PlayStation Vita Will Not Have Video Output Confirmed

If you’ve been keeping up with PS Vita news, you have probably already heard that the device will no longer be restricted by regions. Although this is a big bonus, some slightly disappointing information has been released. Apparently, the PS Vita will not include support for any type of video out capability.

Unfortunately, this is not a rumor. Sony officially confirmed the information on their FAQ for PSVita, which can be checked out at their blog. Sony made a very clear response regarding the video-out features for the device.

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MinusTheBear2264d ago

It would be counter productive to have such a feature.

Godmars2902264d ago

Yeah, no real point if many of its titles are also playable on the PS3.

Yi-Long2264d ago

... so you could use it as a portable mediaplayer to hook up to a HDTV at a friend's house.

young juice2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

if the games are really meant to be played between the two systems then they could just use the revised remote play system on ps3.

however the main point of having a handheld is to play it on the go. im not sure how much a video output costs to implement but im sure it was a smart choice on the cost efficient psv price point.

darthv722264d ago

I was expecting it to be able to hook up to a tv if you wanted to play the games on a bigger screen. Yet you wouldnt be able to recreate the "touch" experience with a controller if the game was made for the touch in mind.

To be honest, I am betting there would be a revision that includes video out. There is an advantage to having such a feature. It makes the unit dual purpose and gives it more proposed value.

I have the psp go and I like being able to kick back on the couch and have it hooked up to a tv to play the games from time to time. Yeah it may not look as good but it adds to my enjoyment of the device. I can take it on the go and play killzone liberation or angry birds or plug it into the tv and play the same games.

No reason this unit couldnt be capable but it just may be a matter of cost. The processing power seem like it could do upscale to an hdtv in at least 720p. Sony has the ability to do what only one other company did before.

Sega had the nomad which was a portable genesis that you could plug into a tv and even have two player with a controller plugged in. Turboexpress was just a mini turbografx but I like that it used the same hucards as the console.

Sony could do the portable to console in one but currently they want to keep them separate. Maybe down the road they will release just one unit that does both. That or MS/Nintendo will and then they get all the glory for doing so.

Pixel_Enemy2264d ago

I am all for the PSVita, I plan to get one day one.. But I don't see why so many of you are defending the fact that it will not have video out. It is a feature that some people will use, you might not plan to use it but some people will.

As far as the argument goes about it being a portable and not a console.. Video out will NOT make the system any less portable.

LostDjinn2264d ago

Excellent. You guys seem to have it all worked out. Just one thing. Vita's wi-fi enabled. You can just stream content to a wi-fi enabled TV.

Sorry to drop an olive on the turd sandwich you were busy constructing.

Please, carry on.

bruddahmanmatt2264d ago

The reason there's no video out is because if there were, some folks would be tempted to just dump their PS3 and go with a Vita which they could plug in to their flat screen when they get home. Smart marketing move on Sony's part forcing buyers to spend for both pieces of hardware but this really does suck for those who were hoping to play PSV exclusives on their big screens.

darthv722264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

as easy as that is....

whats even easier is just plugging it in to a tv. Everybody's pretty much got one of those with at least a set of RCA jacks available.

sikbeta2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

It's for the cross-platform playing, that way you'll need a PS3 to hook up your PSV and play the games on [email protected] Screen, think about it, the PSV is a wonderful machine that can produce awesome graphics, if Sony add video-output connectivity, it'd be counterproductive for the whole cross-gaming thing...

Boody-Bandit2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I agree. The Vita is probably going to be the first handheld I ever purchase for myself. Usually I get them for my kids or as gifts but when Sony debut it at E3 2011, I was blown away with what this handheld can do.

With that said, I am also disappointed it wont have video output. Most devices offer this technology including smart phones. Definitely a con but I am still getting one the day it's released in NA.

Monolith2264d ago

then how did they play Ruin on the tv

Godmars2902264d ago

Its going to be playable on the PS3 as well. Why is that coming off as such a hard concept when Sony has repeatedly mentioned this?

gaffyh2264d ago

They'll add it to a later version of the handheld when they get the costs down a little.

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malamdra2264d ago

good, this way games are exclusively handheld

VampiricDragon2264d ago

so far 10 percent of the games shown are exclusive

SilentNegotiator2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )


Quit trolling to raise up your precious Nintendo system as usual. LBP on Vita will be completely original like the one on PSP. Resistance and (possibly) Killzone will also be. Not to mention an entirely new Uncharted adventure. Among others and new IPs.

But I'm sure you just got confused by the same names and IPs. It's not like Mario Kart, Super Mario, and Luigi's Mansion or anything like that.

Series_IIa2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

It's counter productive to take your PS3 and accessories when you're on holiday or away for a few days taking up extra weight and space, when you can take your PS Vita in your pocket and hook it up to a nice TV to play or watch something, instead of limiting yourself to a tiny screen.

32+ inches > 5inch

MinusTheBear2264d ago

The screen is a top quality 5inch OLED.

StbI9902264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Does the 3DS has video output? if not SHUT D F UP SCKRS.

Viva la vita.

mindedone2264d ago

No, but PSP does, so STFU

TBM2264d ago

It would be great if the system had the feature, but since it doesn't im not going to lose sleep over it, and start complaining like its the end of the world.

Maybe they'll reconsider if people write to them nicely to think about. No one hear knows the real reason why they decided not to put it in.

ElementX2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

"It would be counter productive"..... Rationalizing much?

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Fishy Fingers2264d ago

Pretty disappointing. Would of been nice to play not only games, but all forms of media on other, probably larger, displays.

fastNslowww2264d ago

it's a hand held..not a console. gsus!

Fishy Fingers2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

PSP had video out. It's a handheld media device, video out is a pretty basic feature these days and would of been welcomed, that all I'm saying. gsus!

Edit: LOL disagrees, quick defend the Sony product!

Blaze9292264d ago

cell phones even have video out. if you don't have a ps3 i don't see why you shouldn't be able to at least output videos, music, and pictures to any TV whenever you go. Who wants to carry around a laptop or tablet all the time? I agree with Fishy.

Pixel_Enemy2264d ago

giving it video out doesn't make it any less portable...

Nicolee2264d ago

oh well , if i want to watch video clips or movie on bigger screen ? i think i need video output, give me HDMI port :) .

Dread2264d ago

defend sony defend sony defend sony defend sony defend sony defend sony
sony can do no wrong sony can do no wrong sony can do no wrong.

hate on everything not sony related hate on anything not sony related...


prdn232264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

It's somehow touching, seeing N4G Sony Fanboys comforting each other. First the PSN, and now this. My sympathy for you guys.

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news4geeks2264d ago

clever from sony because it forces you to buy a ps3 to do so.

multipayer2264d ago

Yeah, this doesn't bode well for the 3d monitor sony announced at e3 either.