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Molyneux: Fable Kinect demo a "horrendous mistake"

OXM UK: The ever-divisive Peter Molyneux has spoken out once again about Fable: The Journey's E3 stage demo. (Fable: The Journey, Xbox 360)

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InfiniteJustice  +   1391d ago
This is all well and good, but why not just show the game properly if you wanted it done differently?
Anarki  +   1391d ago
The game itself looks horrendous..
BeaArthur  +   1391d ago
I had the same thought. I don't think there was any way to make that game look like it was fun to play.
captain-obvious  +   1391d ago
xbox fanboys are still going to defend it

now please go make me another Black & White on PC
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trollpolice   1391d ago | Trolling | show
sikbeta  +   1391d ago
Sure, he is honest about it at least...
fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf  +   1391d ago
@Trollpolice, you're trying too hard.
kingdoms  +   1391d ago
I always wonder if this site is made of kids why does it seem like no on this site can read? Pete is talking about the demo causing people to misunderstand the game. This remark probably comes from his demo and interview with Morgan Webb. People found out this is not on rails during the Morgan e3 stage demo and everybody changed their minds about fable for the good. This is what Pete is talking about. Man ps3 fanboys are a nasty bunch. Disgusting
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Dread   1391d ago | Off topic | show
SilentNegotiator  +   1391d ago
Only the important parts, like Combat as seen in the demo, are on-rails.
No big deal.


The fans wanted a game more like Fable 1. Instead, you gave them a Kinect game with extremely easy and automatic combat in on-rails situations.

By the by, sounds like they're in a wind tunnel.
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Active Reload  +   1391d ago
I love the world of Fable, so... whatever...
malamdra  +   1391d ago
the funny thing is that what was shown was on rails

it probably has exploration and other aspect that work differently but the combat/gameplay IS on rails
SuperLupe  +   1391d ago
Nice that he actually realises how crappy it is unlike the rest of the peeps at MS who actually seem to believe that the stuff they showed at E3 was cool.
YodaCracker  +   1391d ago
SuperLupe did not read the article.
Eamon  +   1391d ago
Kids don't read enough these days. That's literacy rates are falling.
TVippy  +   1391d ago
This game is a horrendous mistake.
Cyorg  +   1391d ago
Everything about Fable is a horrendous mistake. Every Fable release is hyped like crazy, and yet it manages to underwhelm every time.
Legion  +   1391d ago
I would have to disagree with that... Fable series has been very good in my eyes. Now I can't say the same about Too Human which had an ok demo but the game just fell totally flat.
nilamo  +   1391d ago
No games like lair and haze are horrendous mistakes. Fable is a franchise that is generally well received.
BlackTar187  +   1391d ago
Nilamo Haze=terrbad lair + motion control = bad

Lair + Controller = pretty fun game. don't hate on something i can almost guarantee you haven't played
BigPenguin  +   1391d ago
Lair(post patch) was awesome, and so was kangaroo jack. Both bashed by people who have never experienced them.
Mizz_mai  +   1391d ago
Damage Control at its finest molyneux im so proud to be british right now lol
Der_Kommandant  +   1391d ago

You're one corrupt troll cop
Focker420  +   1391d ago
He thought it was great until everyone at E3 kept telling him it was on-rails...
The Meerkat  +   1391d ago
"Snake oil, Snake oil, Get your Lionhead snake oil here"
dirigiblebill  +   1391d ago
A non-linear first-person Fable? I believe there's one out already. It's called The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.
IAmCornHolio  +   1391d ago
A huge part of the Fable games(for me anyhow) is Lionhead humor and mirth. While I enjoyed Oblivion, it lacks humor.

