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Peter Molyneux: 'We Need To Prove Kinect'

NowGamer speaks to Peter Molyneux about his latest Kinect project, Fable: The Journey... (E3, Fable: The Journey, Kinect, Peter Molyneux, Xbox 360)

lazertroy  +   1046d ago
Poor Peter, Does Microsoft have him under under contract or can he just quit at any time? Because I know he wants to leave.
RCargill  +   1046d ago
I have to imagine Microsoft would do anything to keep him from leaving. That would leave Microsoft with just Turn 10 and Rare for their first party studios right when they are under massive pressure for their exclusive non-Kinect lineup.
captain-obvious  +   1046d ago
i think he can go out
but most of the times big developers dont just give up on their old self established studio
pain777pas  +   1046d ago
lazertroy you have a good heart man. If that quote is true, you probably are right on the money with your assumption.
iamnsuperman  +   1046d ago
This guy is like king of bull when it comes to his games so I am expecting him in the near future to claim a lot. Apart from that mini rant I agree with him that they "need to prove Kinect" but I am unsure making fable on rails was really the answer. We will see.
Godmars290  +   1046d ago
And you've done Kinect nothing but good, what with presenting Milo as its flagship title.

Even though its canceled, and was never nothing more than smoke and mirrors...
tunaks1  +   1046d ago
"Peter Molyneux: 'We Need To Prove Kinect'"
it seems at the expense of Fable
HuGi  +   1046d ago
This guys need to GTFO
Fable Journey is the biggest trash i have ever seen!

i hope the game doesnt sell and metacritic should be 50 not more!

So they can start making good games , Fable IV with new Engine , new IP or just close this studio!
PLAYER5095  +   1046d ago
do u guyz think that fable journey will b their lowest selling fable game? or their most sold?
Ducky  +   1046d ago
... prove the limit of kinect rigorously.
FasterThanFTL  +   1046d ago
He should stop sucking Microsofts **** and start making the games he wants to make
I remember a time when his games were actually revolutionary and actually lived to the hype to a certain degree.
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barb_wire  +   1046d ago
Pete's always talked bollocks, ever since the Bullfrog days and his work on the Amiga and Atari ST.

Still, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - after all, he did give us Populous, Magic Carpet, Warmonger, Syndicate, Black & White and Dungeon Keeper just to name a few..

Even though, it's not going to happen, as a PS3 owner, I would love to see what he could come up with for it.
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WhiteLightning  +   1046d ago
I actually want him to do at least ONE PS3 exclusive. I know he hypes most things up but I want to see what he's capable of on the PS3...maybe he can do the things he's always wanted without him hitting a limit.
lazertroy  +   1046d ago
Peter needs to come over to Naughty Dog or Quantic Dream.
Knushwood Butt  +   1046d ago
"Kinect - On"

"Kinect - go fetch my controller"
BYE  +   1046d ago
No, you need to bury it in the ground of the ocean.

Instead of trying to sell us motion control gimmicks how about some quality titles.
FlintGREY  +   1046d ago
Ohh Peter...


Give me a real sequel to Fable 2.
pain777pas  +   1046d ago
How can he do that if a company says we need another Fable game and make sure it sells the peripheral we just charged people 150 dollars for and bought a company for.
SSIDEUP  +   1046d ago
Here's a thought for a new article:

"Peter Molyneux: I Need to Prove Myself"

Honestly, this man needs to retire and stop releasing over-promised, under-delivered garbage. Each and every Fable game has been, ultimately, a shameful let down, a sad and pathetic release that only serves to remind us that we shouldn't trust Mr. Molyneux or his studio.
Louis_Guzman  +   1046d ago
This guy is such an overrated caricature of a game developer it isn't even funny anymore. Pete, your best days are far behind you.
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Tommykrem  +   1046d ago
I like him because he's eccentric and different. But when all he's doing is making a lot of sequels, instead of being the new game - new IP guy he used to be, then I don't know. Would like to see him start a new independent studio.
lowcarb  +   1046d ago
I think Kinect will prove itself more and moreover time. Still forget the "you are the controller" slogan and change it to "become one with the controller."
TheDivine  +   1046d ago
Yea fable journeys is bs. I happen to love all 3 fables. Despite whatever hype they recieved they were top notch games that were fun. Im sorely dissapointed this isnt fable 4 or a new ip. Id die for Fable 4 using kinect for gestures w townsfolk and communicating with your dog. Thats is how kinect should be used, to add immersion to make games better, not just crap racing games. So much potential wasted. He better at least deliver some more fable 3 dlc, i love it but i need more quests.

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