Battlefield 3 - no killstreaks + more quotes

[email protected]: "The Playstation Blog had a little interview on Battlefield 3, and over the deafening noise of E3, we managed to pull out a few quotes regarding the upcoming wonderkid. Here's just a snippet."

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fluffydelusions2538d ago

Was disappointed they didn't show you know...PS3 footage on the PS Blog =\

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iamnsuperman2538d ago

I know right. The lack of console footage is worrying. They best release some soon. It looks stunning on PC but that is useless to me and other console users

HardCover2538d ago

the game comes out in October.

There is still pleeeeeeeenty of time to show off footage. Or do you really need to scrutinize it for 4 months to decide whether it's actually worth it or not? :/

ATiElite2538d ago

The PC footage is not useless to console owners. If anything it should motivate you to get a good Gaming PC to enjoy BF3 in all it's glory.

Remember BF3 is a PC game and DICE will show the console footage when the game is done. I'm sure BF3 console will look better than BC2 which looked very nice on console.

spektical2538d ago

why should i buy a gaming rig for bf3, when i already have a console, and want to play it on the console? that doesnt make sense.

console footage will come, and if it doesn't i trust DICE will make a great console version.

Tank_Commander_E62538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

"from twitch-kill 14-year-olds"

ha hahaha

Thank you DICE for giving us both twitchy & tactical gameplay.

theonlylolking2538d ago

They showed about 2 pics of PS3 footage and it looked good.

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Ju2538d ago

They didn't show the game? I just saw I missed the BF3 live feed from the blog ( ), but I thought they showed the game. No show? Come on dice.

AEtherbane2538d ago

Awww, but I love winning games without doing anything!!!!!!!!


awi59512538d ago

And before cod fans start complaining . BF2 had a ranking system in a modern setting when COD was still in WW2. So who copied who.

ivant2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

No problem.

Commonsense would only draw a conclusion that the console version will be BETTER than Bad Company 2.

....especially when they are using an much improved Frostbite 2 engine.

This is good news.

egidem2538d ago

I'm glad there are no killstreaks. Killstreaks are okay and work fine in Call of Duty; they should remain there. I always find killstreaks encouraging only the individual instead of a whole team. People will do whatever it takes to get more kills but most importantly be at the top of their team list.

Someone with no skill will camp somewhere, rank up 25 kills and then pull a tactical nuke, winning for their team, which is just bull.

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Agent-862538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I, for one, hope that DICE never adds killstreaks to Battlefield. One of the top reasons I dislike COD was the introduction of killstreaks with their "no skills kills". It's such a cheesy, arcadey game mechanic. Plus, I hate campers in FPS games and all killstreaks do is increase the incentive to camp. Thank you DICE for not putting them in BF3 and please keep them out of all future Battlefield games. Let it stay a COD thing.

Hellsvacancy2538d ago

+ more quotes? from the title i assumed they where talkin about in-game quotes, i love it on BC2 when i here "take that motherfu<ker" (or words to those effect) in the background

Sarobi2538d ago

I am alright with no killstreaks, it just doesn't make sense to me why you need a special ability to make you NOT want to die.

radphil2538d ago

That special ability is called willpower. :p

soundslike2538d ago

Just put a "AVERAGE UNITS LOST PER MATCH" stat and those people will do whatever it takes including "TEAMWORK?WTF?"

BlackKnight2538d ago

considering many of the Killstreaks in COD are helicopters and jets dropping bombs and so on.....BF3 has these in the game as pure vehicles. Way better.

admiralthrawn872538d ago

awesome i hate killstreaks and most cod related "innovations"

getting this on PC and hopefully Wii U