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Microsoft Dropping The Hardcore? I Disagree

Richard Of UltimateGameGorilla writes: Recently Microsoft has been accused of leaving the original hardcore fanbase that got them where they are today in the cold. I was one of those people, harshly attacking the company for its new childish direction... but not anymore. Within the past few days news has slowly been trickling out that Microsoft is pushing for a number of hardcore titles on the Xbox 360. Some are exclusive while others are multiplatform, but all are for the core fanbase.

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Update When did being on-rails make a game automatically not hardcore. I can name a plethora of hardcore on-rail games.

asphogears  +   1541d ago
Interesting list. There are a few titles that I did not know about prior to reading. I am eager for more information about Blood Forge.
captain-obvious  +   1541d ago
"Core Exclusives

Kinect Star Wars"

talk about stuffing the list

screaming "light spear on" and then doing this
in front of the screen to kill a enemies that look at you most of the time and moves slower than a turtle

that's not hardcore dude
im sorry but its not

now if it was faster style hack and slash with regular controller and combos
NOW THATS a hardcore game
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asphogears  +   1541d ago
I do not understand why people don't see the potential for this to be a core game. Fighting sith with a lightsaber and the force could be pretty f-ing cool. I have high hopes for this game because I am a big Star Wars fan.
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egidem  +   1541d ago

Spending some seconds waving your hands in the air a couple of times just so that you can lift a droid spaceship and push it over RATHER THAN pressing a button does not scream the incentive needed to make this game a core game!

The novelty sounds awesome. It makes it sound like as if you have the force and this is what will sell the game big time. I saw the demo, it looked like a gimmick. It's an on-rails game. That alone should debunk it as hardcore. Moving around, having trouble turning the camera towards the enemy and just swinging a light saber??? Where's the depth? Where's the challenge?? Where are my multiple button combos that I'm supposed to unlock and stuff?? I love long gaming sessions, surely I'm not going to stand say for 4 hours swinging some imaginary light saber in front of the TV??

Star Wars is popular among core gamers. I personally loved KOTOR 1 and 2. Why does Microsoft think that Star Wars + Kinect = Sold to hardcore gamers??
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RCargill  +   1541d ago

If you could go back to 2005 and show people Kinect Star Wars would be one of Microsoft's major exclusives in 2011 no one would believe you.
grailly  +   1541d ago
I still believe that star wars could have been a core game. playing with a controller, but using kinect for the force would be fun. swinging your arms just seems wrong.
Rainstorm81  +   1541d ago
Watching the demo for Kinect Star Wars made me cringe, it was so laggy and unresponsive and looked more frustrating than fun.

Everyone in the crowd must have noticed it too by the lack of applause at the end of the demo.....i mean come one sesame street's kinect game got more claps than star wars...
egidem  +   1541d ago
Not dropping the hardcore but shifting their focus more onto the casuals. This sudden focus is also lacking a balance between casuals and hardcore gamers.

From Microsoft's point of view, they will focus more where there is a potential to increase cash, and Nintendo has proven that the casuals will do just about anything. This is also causing Microsoft to close down/reduce the number of 1st party studios and think that multiplats and timed exclusive DLC will satisfy these hardcore needs, and leave them with more cash to spend on casuals and Kinect stuff.

They are a bit wrong with their perception of core gamers. They think that all core gamers are very dedicated guys willing to buy the latest thing from Microsoft, even if it is targeted towards the casual market. This is why they think that "Kinect Starwars" and a bunch of on-rails shooters will do the trick.

Notice also that they've slightly changed their strategy to make Kinect popular among the hardcore gamers: take popular core games and make them Kinect compatible like voice support for Mass Effect 3, head-tracking for Forza 4 or Tom Clancy future soldier. This is ironic because people were laughing at how Sony was just taking the Move and implementing it to their games, rather than making these games only playable with the Move.

