Kojima: Modern Warfare 3 an 'action play', Battlefield 3 a 'documentary'

XMNR: Konami luminary Hideo Kojima has seen enough of both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 to make put them in their own unique categories of gaming and it's an interesting take on the rival franchises from Activision and Electronic Arts.

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Foxgod2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Well sorth of, Battlefield is indeed more photo realistic.
COD is more hollywoodish. \\But why does Koijima go on about this subject?

He isnt really affiliated with shooters.

Nate-Dog2510d ago

He has a certain interest in Western gaming. He said a while ago (at least I'm around 95% sure it was Kojima that said it) that Eastern developers, Japanese in particular, have been lacking in the past few years and that the Western developers have surpassed them in their motivation and desire to make better games each time around.

HeavenlySnipes2510d ago

that Capcom guy said that...

ATiElite2510d ago

And the European Developers have passed the Western Devs as far as Quality and Innovation in video games.

DICE, CD Projekt Red, CCP, 4A Games, GSC, Bohemia Interactive and many many more. Euro Devs are the best Devs right now. I think Valve was the last American Dev i bought a game from.

Upbeat2510d ago

erm metal gear solid is a shooter

The Killer2510d ago Show
thugbob2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

In terms of quality BF3 > MW3 hands down before both games are even out.

The CoD series is being milked. Year after year there is a new title there is no way they have enough time to make a quality title and Activison is capitalizing on it and I predict that one day they will release a blank CD with manure smeared on it stamped with *CoD:MW* and I bet it'll sell millions!

EVILDEAD3602510d ago

'Year after year there is a new title there is no way they have enough time to make a quality title'

@ Thubob..

There are two developers that have been on a two year cycle..there is enough time for them to make quality titles and they have. Naughty
Dog's Uncharted is on a two year cycle as well and I'm sure no one would complain abojut their quality.

Two year is standard in the climate.

What's interesting is seeing the different teams that are working with Infiinity ward this time. This franchise is the number onew selling game on Both the 360 and the PS3.

No matter how much hate these games get and we know where it originated, they still entertain millions and now even BF3 will stop this Billion dollars franchise.

BF3 looks great as well..but I know I'll own both


ZombieNinjaPanda2510d ago


We're talking about Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and hideo Kojima here.

Take your political bullshit somewhere else where it's more appropriate

AzaziL2510d ago

Saw on your comments before on how you liked CoD, so I guess your cool with playing as a terrorist that slaughters civilians at an airport but you got your panties in a bunch because this game is based in Iraq and the enemy is the insurgents and Iran.

ChrisW2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

We all know that DICE makes better FPSs than Infinity. Or at least fans of BF or partially unbias people.

SephirothX212510d ago

Lol @ the killer
I haven't seen such a level of retardation from an individual for a long time.

lve2playbball2510d ago

@ The Killer

Wow, you are retarded.

ChrisW2510d ago

The Killer seems like one of those guys who believed that the world was going to end last May.



You probably got confused over MGS4 gameplay which CAN be played as a shooter, although you can also play through it almost without firing your guns.

Or maybe you through of MGO...

Anyway, all Metal Gear games released so far were Stealth Action games. Maybe Rising will be the exception (althrough even that will definetely have stealth elements).

RockmanII72510d ago

Heavenly is right too, I remember Kenji Inafune said something very similar and I think it was the reason why he left Capcom.

awi59512510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )


There is a huge diffrence between the uncharted developers and the Cod factories. The uncharted developers made their own game. These COD factory companies are just a bunch of banana riders that stole all the tech from the real infinity ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella, and wrangled themselves a mod out of assets they got from infinity ward and called it a game. Thats why its the same old engine same old everything because they dont have the talent. And they cant steal ideas or tech from Jason West and Vince Zampella.

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iamnsuperman2510d ago

I agree it is more photo realistic but I wouldn't compare BF3 to a documentary. Still an unrealistic game. MW3 is defiantly more hollywoodish than BF3

lil Titan2510d ago

looks like ill be playing a "Documentary" on my "Movie Theater"

sikbeta2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

HA! Kojima is a BF fanboy lol :P

ChrisW2510d ago

Kojima knows which publisher is better, that's why he's a BF fanboy.

soundslike2510d ago

because recently people mine twitter for blog fodder.

can't say I like the idea of every somewhat-interesting tweet being submitted... maybe N4G should have a popular tweet stream section so that submissions aren't as flooded. This kind of thing is just as annoying as trolling for hits with out-of-context interviews....except:

"Hey look an interview!

oh wait its just a retweet passing off as news with a super generalized analysis for the 1000th time"

Stay retarded N4G

_Q_2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I'm not gonna go into this too much but Metal Gear
is (and always has been)based loosely on our(USA) past military endeavors interwoven with MG's story to coincide within our real history. This alone takes an incredible amount of research to come up with concepts that are sound when it translate to a good story. Given that he writes quite a bit of the series, i'd expect Kojima to be well versed in western military knowledge after this many iterations of MG. Maybe he knows a thing or to about the military and games based around them....Just maybe.

