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Metal Gear Solid: All 3 HD Collections Side by Side Comparison

Konami’s big Pre-E3 announcement that three of the Metal Gear games will be getting an HD makeover had fans in full excitement mode. Not only that, Xbox 360 users will get their first taste of all the action. Gaming Examiner posted some comparison shots of each of the upcoming HD games below for you to compare.

As you can see not only are the games remastered in HD but they are also reformatted for the widescreen, meaning no cropping or adjustments needed to fully enjoy these games. (Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, Metal Gear Solid 3 HD, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD, PS3, Xbox 360)

SarahFox  +   1365d ago
Personally i'm very glad they did peace walker, i sold my PSP before it came out and was really hoping they would do this
SuperSaiyan4  +   1365d ago
Me too
Am very glad to hear that they are doing a remake of the MGS games as I remember only the second one came to the original Xbox.

However have noticed that this gen there have been a few remakes lol but luckily remakes of great games.
ZombieAssassin  +   1365d ago
Same here I sold mine right before they released it and was so bummed out, but now we get MGS2/3/PW and I'll get a chance to play Ghost of Sparta...now if only they'd bring Crisis Core to the Ps3 I pretty much wouldn't need a PSP.
SarahFox  +   1365d ago
omg i played that game for Hooouurs and hours, i loved it. One of the best PSP games ever. That would be a day one purchase for me if they redid it.
bangoskank  +   1365d ago
Peace Walker is the only reason I'd pick this up. I have no desire to revisit Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater.
solidsnake222  +   1365d ago
Wow, that's a shame. Although I want all 3, Peace Walker is the last one I want to play. MGS2 and MGS3 come first in my book.
bangoskank  +   1365d ago
Well I already played 2 & 3 but I never owned a PSP so I didn't play Peace Walker. With so many great games coming out why would I want to go back and play something that I already played? They don't look that much better in HD anyway. The only games I plan on playing again are ICO and Shadow of the Colossus because they are two of my favorites, and their visual improvements are very significant.
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IRetrouk  +   1365d ago
they are both fantastic games, i think even better than mgs 4, the only one i havnt played is peace walker so will def be buying this.
solidsnake222  +   1365d ago
I think they look very different, especially MGS3. That game has always been begging for an HD remake. So much detail crammed into a DVD for SD TVs.
DrRichtofen  +   1365d ago
I LOVE the box art for mgs 2 & 3 thats a really cool art style. I've never played a mgs game except for some parts of 4 when I rented it. I might end up getting this I heard its gotta a really good story but I have to play all of them to fully understand it. Anyone know the release date?
ape007  +   1365d ago
sully, I cannot wait to play mgs2 tanker part in HD and unlock trophies

Slugg3r  +   1365d ago
I recommend picking up MGS1 from PSN and playing it through before moving to these titles. It's a PS1 title so do not expect spectacular graphics but it's still playable and one of the best in series.
NarooN  +   1365d ago
You can thank Yoji Shinkawa for that excellent artwork.
CobraKai  +   1365d ago
I'm bummed that they didn't include MGS1 but I guess the PS1 original wouldn't translate well into HD. MGS 3 is still beautiful after all this time. It should look phenomenal in HD
nilamo  +   1365d ago
Wow talk about a bad comparison. Using tiny ass screens.
konigxs  +   1365d ago
HD remakes = My Final Heaven
MasterD919  +   1365d ago
All of these are great games...I loved Sons of Liberty but I'd be a fool to forget....

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SarahFox  +   1365d ago
i'm surprised more people haven't talked about it being achievement/trophy enabled. I know a lot of people don't care about that but i thought it was a nice feature
bangoskank  +   1365d ago
Being given the ability to achieve trophies for two classics is nice but still not enough to make we want to play through "SoL" or "Snake Eater" again. Those are the many precious hours I can be spending on "The Last Guardian" or whatever fresh, new experience is available at the time. I would however play MGS again if an the Gamecube version was released in HD. Haven't played MGS since the PS1 release 13 years ago.
RevXM  +   1365d ago
Title fail?

3 collections?
So Ps3 version vs 360, vs PC or Wiiu?
Or something like that?
Just lol. they will look exactly the same.

Obviously it is the HD version VS the original versions.
And the screens are hopelessly small for making a good comparison.

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