Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD - 6 Minutes Gameplay Video

Check out 6 minutes Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Gameplay

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GunofthePatriots2327d ago

The only gripe i had about this game was the lack of a 2nd analog stick and now in the HD versions we get one! woohoo!

Cloudberry2327d ago

I must say I'm quite surprised, concerning it's from PSP game.

Fortunately, graphic section is the last thing I'm worry about.

the_best_player2327d ago

hmm they should of ported to MGS4 Engine cause the textures still look very low res.

phoenixdown2327d ago

i have a psp but i wanted to play it on my hdtv.

kramun2327d ago

Cool, psp games on the ps3. Great.

solidsnake2222327d ago

Cant wait to play these, day one buy for me! Now announce it at $40 and let me pre order already!

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