Peter Molyneux: 'We Need To Prove Kinect'

NowGamer speaks to Peter Molyneux about his latest Kinect project, Fable: The Journey...

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lazertroy2053d ago

Poor Peter, Does Microsoft have him under under contract or can he just quit at any time? Because I know he wants to leave.

RCargill2053d ago

I have to imagine Microsoft would do anything to keep him from leaving. That would leave Microsoft with just Turn 10 and Rare for their first party studios right when they are under massive pressure for their exclusive non-Kinect lineup.

captain-obvious2053d ago

i think he can go out
but most of the times big developers dont just give up on their old self established studio

pain777pas2053d ago

lazertroy you have a good heart man. If that quote is true, you probably are right on the money with your assumption.

iamnsuperman2053d ago

This guy is like king of bull when it comes to his games so I am expecting him in the near future to claim a lot. Apart from that mini rant I agree with him that they "need to prove Kinect" but I am unsure making fable on rails was really the answer. We will see.

Godmars2902053d ago

And you've done Kinect nothing but good, what with presenting Milo as its flagship title.

Even though its canceled, and was never nothing more than smoke and mirrors...

tunaks12053d ago

"Peter Molyneux: 'We Need To Prove Kinect'"
it seems at the expense of Fable

HuGi2053d ago

Fable Journey is the biggest trash i have ever seen!

i hope the game doesnt sell and metacritic should be 50 not more!

So they can start making good games , Fable IV with new Engine , new IP or just close this studio!

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The story is too old to be commented.