MS "already in talks" to continue Halo film

Following a swift withdrawal by film studios Fox and Universal, Microsoft is already in talks with other distribution projects to continue development of the Halo film, says Peter Jackson's representative Ken Kamins.

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marinelife93983d ago

Go ahead and call Sony MS. They'll make it happen for you.

HarryEtTubMan3983d ago

LOL If not Universal or Warner Bros. you better hope Sony if you want it to be looked at as a top-of-the-line movie!!! Or Paramount!

SlappyMcTaint3983d ago

Uwe Boll to direct. You know he rocks the videogame movies!!

THE_JUDGE3983d ago

up just so I could laugh my head off when it hits BD and it could be a good investment!

MikeGdaGod3983d ago

that would be funny as hell!

Bladestar3983d ago

what would be funnier is... if Sony "would pick this" and then the movie is released only on HD DVD. Hehe.. similar to what happened with BetaMax... sony had to eventually release all their movies on VHS...

Pain3983d ago

And Atleast the Movie would play in higher rez then 640p..

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PimpHandHappy3983d ago

thats funny sh!t

have a bubble

atleast they can find anyone to play master chief. Its not like u have to act when ur wearing a helmet the whole movie...

kurochi3983d ago

the only thing is if it comes out on BD, people will just pirate it more because of the flame wars.... LOL Sony won't touch that with a 10 foot pole that has a condom on it.......

ry-guy3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )


Tell that to Hugo Weaving.

MvC Xtrm3983d ago

Microsoft should strike a deal with Paramount and Dreamworks and drop Fox and Universal which would benefit Toshiba and HD-DVD as well thus producing more investors for the film’s budget while at the same time killing two birds with one stone (No Blu-ray version). It is a possibility.

murt19873983d ago

Somebody from that site posted that news article today after seeing the old article from last year being posted up here today.

This is all old news,Blombkamp actually said himself last month that its over.

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The story is too old to be commented.