forms around you, imagine playing MGS and the radar is in the controller or the radio...

the interaction is going to be higher on that controller and the immersion is going to be much much better.

Nintendo lost me since the N64 and won me over with the Wii-U, can't wait for preorder to start.
mshope10  +   1629d ago
man i love these daily nintendo hate articles on n4g were the person doesn't know what they are talking about!!!nintendo already said they are looking into using more than one tablet controller.and when playing hardcore games like ghost recon and darksiders 2 or batman you can use the classic controller pro,classic controller,or wii remote plus with nunchuk!!!!cause they know core gamers like the same controls they have always used.but those games will use the tablet controller in new and exciting ways so i hope that clears up the controller situation for people who read articles that don't know what they are talking about!!!!!

now on to the online it has already been confirmed there will be no friend codes and it will have a account base system were you can have different user names on one system like xbox 360 or ps3!!!and theres a rumour that it will have a achievement system to.

and its way to early for crap like this.wii u might be great or terrible it just way to early to judge.this article shows the author's hate for nintendo!!!
danielle007  +   1629d ago
I only wish they had shown us more. I was left more or less clueless about the console, and they literally only showed us how they could possibly use the tablet, and never showed us if they can have two at once or anything, or if they will have another real controller, etc. Like, they answered basically nothing, and raised a heck of a lot more questions.

Ohhh, wow.. There's a flower and a fish.. and more fish.. Yep. Totally understand now, Nintendo. Thanks for clearing everything up, pal. .. just kidding.
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NLGSean  +   1629d ago
Yawn... another lame blog article to try and get hits...
Butt0n_m4sher  +   1629d ago
I think the article is well-developed with legitimate arguments, where do you get this perspective from? Or maybe just a common hater?
D2K  +   1629d ago
These aren't 'legitimate arguments'. These are his opinions. The first paragraph is titled

"Is another gimmick enough?"

He starting off with bias by calling both the DS and Wii 'gimmicks'. That's not a fact, that's an opinion. Then he says things like......

"Nintendo failed to live up to the innovation they promised"

Based on what? HIS opinion? HIS expectations? There isn't anything that Nintendo ACTUALLY SAID the Wii could do that it doesn't. It's not their fault if you are to presumptuous to have have objective thinking about the Wii's capabilities. That's the problem with the world today. People always want to blame everyone else for their own problems.

"Tech demos don't sell consoles?"

What's that supposed to mean? Like Sony and Microsoft haven't done tech demos before? Companies have been showing off tech demos for 30-plus years to show off their systems hardware.

This article is so dripping with bias it's not even funny. A failure of truly epic proportions.
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BriceS  +   1629d ago
@D2K: Hi! I apologize if you find my piece to be bias. It is an op-ed (opinion editorial), but I tried to be fair in my judgement. Following my statement, I highlighted the point I was trying to make with an example. Why do I think Nintendo did a poor job living up to their console's potential? Because games like Mario Galaxy and DKCR rarely utilize the system's hallmark feature. Likewise, the bottom screen in a lot DS games is relegated to maps and inventory screens. You are entitled to think otherwise, but I think it's unfair to label my opinion as bias when I've presented a reasonable argument for why I feel that way.

Likewise, the tech demo remark is aimed towards the fact that nothing of substance was shown for the console at E3. What reason do we have to buy it? Why should we be excited? Consumers need to see more than tech demos and ports to sell them on a product. Perhaps we'll see more games within the coming 18 months that will alleviate this concern, but for the time being, it is a concern nonetheless.

Again, I do apologize if you find my opinion to be objectionable, but aside from my opinions, I do state numerous facts and list a wide variety of sources to verify my critiques of the system. I harbor no ill will against Nintendo, and I do hope the Wii U launches and proves me wrong. However, for the time being, I have my reservations about the system. Thank you for your time and I hope you continue to read our editorials in the future.
Butt0n_m4sher  +   1629d ago
@D2K I used the word "argument" which implies that it is opinion. How might I reword it so that you can understand?

