Sony: PS3 and Vita can Match Wii U

SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has indicated that his company is interested in Nintendo’s recently announced Wii U

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fluffydelusions2742d ago

Can't wait to see what they come up with.

proudly_X2742d ago

it would definitely be massive

darthv722742d ago

let nintendo do their own thing. Sony should continue to focus on 3d gaming and do something original with their tech instead of matching the other guy.

blackbeld2742d ago

Agree with darthv.

Let Nintendo do their thing.

Sony should stay focus on 3D gaming and more power to graphics. Ultra HD for the PS4 will be nice.

And please let us finally have that crazy cross game chat.

pain777pas2742d ago

Whoa... lets not get carried away here. Wii U has not sold me just yet. Blue tooth and Wifi are on the Vita so replicating a streamed experience is possible as the PSP could play PS3 games this gen like Lair and Bionic Commando. I need to see how useful this setup really is besides playing the game in bed. instead of on the TV.

Parapraxis2742d ago

You can't use the Wii U in bed, it has to be in the same room as the Wii.

pain777pas2742d ago

Exactly I have all my consoles in my room.

fear882742d ago

Honestly the most hilarious idea about this is that most people who are cheering Nintendo for being first to launch to market this console don't realize that the WiiU console is on par and marginally superior to the PS3 which has been in the market for 5 years and yet the PS Vita will be launched before the Wii U launches and would most likely have the same tech implemented at Vitas launch before the Wii U.

callahan092742d ago

I believe that. And the Vita looks like it would be a better controller than the Wii U controller. That new Wii U controller looks too big and cumbersome, but I haven't felt it yet so I dunno, really, but just judging it by appearances, it just seems unwieldy. I'll judge for myself when I inevitably buy one 18 months from now.

callahan092742d ago

Nobody agrees with me? What do you disagree with, that the PS3 + Vita can do mostly all of the same things, or that the controller for the Wii U looks disarmingly large?

nikola9872742d ago

Every WiiU console will have this tablet, and only some of PS3 users will have Vita. So it will never be the same because Sony wouldn't develop game that makes good use of that only for small portion of gamers.

BTW, I don't like this tablet also, it is to ugly.

Just_The_Truth2742d ago

not every ps3 owner has Move but it's optional. I think they'd do the same here. Also i read that the wiiU will have standrad controllers as well so everyone may not even get the screen one but we have to see.

Delive2742d ago

It's completely possible. Think of it this way. If Sony dropped the PS3 price to $199 USD and the Vita is $249, you could bundle them together for $450. That is my guess where the Wii U will release, or at least $399. That would do it there. I get a console and a handheld that can do "most" of that that Wii U does and I can take the Vita with me when I leave.

iforgotmylogin2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Add in move controllers and all that other stuff
the price jumps. is the ps move ,psv and ps3 guaranteed to work with each other? and if they do its for 1 game vs a whole lineup on the wiiu by default. no dev is gonna risk making a game like that for such a small demographic.

lookin at 600 out the box vs 299 or 349 Nintendo price.

to me you have wiiu with the nice pad thats meant for the system not something you walk outside with whats the point of that.

wiiu currently works with the wiiu controller and 4 wii motes and all the wii accessories.
games Taylor made to the wiiu ...

Delive2741d ago

That could go either way. I could add accessories to the Wii U bundle to increase it's price. Not necessary. PS3 with a Vita bundle is all that is necessary. All games for the Wii U will be designed for the controller, but that does not guarentee it will work great or be good (See the Wii). With the PS3 and Vita, You know the quality of what your getting. You have games that you can play at home and continue while your away by transfering saved data to the Vita. A benefit that someone who travels would appreciate. The Wii U keeps you grounded to being with the console. I like how you can play the games on the controller if the TV is not available, but this will not work for all games. The gold video showed the controller showing the lie of the ball. Can't do that and play on the screen at the same time. I'm not sure the Wii U is the right direction to go in. It may have been better to market the controller as an add on than as the new console. I see more future in a PS3/Vita combo than the Wii U. Existing library, software quality, portability, new IP's, I'm putting my bet on the Vita. Based off of what has been revealed, the Wii U console is pretty powerful. That will not be cheap. The Wii cost $199 until recent price drops, so the Wii U is goung to cost more than that with the console alone. Add that controller and I doubt it will come out less than $399.

monkeys2742d ago

everyone who has used wii u controller says it feel good in the hand. Nintendo is not going to put out a controller that does not feel good.

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MinusTheBear2742d ago

I've always liked the competition between Sony and Nintendo. They are mostly amicable and both deliver a wide variety of experiences on their consoles.