One thing is clear: the traditional controller is far more accurate and capable than Kinect. Microsoft knows that hardcore gamers will always be smarter and will always choose the controller over hand gestures of Kinect. Imagine what would happen if Forza 4 was only playable with Kinect...it would be a disaster!
asphogears  +   1541d ago
I understand that using Kinect instead of a controller limits the possibilities of the game but there is still a lot of time in development for improvement. I think that we are going to have to wait until more videos are available to finally decide if it is a core or casual game. This is just my opinion.
egidem  +   1541d ago

There seems to be a problem with Microsoft though. They first of all killed many 1st party studios. Hardcore exclusives are few. They thought that the hardcore could just grab up Kinect, like their casual counterparts, which was wrong.

Take a look carefully, they don't have lots of hardcore exclusives. Even if you add in Kinect, they STILL don't have games. They are going to have trouble attracting the hardcore to Kinect due to the very nature of Kinect: It is fun, but it lacks accuracy and in the use of gaming, its functionality is sort of limited.
iamnsuperman  +   1541d ago
Did you watch the kinect star war demonstration. It was an on rail slasher. Not something I would call a hardcore game
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asphogears  +   1541d ago
Just because it is on-rails does not mean it is not hardcore. If the controls are polished then Kinect Star Wars could be pretty fun. My only complaint with it is how it is "Prequel Star Wars" and not "Good Star Wars". Slicing droids could be quite fun and using the force will hopefully be cool. Just my opinion.
iamnsuperman  +   1541d ago
I respect that but the only problem there seemed to be no skill just waving your arms. I assume/ god hope there will be more types of attacks but that demo didn't help my faith in the game
asphogears  +   1541d ago
I agree that the video did not show that many types of attack. The game is coming out next year (I think) so there is still a lot of time for improvement.
JsonHenry  +   1541d ago
I gotta agree with the man of steel here. The Star Wars videos I have watched all looked like a casual game to me. It just had light sabers.
Qwert117  +   1541d ago
Maybe after they release some videos of the player fighting some sith then this game will be regarded as a more core game.
fluffydelusions  +   1541d ago
Disney Adventures is pretty hardcore...right?
Dart89  +   1541d ago
What you talking about of course it's hardcore so is cod:P.
Qwert117  +   1541d ago
That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing the funny video.
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Fatal Blow  +   1541d ago
sikbeta  +   1541d ago
Qwert117  +   1541d ago
A simple but good list of hardcore games.
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Der_Kommandant  +   1541d ago
That list is weaker than a 5 year old girl
LoaMcLoa  +   1541d ago
I really don't know why, but that sounded wrong
Gamerfans  +   1541d ago
Totally dropped the core gamers. The gamers that that ms so desperately wanted years back. Dropped like $hit.
Raven_Nomad  +   1541d ago
I don't feel abandoned at all. I find it funny the only ones complaining are usually PS3 fanboys.

Even if Microsoft had 100 exclusives a year it wouldn't do me any good. I realistically can only afford so many titles a year. No offense to Sony but they are releasing a ton of exclusives and most are going unsold. People pick and choose the titles they can and will get.

Where as people know Gears, Forza, Halo is quality. So I can see not taking many new risks these days.

I enjoy Kinect and feel games like Rise Of Nightmares and Ryse can be considered "Core". I usually don't like to label things though.

I also often consider games like Call Of Duty to be "Better on the box" in all honesty.

To each there own, but as a huge Microsoft fan I don't feel neglected in the least.
faraany33k  +   1541d ago
Just because everyone play 2 or 3 games dosent mean i have to be that way.
WhiteLightning  +   1541d ago
Disagree all you want pal but it's true, your just going to be a person who is saling right down that great egyptian river, De-Nile like the other fanboys before E3.."Oh you guys just wait Microsoft are just wasiting for E3 before they blow everyone off their feet".....well I'm still standing
sonicsidewinder  +   1541d ago
Wow. a bunch of on-rail crap, if i wanted that i'd go down the arcade for a 'hardcore' session on quality games such as House of the Dead and Time Crisis.

As for all the other innovations. They're just unnecessary and makes it more a pain in the ass to play.

Ghost Recon. I want to change my weapon.

'Wave hands around multiple times' VS 'Press a button.'

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mendicant  +   1541d ago
What rail crap are you speaking of? Fable isn't on rails and neither is Rise of Nightmares. What Star Wars? It still looks like fun to me. Me and my kids will have a blast with that.