Lol So much for not going into it too much.

pain777pas2510d ago

The quality is there now for BF3 but what if EA ends up successful? We'll have to see what happens then.

JOHN_DOH2510d ago

Yeah devs from Europe are putting out good stuff, I think maybe because Europe PC is more popular and in the US consoles seem to be more popular

HardCover2510d ago

I don't know why he goes on about it, but it reminds me of when Killzone 2 was getting all the attention.

Kojima played it at a show and said it was one badass game. Guess he simply likes the visceral FPS games that aren't obstinately generic.

thesummerofgeorge2509d ago

Foxgod - You don't have to make FPS' to have an opinion on them.

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Urmomlol2510d ago

What does that make Metal Gear Solid?

A poorly written book?

Ser2510d ago

Nah, I'd call it an enormous DVD boxset of a very deep TV series with a lot of bonus content.

There's a lot of story in the MGS universe, and I love every second of it.

killerhog2510d ago

The mgs story gotten stale to me unfortunately. Just couldn't get into 3/4.

NarooN2510d ago

More like a long-running TV series of doom.

The only real low point of the series was 4, where pretty much the entire game was just Kojima trying to explain his way out of the many retcons and plot holes he established in the previous games (including MG1 and 2).

Still was a decent game though.

*cue 50 million disagrees*

bangoskank2510d ago

Couldn't agree more. The gameplay in MGS4 was fantastic but once those cut scenes kicked in I was equally parts embarrassed and bored.

Nate-Dog2510d ago

Agreed aswell. MGS4 was a good game, but in comparison with previous MGS games it just wasn't as good as it could and should have been. The addition of Portable Ops and Peace Walker (and surely Peace Walker 2) hasn't impressed me either; PO was full of retcons too, and Peace Walker was a completely pointless game despite Kojima's claims of it being so important in regards to Outer Heaven. All we see is the beginning of it, and that's at the end of the game, and the rest of the game is full of unimportant and unmemorable characters and plot. It was still a good PSP game but storywise it just is going downhill in my opinion. It was supposed to end at MGS2, and didn't, then was supposed to end at MGS3 and didn't, and MGS4 was Snake's finale and surely MGS's finale but Kojima couldn't stop there could he? (Not saying no more Metal Gear Solid games should have ever been made / should ever be made, but this current series and current story has gone on too long.

Takoulya2510d ago

I still maintain that MGS4 was a true masterpiece. I still remember all of the truly emotional moments, all the cinematic dialogues. "I'm not a hero... never was, never will be." The story was on par with the other MG's, as well. The only reason it seems like it's bad was because it was based farther into the future, a much grander scale than the previous iterations, and made into an amazing set piece.

Gamer_Z2510d ago


More like a bad Anime

Takoulya2510d ago

And of course, two people come in and bash the most artistically crafted game this generation.

nihonlight2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I think its a slight mistranslation.
He might have just been trying to say " more true to life"
Don't take it literal. We all know what he's talking about.

_Q_2510d ago

Of course its a metaphor. And its pretty dead on the mark.

This issue is many people drawn to the COD series would never finish MGS. Yes there are folks who have come across the series but I know so many people who are into mainly FPS who know nothing about the real meat of the MGS series and just wouldnt care thus so many people coming in talking as if Kojima wouldnt know anything about military games. Pretty dumb.

RememberThe3572510d ago

Haha I like that. It kind of sums up their different approaches.

WhiteLightning2510d ago

If the guys i actualy interested in Western gaming I wonder what he thinks of Uncharted 2/3

LarVanian2510d ago

He would probably be very impressed with the graphics and art direction and may even comment on how much it feels like a Hollywood blockbuster.

Queasy2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

He pretty much put in the same category as COD.

Queasy2510d ago

To the disagrees, read the quote. He mentions COD and Uncharted in the exact. same. sentence.

Takoulya2510d ago

Except one is actually claiming to render "Modern Warfare."

Complete bullshit.