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Submitted by Bizzah 1633d ago | news

Bleszinski: You have to work with hackers

Lead Gears of War dev and Epic Games’ design director Cliff Bleszinski has said that the international games industry would do well to embrace the hacking community.

“Generally speaking when it comes to hackers, you want to embrace a lot of what they are doing instead of fighting it. I think the industry is slowly learning that," he said. (Cliff Bleszinski, E3, Industry)

hiredhelp  +   1633d ago
WTF oh MS really have u by the short and curlys.
Active Reload  +   1633d ago
I guess people don't fully understand the implications of Cliff's statments or MS's actions. Probably a perfect anaology for this would be like how anti-venom is used as a cure for a snake bite, but the anti-venom is actually made from the venom of the snake. Hope that helps...
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1633d ago
Perfect analogy. Fact of the matter is many "hackers" just want some added functionality to what they own.
superduper   1633d ago | Trolling | show
gamingdroid  +   1633d ago
Hackers really should be called tinkerers. They like to tinker (or make changes) with things, in a similar fashion people like to make customized characters in game or create levels in their favorite game.

Tinkering with things can result in major benefits such as Linux based routers, XBMC and so on, but can also be used for evil purposes.

From a security stand point, you definitely want to align yourself with hackers when you are wearing a fake bulletproof vest that all companies do. If you can't beat em, join em!
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afterMoth  +   1633d ago
Instead of getting more mature with each passing year this Cliffy B goes the other direction.. and his starting point wasn't good to begin with.
bangoskank  +   1633d ago
@Active Reload

A lot people on this board are too ignorant or biased to understand what he is trying to say but your analogy is perfect.
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GrieverSoul  +   1633d ago
Hackers are just in it for the thrill of the challenge. You cant work with these guys! You cant embrace what they are doing! Cmon people, should we embrace everything the law cant handle? Should we embrace terrorism and work with terrorists? NO!!! There is no reasoning with them! They have their agenda and so do the hackers.

Clifford, you are just a low life type of person that tries to spin everything against Sony. I know you like MS and there is no wrong with that, but dont make these statments and go make some more AAA games. ;)

Note: It would take 50 million Sony fanboys to surpass the amount of 360 fanboy you are Mr. Bleszinski.
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captain-obvious  +   1633d ago
another day
another line form cliffy b's "wisdom"

keep on trolling cliff
a mean its not like you got a game to work on or anything
Machioto  +   1633d ago
That's not a lilke for like scenario because hacker are not animal that attack out of fear or provocation,they don't need anti-hackers,they need laws to let them know we don't want them tampering in our business.
SephirothX21  +   1633d ago
It seems your brain is maxed out because you clearly have no common sense.
Active Reload  +   1633d ago
"That's not a lilke for like scenario because hacker are not animal that attack out of fear or provocation,they don't need anti-hackers,they need laws to let them know we don't want them tampering in our business."

Obviously. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be laws against hacking, nor am I saying there should be--it's a contrevorsial topic that I can have fun with as far as stating different perspectives about it--food for thought if you will. These laws have helped to some extent, but obviously they don't provide a permanent solution. I don't really know if Sony would be in a position to do what MS is doing, so them wanting to enforce laws may be their only option. I think there was an article on here--that I haven't read yet--were the heading was "Sony: There's no turning back...". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was about Sony going full steam ahead with prosecuting the hackers. But say I'm a company like MS and I'm bringing hackers under my wing. My intent is to use the hackers to see how they are doing what it is they're doing, I'm paying them for their know-how. I'm asking them for advice on how to beef up my security, in essence I'm asking them "What would and how would a hacker go about getting through my security and what not?" I'm certain a hacker would become more prosperous working with a company in this capacity, than on their own. It creates a win-win situation were a business tightens up it's security even more and probably a former hacker turns a new leaf and prospers.
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SkyGamer  +   1633d ago
I agree with you Active Reload. Why do you think that the US government as well as other govt will offer hackers jobs so they can improve their security?
kneon  +   1633d ago
Crackers, not hackers
I think it's time we went back to the original use of the term hacker. Back when I started programming some 30 years or so ago, being called a hacker was a good thing, it meant you were a coding wiz, what we refer to as hackers today were called crackers back then. Hackers try to create and improve code, crackers try to take, disrupt and destroy.