Besides, since when is on rails bad when it's done right?
sonicsidewinder  +   1540d ago
"Besides, since when is on rails bad when it's done right?"

You got a point there JR.
FlintGREY  +   1541d ago
i agree to an extent....

"Most" 360 only gamers are fine with their 4 exclusives and multiplats....

MS obviously see no reason to give them anything else; especially when those 4 exclusives sell 5M+ each in a week.

The hardcore 360 gamers are covered...Next up is casuals with Kinect....Then

...THE WORLD!!!!! lol j/k
HeavenlySnipes  +   1541d ago
Why did they list
XBLA games? They rarely get large amounts of production value and time.

That just leaves us with multis, two Halo games, Gears 3 and The Witcher.

(Kinect Star Wars is terrible and the Fable game was supposedly not shown fully so I'm waiting on calling it trash)
nilamo  +   1541d ago
I disagree heavily. Shadow complex, limbo and trials HD seem to have higher production values than most of the retail games available. Besides why not be excited for xbla games, some of the most creative, artistic and fun original games can be found on XBLA for a much lower price than games get sold in retail.

You're also forgetting project draco, steel battalion and several other kinect games announced by japanese developers, which really seem to cater to the hardcore gamer.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1541d ago
How many of the many
XBLA games have that quality? Its pretty rare to find quality arcade games on both networks.

Also, none of the games that you think I 'forgot' were excluded accidentally. We haven't seen anything from those, so claiming they will be titles to look forward to is pushing it.
TheDivine  +   1541d ago
Really theres more
Halo 4/remake
Gears 3
The Witcher 2
Forza 4
Torchlight 2
Risen 2 (first wasnt on ps3)
Alan Wake 2 (or prequal idk)
Kinect games like
Steel Batallion
Project Draco
rise of nightmares
With all the good multiplats and games from last year its more than enough for 360 gamers. Id love a new Fable 4, Lost Odyssey 2, Blue Dragon 2, Too Human 2, Kameo 2 myself so im dissapointed i didnt get those at e3 but theres def not a lack of good games coming to 360
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Jacobite  +   1539d ago
Good list but means nothing Why ? I would say my sons and their friends are hardcore 360 gamers, only lasting games they play are Halo 3, Reach,CODWAW and COD BO thats it, the rest looks only lip service. Gear3 and Forza 4 only two that I will see them playing shame but true.
FlintGREY  +   1541d ago
When did being on-rails make a game automatically not hardcore. I can name a plethora of hardcore on-rail games."

Only on-rail games I can think of as hardcore, are the shooters...HotD: Overkill, Time Crisis etc.
guigsy  +   1541d ago
I didn't realise that Ryse has a controller option. Glad that you have the choice between the two and not just Kinect exclusive.

Also why is Forza 4 not on the list? As far as racers go it's about as hardcore as it gets.
faraany33k  +   1541d ago
MS is still very Hardcore.
Let the fanboys think that way. Let them have there fun.

I am a PC gamer. A few years earlier. There was a game named TOM CLANCY Endwar. That game had voice commands instead of regular controls.

Now in order to move a unit to say point A. I have to say like TANK 1, MOVETO, POINT ALPHA, CAPTURE
or i could just use a simple click on point A that is atleast 2 seconds faster then voice command. Motion gaming and voice based gaming is never meant for harcore gamers.They are casual outlets. The reason Nintendo was so successful was, cuz it new what it was doing. Motion gaming for casuals. Not some stupid kinect star wars.
AKissFromDaddy  +   1541d ago
When Sony sucked, THEYYYYY SUCKKKKKKED, however, the NG4 gamers - 'Xbox can do no wrong' are in denial.

There's nothing manly or hardcore about Kinect. Nothing. You just look stupid. I hate Kinect, it was advertised as something that it doesn't live up to.

In September, Gears 3 is out. That's good. Especially since its like Gears 1 but better.....and prettier.

In November, we get a HD version of a shooter, not an action game with beautiful fight scenes, not an RPG, not a fighting game, but a shooter with a multiplayer for Reach.

I love Halo CE but shooters don't need HD version because all I do is shoot.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1540d ago
He made his point clear those are exclusives.

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