My favorite quest in Fable 3 is the Chicken suit quest, and I can't think of any quest like that in Oblivion.
The Meerkat  +   1391d ago
But you have to make sure you know the difference between adding humour to a game and adding Jar Jar Binks!
palaeomerus  +   1391d ago
Fable humor is mostly second hand Discworld stuff.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1391d ago
That is
extremely insulting to Bethesda. FAble was never a deep RPG. It sowed signs in the first, but never had anything close to the content TESIV had.
iamnsuperman  +   1391d ago
The problem is he big his games up so much and doesn't actually deliver on his promises. He did it with black and white. O saw what he wanted us to see and that was an on rail magic ride. You might be able to steer the horse down different directions but there is no evidence of you can actually move where ever you want. If you want us to believe you show us some video because your word is meaningless
SuperLupe  +   1391d ago
Stop with that BS already. Always hear the same thing from you guys. The last time he hyped a game to death was with Fable 1.

Its some sort of myth on this site that Molyneux hypes all his games to death when that is simply completely false. He is known for doing that with Fable 1 and thats it.

Just goes to show you dont have a clue what you're talking about and simply mindlessly repeating the crap you here.

@iamnsuperman below: there's a difference between marketing your product and overhyping a game. In that case the PS3 is the most overhyped console of this generation if I follow what you say. He hasnt overhyped a game since Fable 1, hell Milo isnt even a game but some kind of project they are aiming at with Kinect.
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IAmCornHolio  +   1391d ago
Don't feed the trolls. That troll in particular says something in his post that indicates to me that he has never even played a Fable game, for even a couple of minutes. So his word on Fable games has even less merit than Molyneux.
iamnsuperman  +   1391d ago
O really so Milo and Kate wasn't over hyped. I am not sure if he believes himself that his games are revolutionary or he knows he is bs but they are not. They are far more linear than he makes them out to be. he makes good games but what I am saying is he should cut the bs and show something.
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Topshelfcheese  +   1391d ago
I'm not sure about the other games, but He sure as hell did Hype the crap out of Fable 2. That game is the reason I will never touch Fable 3 or any game of his again. It was an atrocity imo.
xPhearR3dx  +   1391d ago

Who hyped Milo and Kate? It was a tech demo FFS. The only people that hype crap are the fanboys, some of which live on this site.

You want to see who hypes games? Rockstar. Their videos of L.A. Noire and RDR screamed hype. For me though both games lived up to it, so it was good hype for me.
ElectricB  +   1391d ago
Got to agree with you PhearR3d. They weren't over hyped. The things he pointed out most were actually in the game. Fable 2 he touted the combat animation based on proximity and position. and it actually worked. not amazingly but it did work, standing near a wall would make the character jump off it to attack when doing flourishes. People take the negative image he has from overhyping fable 1 and condemn him. If you don't like fable maybe, just maybe, it's just a game you don't like. I get bored stupid playing GTA4 but I bet you all have good things to say about that? opinion are opinions.
I know fable is not a perfect game, controls and fluidity need work but I enjoyed playign all 3 fables. a nice art style, simple and witty story. fun to play and waste some time. what's wrong with that exactly?
SilentNegotiator  +   1391d ago
"The last time he hyped a game to death was with Fable 1"

So the acorns made it into Fable 2, and they grew and died continuously and independently?

Please. Pete didn't stop at Fable 1.
BigPenguin  +   1391d ago

Most people got bored playing GTA4, its why everyone was calling shenanigans on all the 10/10 scores.
ElectricB  +   1391d ago
SIlent negotiator, the acorn bollocks WAS the fable 1 hype. Tere was kinda an acron that grew into a grew as the story went on in fable 2, not realtime but would you really want a real time try that you needed 30 years of gameplay to see grow?

@BigPenguin: That is true but it isn't brought up after every rockstar game is announced? Lionhead can't mention a thing without the world screaming. it'll never live up to the hype. regardless of there being no hype at all.
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Apotheosize  +   1391d ago
kind of feel bad for him, the game looks awful..but still
zeal0us  +   1391d ago
Some times this guy is a little too humble. Well at least he's not afraid to admit it.
sayonara89  +   1391d ago
Kinect a "horrendous mistake" - fixed Peter
SuperLupe  +   1391d ago
I actually wouldnt mind Kinect if it hadnt resulted in MS abandoning the hardcore and putting all their ressources into casual gaming.
nilamo  +   1391d ago
THIS ^^^^^
BlackTar187  +   1391d ago
I applaud your honesty on the matter and i 100% agree.

