Quick Scoping to Return in Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, confirmed that quick scoping will be back in Modern Warfare 3. Keep in mind that at this stage of the multiplayer development, anything can change, this includes the "quick scoping".

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thugbob2535d ago

LMAO!!! Arcade Shooter for the win?

If you want an arcade experience go with MW3.

If you want a MORE realistic experience go with BF3.

I'ma go with BF3.

Fishy Fingers2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

I'll get both. Sometimes I just want some arcade action. It'll be great to have both as while their constantly compared, they offer different experiences.

AAACE52535d ago

Well said Fishy!

People still feel the need to pick one or the other, when having a variety is better than anything to me!

MidnytRain2535d ago

I just thought of something. Is your username an innuendo by any chance?

princejb1342535d ago

this is the reason why i stopped playing mw2 and now there gonna bring it back smh activision
i guess bf3 will be getting my money

Dannehkins2535d ago

Ah great. Can't wait to have a full team of snipers, twirling around and trying to quick scope but fail miserably leaving me to fend off against the other team.

Just what I always wanted in a game.

bodybombs2535d ago

lol quick scoping makes me laugh. i remember a game where the entire other team were trying to do spins and quick scope us. needless to say they failed miserably and i got a few funny kills with c4 as they were jumping off high areas

EVO-OM3GA2535d ago

Woooo!! I love quick scoping Im glad they didnt take it out

egidem2534d ago

Good for you. I for one find it unreal...Well, people have different choices and likings...I'm more of a Battlefield person than a CoD one.

CodCom2534d ago

They can still decide to remove it though. I'm hoping Infinity Ward will remove it...

EVO-OM3GA2534d ago

Why would you want it removed before I even got into sniping I was a run & gun type player using the Scar, Tar, UMP but then it became alittle easy, so I decided to give sniping a chance and I liked it because it was challenging when your faced in close combat with someone with a Assault Rifle or Submachine Gun.

Also I know players who are snipers only on Battlefield and its annoying to get killed from someone with a sniper no matter how the choose to use the weapon.

liquidhalos2535d ago

Aaaaw man come on why? Couldnt they just have a quick scope mode so that it wouldnt become as dominant as it is in mw2. That way everyone would be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.