Godmars2902742d ago

What are you talking about? At best the two companies aren't on speaking terms because of what happened between them that created the PS1, and Nintendo hasn't really been in a good rival position since then until now. The N64 and Gamecube were not consoles which went in similar directions to the PS1 and PS2.

The WiiU pretty much signifies Nintendo trying to go head to head against both Sony and MS.

thesummerofgeorge2742d ago

"The WiiU pretty much signifies Nintendo trying to go head to head against both Sony and MS."

I disagree, maybe if they had've come out with the WiiU this gen they would be going up against Sony and MS, but the WiiU is a next gen console and will be up against the PS4 and Nextbox, which we can assume will both be much more powerful. Also after seeing that the WiiU is like a giant DS, it's clear they're still a casual gamers company... Of coarse the WiiU is going to seem more powerful compared to current gen consoles, just like if you compared the current Wii with a PS2... One is a generation ahead of the other.

Why would they try to go hardcore, when they've been incredibly successful in the casual market?

Godmars2902742d ago

Thing is by the time the PS4 and Nextbox are out, the WiiU will likely be well entrenched into the general consumer market. With Nintendo ready with price drops and possibly a good amount of 3rd party support which by then will be honestly adjusted to current gen game making.

By that I mean if "next gen" consoles repeat the early errors which happened, short buggy games and overly complex game engines, the WiiU will still have a later gen grace period of programming familiarity and experience. If not that bit more of power over the 360 and PS3.

In other words, while the PS4 and Nextbox will be seeing games like Haze ant the first Earth Defense Force, 3rd party devs will being making GOW2 level games on the WiiU.

Thought they still have to deal with that stupid joystick pad...

geniusgamerdoc2742d ago

Sony and Nintendo are the Old heavy hitters and innovators while 360 is always behind easy multiplatform money..Kinect being an exception though

maniacmayhem2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Lol, it kills me how wrong you are.

Super double did that happen???

maniacmayhem2742d ago

Lol, it kills me how wrong you are.

Each company has brought something to the table some more than others no doubt.

qwertyz2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

nintendo is the ONLY innovator sony just copys them look at move and the wii mote and now this.

Klaykid1232742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I'm pretty sure Move was being developed around the Wii coming out and I'm also pretty sure the PSP2 (Vita) was made before the Wii U was announced.

NESpower2742d ago

I seriously doubt that. Also, it's pretty expensive anyway to have to spend over $450 to get something half baked.

klado2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

What is that, is half backed hence you my kind sir?

Have you seen Ruin yet?, it is simply doing what Wii U is trying to but solidly UuU, what doesn't give you the thought of ps3 being any cheaper when Wii U launch comes next year or dicember?

Thinking narrow aren't we? I already have a ps3, how about you? guess no.

Edit> yeah guys, see how sony is taking the most out of nintendo bad moves

Seem like vita WILL not be region locked mate, simply, we have a winner.

mamotte2742d ago

In case you didn't notice, you have to buy a PS3 AND a vita to do what the WiiU does. And, seeing what Sony show us about Vita, you'll have to buy the game twice. And that's the fail of it: You have PS3, or you have Vita. Even if you buy both consoles, will you buy the same game for both consoles? Me neither.

So, technically speaking, it's not as cheap as you want to see.

sporteous1212122742d ago


Maybe to play mobile games the Vita would need another game card but it wouldn't be needed to be used as a tablet controller for the PS3.

Furthermore, Reggie was talking about how the cost of the WiiU would be justified by the type of experience the user will have. Would the PS3.PSV experience not be worth the same if not more than the WiiU? Would that not justify a higher cost if you got a better experience?

thesummerofgeorge2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

"What is that, is half backed hence you my kind sir? "

That was totally incoherent. Don't people even read over their comments before posting?

NESpower2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Remote play with psp is very laggy and only sounds good in theory. Nobody can tell me otherwise as I own a PS3 and PSP...I just keep it real on N4g...sorry. And I wasn't impressed by Ruin either.

klado2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Something tells all the contrary about you having a ps3 mate, which i doubt through my deeper thoughts, sry UuU.

Nintendo fanboy trying to downplay a console that is doing what their company is trying to but heftier? hurt your fan pride doesnt it?

The time Wii U launch, ps3 wont be 300 anymore, mark it.

Psp, ps3 remote's play didn't take place hence psp not being able to work properly cus of its capabilities, ps3 had to do all the processor power but vita won't need to rely on that.

Keeping it real isn't obviously enough, try keeping it concupiscent, will do you good, peace.

TripleAAARating2742d ago

LOL Owned!

I agree klado