Its a catch 22 though if they treated as a add-on history would probably shows its face again and it would be forgotten so they put everything behind it to make sure that doesn't happen and what you get is a casual item that alienates the fans who got them to where they are. lets not kid 360 fans Pre kinect were not the same as Wii fans.
ElectricB  +   1391d ago
Got to agree with Blacktar there. You'd vilify MS for abandoning kinect shouting I told you so.. You jsut got to let them run with this. they are after another audience now. The standard hardcore developers aren't gonna change what they make. You'll still get hardcore games. MS hasn't really been massive on hardcore games to be honest and I don't think they have dropped it over kinect. just there is so much kinect on top it looks bad.

The only hardcore games from MS studios are gonna be the forzas, the fables, the halos. can you really name any others? Gears don't count as it's an epic game not msgs. I'm not complaining just pointing out that directly ms made hardcore games are few and far between as far as franchises go. I love my xbox and I don't even own a ps3. But you can't blame ms for putting so much into kinect, they aren't gonna throw away their investment all these years. it's a product not directly aimed at the hardcore. so chill, most of the games you play are 3rd party anyway.
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1391d ago
the never "abandonded the hardcore" only sony fanboys think that
you see, MS barley supports hardcore exclusives now and they barley did BEFORE kinnect as well.

Forza 4, gears 3 and Halo CE HD are about as much support for the end of the year that MS has ever given to the "hardcore" at once.

I love how people on this site act like MS was supporting "hardcore" exclusives like crazy before kinnect was released, BECAUSE THEY NEVER WERE.

If you think about it, the second half of this year is one of the BIGGEST EVER for "hardcore" games that the 360 has ever had. Halo HD, GEARS 3, FORZA 4, shit tons of hardcore multiplats including the witcher 2, arcade games etc, and even wanna be "hardcore" kinnect games.

the fact is that MS is supporting hardcore just as much as they did before kinnect, THEY STILL BARLEY SUPPORT hardcore exclusives. They HAVE saved 3 of their biggest for the end of the year like they have done in the past.

Pretend like they dropped all this support for the "hardcore" and you are pretending like they had alot of support to begin with
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EVO-OM3GA  +   1391d ago
Atleast he is being honest about it, more than I can say about alot of other developers. Hopefully he will take time to improve the game.
VampiricDragon  +   1391d ago
the game is on rails.

You frickin pretend you are riding a horse........

it doesnt get much more than a mistake than that

Molyneux made 1 good game and people think he is a good developer when in reality, hes a joke
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No Way  +   1391d ago
@[...] VampiricDragon -
Uhm, he's actually made quite a few good games ..
VampiricDragon  +   1390d ago
what black and white?

Then then fale where each game has gotten worse reviews

fable 3 is a 70 game
aPerson  +   1390d ago
Since when was 70/100 a bad score???
Alos88  +   1391d ago
Remove "demo" from the title and the statement remains just as true.
dkgshiz  +   1391d ago
Its an on rails shooter.
BlueTemplar  +   1391d ago
Watching him make journalists sign his "its not on rails" wall is one of the most pathetic/tragic sights ive ever seen in gaming.
blackburn10  +   1391d ago
Your telling me. This guy is a serious con man. I am tired of listening to him cry crocodile tears over what could of or might have been. He is always pretending that the game isn't that great so you could say 'oh it's all right, you did okay don't fuss about it' and buy in to whatever he does. It is on rails, I sat down and watched it myself. But as usual we must sit back and make excuses for Kinect because of what it is.Medieval Moves is getting flack for being 'on rails' from everyone but that's because it's a Move game. Defend Kinect, tear Move apart. Why am I not surprised?
Inside_out  +   1391d ago
Peter...don't bother with the haters..
What bothers me is Peter listening to the haters...who cares what they think. No matter what you make, if it's not on their console, it will be bad.

