White PlayStation 3 spotted in the wild

As if one didn't have a hard enough time already choosing between the million different Sony and Microsoft SKUs, along comes another choice to hinder indecisive gamers everywhere. Of course, color changes are inevitable, but that doesn't make the situation easier to cope with. Do people want their PlayStation 3 to match their grand piano or their fridge? Variety is a terrible gateway to conflicted torment.

Of course, what that space-filling drivel is trying to announce is what they can already plainly see -- that a white PS3 has been spotted and photographed (or incredibly photoshopped) next to its traditional black cousin for a handy comparison. Looks pretty, doesn't it?

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PimpHandHappy4036d ago

they should make this out of elelphant ivory

or marble

jackfatal4036d ago

its a bit confusing people but not from buying a ps3 but from which to choose white or black!!

personally i am with the black but the white can be so unique!! and if u have a good environment for white color then go with the white

mikeslemonade4036d ago

Whoever wrote this article once again prooves that people will b***h about anything. How can you say more colors is bad? A color of the system alone for sure can sell the system to some people. Also white is considered "rare" because most people have black now. The fact that it's rare alone can sell a thing. Sure it's confusing but those people who are confused can't even name the three companys and the three next gen systems in this generation.

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