When CB is referring to hackers he's talking more about the old usage of hacker, not the crackers.
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mendicant  +   1633d ago
The fact that you have nine agrees amazes me.
StbI990  +   1633d ago
Cliffy love getting Bang-hacknged by a band of hackers and he affirm it here.
Diamondwolf  +   1633d ago
Right, let the torrent for GeOW3 get publicized a month before the game's release, net over 12m downloads and the console sales equal around 50 thousand units and let's see what good ole Mr. Clifford says about hackers then.
yewles1  +   1633d ago
@Diamondwolf   Indeed.
CoLD FiRE  +   1633d ago
@Diamondwolf You're mistaking "Hackers" for "Pirates". They're NOT the same.
lil Titan  +   1633d ago
"dumb asses" comes to mind smh why work with the enemy? Huey said it best "I do not sip tea with the enemy."
Aarix  +   1633d ago
I'd rather have the enemy work for me and use their ability against future hackers than having him and other hackers against me.
MoDyDo  +   1633d ago
This guy never agrees with anything sony related!!
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1633d ago
If Sony cured cancer, he would probably come out saying that we need cancer.
MoDyDo  +   1633d ago
hahahahahaha XD XD bub+
Uncharted3Goty  +   1633d ago
Microsoft Approves these message.
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likedamaster  +   1633d ago
"...Microsoft can also confirm that the company has not offered to mentor or hire a 14-year-old from Tallaght who purportedly was related to a phishing scheme."

You got the story twisted homie.
Silly gameAr  +   1633d ago
So cower in a corner while some kids that may not have the best intentions in mind f your s*** up. Nice one Cliff.
Infernostew  +   1633d ago
Can't wait for people to leak your game a$$hole.
BrianC6234  +   1633d ago
Cliffy sure isn't smart. Nothing but a big mouth. Why don't you shut up for once Cliffy?
LeShin  +   1633d ago
lol this is funny!

Ok hackers, Cliffy B has openly come out and said it's ok to pirate Gears of War 3 and put it up on torrents. Also, feel free to hack into Gears Of War 3 online and hack in some cheats and perks and make sure you share it around.

Have fun :-)
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1633d ago
I'm sure he's totally for hacking unless it involves his own product. This guy is such an MS sock puppet, it's not even funny anymore.
CoLD FiRE  +   1633d ago
Hacking =/= Piracy. Though piracy is a side effect of hacking just like how headache is a possible side effect of using a flu drug.
EVO-OM3GA  +   1633d ago
If the hackers can help protect their system then why not? plus didnt sony also employ some hackers?
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vicechris  +   1633d ago
so its ok for hackers to ruin businesses?
wish there was a trap for hackers. i would buy it.
yamzilla  +   1633d ago
i have never pirated a game or any music in my life, but this guy is such a douche, i may have to pirate gears 3....nahhhh he is not worth it, but i am seriously tempted, i wonder how many people will do it just to spite him
thehitman  +   1633d ago
TBH this guy is right. You cant beat them no matter what anyone says Hackers will exist and what would you rather do pay some hacker 100k a year to work for you or let them run havoc costing you MILLIONS.
BlackTar187  +   1633d ago
thats the coward mentality... Granted sometimes the coward lives to fight another day but he will always be a coward.
thtruth574  +   1633d ago
Completely agree. Some people are just weak. We wouldnt have a country if it was left up to people like him. No one should give in to criminals.
SkyGamer  +   1633d ago
Yeah your comment makes no sense. Most hackers are not criminals. So they buy a game and want to change some content on it. That makes them criminals? You are delusional. Govts and law enforcement hire ex-criminals all the time because they have a mentality the other side does not. Ever heard of the show "White Collar"?
thehitman  +   1633d ago
lol you guys are joking right? You have no idea what it takes to run a country and you should know even the police hire ex-criminals to defend against future criminal attacks. Its called being smart and working for the greater good. No business is going to trade thousands for millions if they have a viable opportunity to do so.
BlackTar187  +   1633d ago
let me guess you know what it takes to run a country right ........ Right .......... do you believe yourself...... Hire criminals and all. that your post is a cowards way out grow some stones.

you may hire some here and there but you don't set a standard that you break the law no biggie you get a job... use your head or actually your probably to busy running a small country.

and i love how you use exceptions as a means to justify a broader problem.

Sky gamer.. yes that is exactly what it makes them if what they did violates the purpose of the EULA.. then yes that makes them criminals im not sure what part of that is not making sense.

please better elaborate on how my comment doesn't make sense.. Put it in layman's terms so i above all can understand it.

be it so goverment hire some you don't fix or even prevent any problems by saying hey go ahead break the law we will give you a job... THINK PLEASE

btw if we ran a country like this little piece of insight from you suggest we would be out of a country as fast as we got it.
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wiggles  +   1633d ago
Did anyone actually read the article? He isn't referring to hackers that attack Sony or Nintendo...

He is referring to the people who create a new User Interface, like all of those Bourne Identity Kinect hacks that allow people to control their computer using Kinect things like that.