Make your game Peter...it will sell millions just like the rest of your games.

I thought the demo looked fantastic and played great. Fans of the franchise are going to love it. The art style of that game is just incredible. M$ is lucky to have Peter and his passion.
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Shane Kim  +   1391d ago
I think you can cash out your cheque now.
nilamo  +   1391d ago
Wow it's not allowed to be positive anymore??? Let the guy have is own opinion.
SephirothX21  +   1391d ago
Make Fable 4 and make it a challenging game, unlike Fabel 2 and 3 and forget about Kinect.
WetN00dle69  +   1391d ago
Sugreev2001  +   1391d ago
I absolutely agree,though I did enjoy Fable II.
WetN00dle69  +   1391d ago
SO did i, more so than Fable 3.
BigPenguin  +   1391d ago
I think most people did.

Fable 3 was definitely the worst fable IMO.
BlackTar187  +   1391d ago
i enjoyed all the fables but part 2 ohh that part 2 had so many game ruining glitches i wanted to die. I got the slow walk glitch 2 times saddest moment ever and it was always past 1/2 like when you get ut in that crazy prison
Fallouts  +   1391d ago
This guy seems to always regret his games.

One question though. Why cant a game on rails be good if done right? Most ppl on here are just like peter always crying about something, unless its about the ps3 of course.
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PirateThom  +   1391d ago
On rails is specifically the problem. The Wii had a ton of on rails shooters and, while they worked, the PS3/360 were getting Dead Space while Wii was getting Dead Space Extraction. There's nothing specifically wrong with on rails games, but this is 2011 and we're somehow gone back to Time Crisis-esque games.

I would also say, a lot of these "on rails" games have the same problem the "on rails" games had on Wii, these were the "Core games" that were promised. It's also a problem when the "core games" on Kinect were ALL on rails.
#15.1 (Edited 1391d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
PandaJenkins  +   1391d ago
I personally think that on-rails has its own distinctive feel. It can be a good or a bad thing depending on the game. Games like Time Crisis and House of the dead have always been fun, and the constraints of on rails doesn't ruin the experience, it perceives a challenge and gameplay goal in a different way that a normal shooter doesn't have. To me they are just different styles, not different layers of quality per say.
Kahvipannu  +   1391d ago
Heavy Rain says hello^^ If you haven't, try it out.
BigPenguin  +   1391d ago
[Deleted comment]
#15.1.3 (Edited 1391d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Fallouts  +   1391d ago
I think your confused.... This isn't the wii....

U sound so stupid right now and panda said what I wanted to say so I'll leave it at that.
guigsy  +   1391d ago
People never had a problem with on rails games until Kinect was released. Time Crisis Razing Storm actually got a lot of praise on this website. Double standards at it's finest.
Kahvipannu  +   1391d ago
Well, Heavy Rain is basically game on trails, and it was amazing, so I agree, game on trails can be good.

But the Fable demo they showed, to me, the gameplay really didn't look fun, but you can say same about HR, it was good becouse other reasons..

Peter just needs great story, setting, and characters, that's all.
Venjense  +   1391d ago
I know, imaging how the consumer feels. At least Molyneux gets paid to have regrets whereas gamers pay 60 bucks for them.
Venjense  +   1391d ago
Take out the words "Fable" and "Demo" and it would be the first honest thing Molyneux said about Kinect since his phony Milo demo.
BioRevenant  +   1391d ago
10+ million sales, what a horrible mistake by Microsoft. AMIRITE?!?
ATiElite  +   1391d ago
yes you are.

