Review: Kinect Fun Labs

Gaming Irresponsibly had Ryan Hillis try out the gadgets available through Kinect Fun Labs, Xbox's new community based mini-game feature.

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killershadow1171935d ago

Well it's free so you can't really complain about how bad it is.

Sinkway1935d ago

Sounds about right, but aren't this just Apps for the Kinect?

SSIDEUP1935d ago

Why review a free group of apps? Is there really a need for this kind of crap journalism?

On topic, I wasn't expecting greatness from these apps. It's not like any of this motion gaming nonsense is going to remain prevalent in the next few years...

Bigpappy1935d ago

Pointless hating on these apps. They were give to the comunity to play with. Then again everyone is entitled to his opinion.

NoobJobz1935d ago

Who cares? I got free achievements from these things.

I think these were just to show what Kinect can do later on, with the facial/clothes recognition and scanning in objects. Of course they wont be fun.

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