Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning E3 Gameplay Demo

38 Studios' Curt Schilling and Mark Nelson join Adam Sessler to go hands-on with 'Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning', the open-world RPG that blends in hardcore fighting, and talk about the innovative Destiny System.

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Bolts2594d ago

So much hype and promises, but all I'm seeing an average hack and slash. Maybe the combat might be a little deeper but RPG elements are looking skin deep.

kingdoms2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

It's a full blown RPG with action and fighting with quality high production value gameplay mechanics. The art and graphics are awesome. It's not hyped in the way ps3 fanboys use the term, people at e3 seen it and are excited. Gamers have been craving a true RPG and we have always wished combat was deeper than turnbase and better then the real time canned animation fighting where you fight in real time yet it has no complexity.

This video does not do the game justice the graphics are 70 percent bette. This game has vibrant art like no other game has.

aPerson2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

It's a five minute demo. There's only so much they can show.

Watch the 45 minute E3 demo if you want to see the RPG elements. It'll quickly become clear why they're calling it a hardcore RPG rather than a action RPG.

Here, I'll even link you to it:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Bolts2594d ago

About time they show more. Its looking like Two Worlds 2 with better combat.

Pintheshadows2594d ago

You've never played Two Worlds have you? It looks nothing like this so stop needlessly trolling and go do something productive.

Redgehammer2594d ago

Awesome, looking forward to more information in the future.