Remember The illegal Drug trade is a $50 Billion dollar Industry so huge profits aren't always good. AMIRITE?
palaeomerus  +   1391d ago
Right, the drug trade is...connected to Kinect somehow. Well done. You're not obviously massively reaching or anything for something that vaguely looks like a response and making an utter fool of yourself in the process. Oh no. And Sony was obviously kicking ass by selling a lot fewer Move units than MS despite a two month head start.
asyouburn  +   1391d ago
All that proves is that there is 10 million suckers in the world. What amazing gaming experiences are these 10 mil people having right now? Two e3's in and all msoft can show is voice commands, which could have easily been done with the headset that came with my system.
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TheBreezyBB  +   1391d ago
News flash, Molyneux. Fable is not for kids.
nihonlight  +   1391d ago
Its like sleeping with someone you knew had V.D.
You shouldn't have done it in the first place.
( yes I just compared kinect to v.d.)
#18 (Edited 1391d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
FragMnTagM  +   1391d ago
Sorry you got V.D. I got a Kinect.
nihonlight   1391d ago | Trolling | show
Krakn3Dfx  +   1391d ago
"Fable Kinect a "horrendous mistake""

mananimal  +   1391d ago
All this guy ever does is make excuses and apologies more than he makes good games, this guy is a JOKE!!!! just like Fable, what a waste of a franchise that had such potential.shame, oh well
TheBlind   1391d ago | Spam
Simco876  +   1391d ago
Open world with Kinect? Ha!

You would have to make the world like a point and click flash game. Arrows to turn left/right, and to move forward/backward. No thanks!
BizDaWolf  +   1391d ago
as a fan of the fable series this looks like a horrendous mistake
Jocosta  +   1391d ago
New pet peeve: When anyone posts "such and such game says hi". Put it to rest, please.
IAmCornHolio  +   1391d ago
Rick Astley says hi!

Jocosta  +   1391d ago
Nope, not gonna heh heh
SeraphimBlade  +   1391d ago
Pigs are flying, Hell's frozen over, and Molyneux has said something less than perfect about one of his upcoming games. wow.
PooEgg  +   1391d ago
Save Kinect for party games and sports games. Leave it out of RPGs. When I am going to be playing a game for 40+ hours - as should be expected with any good RPG - I certainly don't want to deal with Kinect for my long gaming sessions.

As for Fable, I liked 2 & 3, but I would like it a whole lot better if all the NPC's were not designed in Peter's likeness. Seriously, why are they all - men and woman alike - clones of Peter? It is the one single thing that truly puts me off of Fable games. If you expect us to want to marry your NPCs, please toss in a few attractive people.
jbiz330  +   1391d ago
how about you STOP MAKING tired ass rehashes of this game every year? just a suggestion.
IQUITN4G  +   1391d ago
It's all very well saying the game looks devoid of fun or any playablility but there will be loads of both 'casual' and 'core players' enjoying this game. Opinions here don't reflect everyone out there. Same with Star Wars

Just because it doesn't look suited to what you expect or want from a game, this most definitely doesn't mean others think the same.I'd lap this up if i had Kinect and i'm very much a Halo, Gears fan
ATiElite  +   1391d ago
Molyneux: Fable Kinect demo a "horrendous mistake"
Not the first time fable and Molyneux have made huge mistakes.

Although he claims E3 was one i think that Ultra Crappy Fable 3 PC port was an even BIGGER mistake. it's so crappy it's not even worth pirating.

then you release it the same day as The Witcher 2. What genius decided it was an good idea to have a crappy console port go head to head with a AAA PC Exclusive?

Fable 2 not being released on PC was another mistake as many PC gamers were hoping to enjoy the experience thinking the short comings of Fable would be corrected but no Fable 2 skipped the PC.

Fable is a game PC Gamers like but your alienating the PC crowd with this less than half ass effort and now you release Fable-Journey which is just some random "On Rails" crap with a Fable title slapped on the box. I saw nothing in this game that are the "CORE characteristics" of a traditional Fable Game.
BigPenguin  +   1391d ago
The controls for fable 3 on the PC are so effing terrible. Its like they have never played a PC game before.
Killzone3___  +   1391d ago
i love fable , i like the gameplay alot but they can't make a game that gives you an rpg feeling , the story wasn't that good but i really enjoyed the gameplay , they just need to make a good story with a challenging gameplay and they will make it ...

i hate kinect , it's a bad idea in this time , its waste of time and moeny , just work for a normal fable game instead of kinect ...
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