So in the sense that the article is written it makes sense to give Joe in his basement a chance to really develop some kind of a new user interface for a game, or even a new game entirely.
Dread  +   1633d ago
nope they just saw cliffy and started the hate on him and of course on ms. If he was developing sony exclusives the comments would be completely different.
SkyGamer  +   1633d ago
So true, so true...
biRdy  +   1633d ago
He meant to say modders not hackers, in the interview he was talking about bringing community maps into the game. Just a small reference mistake don't go crazy, the name hackers and modders are always confused.
The interview was on gametrailers during there 20 hour live E3 show, its sites like these that take one quote from someone and twist it around to make them look bad, you guys fall for this BS to easy.
#13 (Edited 1633d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
wiggles  +   1633d ago
lol I was wondering if there was another term for someone who does what Cliffy was suggesting, thanks for the clarification.

And I can't believe that it got to 12/13 replies before someone actually read the article.
thehitman  +   1633d ago
modders are legal hackers which in this case he did mean hackers because they aren't authorized to mod, unless what they are altering was made and intended for such. Either sense of the word they should be embraced if you can and not quickly put to the side and scrutinized. I seen lot of hackers bring out nice quality in products that couldve made the companies a lot of money if they did it themselves.
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Der_Kommandant  +   1633d ago
Cliffy belongs to Jersey Shore
thtruth574  +   1633d ago
If hackers didnt break the law we wouldnt have to worry about this. Lets embrace the stealing of credit card info. I honestly think he is saying this to sound hip, trendy and cool. Either that or he's just not smart, or he's a very weak person. If he was losing millions of dollars because of hacking I bet he wouldnt be embracing it.
biRdy  +   1633d ago
Can you at least read the article even though its bad before you have to post your immature reply?
thtruth574  +   1633d ago
I read the article. I know what he is talking about. My comment is in regard to the message he is sending. Which goes beyond turning kinect into some puppet show toy thing. If MS doesnt want to take legal action, fine. But dont fault someone who does. Im sure MS would have a case if they wanted one.
SlowBurn  +   1633d ago
this man has hit rock bottom & is starting to dig.
If XBL had been power hacked he would be begging congress to ok a tactical nuke strike to eliminate the hacker threat.guy is seriously pissed on pepsi,fkn weird.
k2d  +   1633d ago
Not the malicious, "Down with Sony", war-waging kind of hackers.
biRdy  +   1633d ago
@thtruth574(im not trying to attack you, im just trying to figure out what you are saying.)
What message is he sending other than wanting to see what the community can make, referring to maps.
telekineticmantis  +   1633d ago
The problem is when does it end.
If more and more kids grow up and see hacking as a positive, it will breed more hackers. Maybe little community mods are fine, but anything more than that is cancerous. If people were allowed to walk in to peoples homes and take what they want and instead of going to jail, they were given jobs and such, it would be complete mayhem.

I like some the creeds some of these hackers claim to live by but they don't live by it, they use it for negativity just as everyone would expect they would. I wanna see a hacker do something truly heroic, instead of claiming the title, and disgracing it's value.
perfectCarbonara  +   1633d ago
(sigh) as always Cliffy, shut up...
Resistance_lord  +   1633d ago
You have to work with terrorists to beat terrorists aswell
..Dear lord *rolls eyes*
mousearmy  +   1633d ago
Well, you certainly can't beat them with an army.

Anyway, what does this have to do with people tinkering with Kinect to make new applications for it?
koehler83  +   1633d ago
There are a lot of things that hackers do that you DO want to embrace. Opening up platforms. Offering more user choice with those platforms. Improving those platforms with additional features and functionality. Sharing original code and technology. Innovating technology. Searching and fixing bugs, exploits and loopholes. These are all good things that we should all be striving for as a race.

Of course there are also a lot of things that hackers do that nobody should endure or tolerate. Piracy. Security exploitation. Vandalism. Theft. Harassment. Infringing on the rights and freedoms of others. These are behaviours that we don't accept in our physical world. They cannot be accepted in our digital world.
Sarobi  +   1633d ago
I think its a given that you have to work with hackers, when it comes to the internet they will always rule it with an iron fist, no matter if what they are doing is for the sake of god or evil
mrbattle420  +   1633d ago
omg ps3 fanboys = cant read or understand!!
mousearmy  +   1633d ago
oops, misreply.
#25 (Edited 1633d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
blackburn10  +   1633d ago
Yawn. That's right hand the keys to the all the networks to immuture, anti-social people instead of grown up well adjusted ones. Keep giving them access to everything and pretend they are 'just curious' and don't teach them that you don't get rewarded for doing something wrong or illegal. When the nuclear holocust begins or they hold the world for ransom because they decided it was right or that the world deserves it just remember.....I called it.
Inception  +   1632d ago
lol, and now hackers hacked EPIC forums

i think this is the right time to work with them cliffy :P

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