If you don't think 5 version of the same portable system is a gimmick, please tell me what is. Releasing the exact same game with little or nothing changed, not a gimmick? New Super Mario Bros. was released on the DS years back, and they make a new game with the same exact title except you can use (omg) FOUR players! Yay!! Ocarina of Time in 3D!! Yayy!! Motion controls sold on a "new" console with nothing else changed from the Gamecube... YAY!!!

Give me a break, if you dont think that Nintendo uses gimmicks to make money, please enlighten me as to what exactly you think a gimmick is.
Mini Mario  +   1629d ago

". Likewise, the bottom screen in a lot DS games is relegated to maps and inventory screens"

Ever heard of zelda: phantom hour glass?? Trauma centre? GTA: China town wars??? Play those games and tell me the touch screen is used as a gimmick.

Plus i love having maps and radars on the bottom or top screen, even in figthers like ultimate mortal kombat it had all the moves and finishing moves right there for you so you dont have to memorize or keeping flicking to a menu during gameplay


If you don't think 5 version of the same portable system is a gimmick, please tell me what is."

So how many psp'sre there? Just one? lol

-psp 1000,2000,3000, lite

BTW how is the psp go?

"Give me a break, if you dont think that Nintendo uses gimmicks to make money, please enlighten me as to what exactly you think a gimmick is. "

The way sony used move and kinect for MS? is kinect a gimmick> or do you play it for the dancing and jumping around

But that's just my opinion....lol
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gk07  +   1629d ago
Yeah this is bull, the dam thing haven't even came out yet ,what did u pull this one from ,visitors getting low or what
mcstorm  +   1629d ago
I think Nintendo have got it right with the Wii u they have made a controller and made it alittle different too. The controller is for core games and none core can use the Wii mote or Wii u controller simple as that. Nintendo have always had good 1st party support for core games but with the Wii Nintendo knew they had to jump out the core game and into a market where they saw a gap as MS and Sony were too strong in the core market with out 3rd party support but this time around Nintendo have got the 3rd party developers back on there side and also have the hand in the none core market so as far as I can see as long as the price is right and the online is as good as what psn offer then they will be hard to push back out again. I maybe wrong but I think Nintendo taking a few years out and working in a new market will really help them make the wiiu a hit with core and none core.
Close_Second  +   1629d ago
Similar reaction to the wii and look how that ended up. I personally am not a fan of what I have seen but who can predict consumer habits.
jetlian  +   1629d ago
l can't see hardcore people going to wii u even if the 3rd party games do look better! I can say for sure that controller will never replace 360 or ps3's
earbus  +   1629d ago
First time ive been keen to get a nintendo in years love the controller,@jetlian gamers are gamers no difference hardcore and softcore porn are different.
stuntman_mike  +   1629d ago
I also think that Nintendo will have to start voicing their characters I don't know if gamers want squeaky sound effects and reams of text any more.
ozstar  +   1629d ago
"Is another gimmick enough?"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the point where you know the rest of the article is going to be terrible.
Vizion26  +   1629d ago
Its deja vu
I can remember when Wii was unveiled most people thought it would fail.

Do you guys really want 3 identical systems in the market?

Nintendo is smart to try to differentiate itself. I think Wii U will be a hit but only if the price is affordable.
mamotte  +   1629d ago
I dont get it
Why people are so full of themselves they can write stuff while knowing nothing about what they're writing?

Why are the developers excited, the people who tried the WiiU excited, and the rest of the world are talking nosense?

If power is the evolutionary step on games, why dont we all own a powerful PC as a unique plattform and problem solved?

While we're busy predicting how the future of a console that has never been showed will be like, why dont we use that super power we all apparently have to predict winners in races and become rich?

I dont get how people can talk trash while knowing nothing.
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Chevalier  +   1629d ago
"The Nintendo Wii without DVD or BLU-RAY capability at all has sold 86 million units. The PS3 with BLU-RAY capability has sold 50 million copies"

So PS1 sold over a 100 million at a higher cost if you factor in inflation and made CD into what it is. PS2 sold over 150 million and helped DVD become a great media. Now PS3 is going to do the same as well and blurays are selling to the general public and Sony makes money on all of the devices using it. Laugh all you want about how DVD is fine by you, but, guess what Sony made that media too, so don't scoff too much. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

So 50 million PS3's then add all the standalone bluray players and that balloons to easily over 100 million devices that currently are using blurays and you think this isn't a big thing? News flash everyone said bluray was a fad and years ago only a hand full of sales were blurays. Just look at the current top 100 best sellers on amazon.com 30 of them are blurays.

So Sony's got it right it's not a friggin sprint race it's a marathon, so Wii selling 86 million is great, but, Sony's gone over 100 million TWICE.

Bluray market penetration is doubling 2010's numbers and they're estimating 32 MILLION devices sold in 2011. You think bluray isn't important?

Also like the author of the article points out, Wii/DS top games didn't implement their own selling features well so why should we trust nintendo to actually implement these features properly? You guys are expecting 3rd party game developers to somehow save the day? Newsflash they're in it for profit and will take the path of least resistance instead.

Just look at 360/ps3 games, if 3rd party game developers actually used all the assets available when making games PS3 version would be better, but, do they? Nope they only aim for parity between the two so if you think Nintendo ports are going to be superior to 360/ps3 your going to fall for a gimmick, plain and simple. Who's going to chose playing multiplatforms on Wii U if you already have PS3/360 friends? Next thing you guys will say is that COD/Battlefield is going to be outsold by the Wii U version with added features.
Chevalier  +   1629d ago
"Why are the developers excited, the people who tried the WiiU excited, and the rest of the world are talking nosense?"

Just going to point out that people were just as excited about the Wii when it came out and the DS as well. Yet how many of Nintendo's promised revolutionary gamechanging way of playing actually were implemented well? Only of handful of DS/Wii games actually used the functionality well, so the author has every right to be cautious about the new gamechanging design. It probably will sell just because Nintendo is a marketing juggernaut and they're going to throw a bunch of money at advertising the Wii U.
yamzilla  +   1628d ago
yeah....nintendo is going to have it ruff with this one, being that they only have 100 million rabid fans composed of soccer moms/10 year olds/35 year old nerds/20 year old nerds/hot chicks who excersise....get my point

xbox360 fanbase-12-30 year old dudes

ps3 fanbase 12-30 year old dudes

nintendo will destroy everyone again by being the first next gen console to market and having a new control for the whole family, xbox360 and ps3 will be left in the dust in sub-hd jaggie land unless they man up and ship a new console in 2012
hazelamy  +   1628d ago
for the whole family?
yeah maybe, but one at a time though.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1628d ago
I'm not impressed. It's on par with current generation consoles. It's going to be "pricey". The main controller is huge and extremely gimmicky. Also, the name is lame.
ElementX  +   1628d ago
I can't wait to see comparisons of Wii U vs 360 and PS3. If the GPU is better, maybe Wii U will have higher frame rates and better effects for multiplats.
hazelamy  +   1628d ago
the thing is, a touchscreen control isn't exactly a new innovation anymore.

when the ds did it, it was new, when the wii did motion controls, they were, well not new but they weren't being widely used, there were a couple of ps2 things that used motion controls and the eyetoy had some gesture based gaming, but it was still just a very tiny part of the gaming landscape.

millions of people have touchscreen devices these days, even relatively cheap smartphones have touchscreen controls these days.
jacen  +   1628d ago
if this machine can play hardcore games online porperly boasting the best graphics and can offer all the functions that the ps3 and 360 offer and more, i will be wanting one on the day of release no doubt, these writeups are nonsence the specs havent even been givn yet, nintendo could be holding off getting info on what the next systems will be running and adjust the wiiu hardware accordingly before release, at the end of the day the box is the easy thing to build the hardware is all available i dont think power will b an issue and the control looks awesome if u ask me better than any current gen is offering
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