What analysts think of Wii U

Eurogamer: "Opinions of the games industry's top analysts appear to be divided when it comes to Nintendo's latest hardware offering, Wii U."

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2743d ago
D2K2743d ago

The Wii is not an (or) it's an (and). There was no reason not to have a Wii and a 360 or a Wii and a PS3 until recently with Sony and Microsoft bringing in motion-controls BECAUSE of the Wii. Clearly motion-controls have not 'lost their novelty'.

5119ent2743d ago

its kinda cool.....but we dont know enough

Pixel_Enemy2743d ago

From what I have seen, I bet the PSVita can do the same things when connected to the PS3. The best part is how Sony's PSvita can also go with you where the new Nintendo Wii U controller can't be too far from the console itself.

This is a huge difference that makes PS3/PSV more appealing to me

fei-hung2743d ago

The only thing which makes the Wii U stand out is the tablet. Problem is we do not know enough about it and who is going to be willing to spend £400 on a new console when a year or so later it may be outdated due to a ps4 and Xbox720?

What worries me is the cost of the tablet controller along with the rumour that the Wii U may only support ONE tablet per device.

Will the Wii U play BR films? If not, does that mean consumers will have to have a seperate BR player to watch HD films on?

There are too many questions floating around at the moment with not enough answers. The Wii U comes across as a mixed bag of things from Nintendo with no focus on anything. It is almost like they created a cool new device not knowing what can and cannot be done hoping the devs would figure it all out.

kramun2743d ago

'Problem is we do not know enough about it'

And then you say...

'who is going to be willing to spend £400 on a new console'

Where does the £400 come from, we don't know enough about it?

Aside from that it didn't stop people buying 360s even though Sony and Nintendo didn't release their consoles until a year later, and one of them went on to completely destroy the others in sales with far weaker hardware.

Also, while I have a ps3 capable of playing blu-rays I rarely buy them. Obviously Blu-ray isn't that significant to others either because dvds far outsell them.

Nintendo obviously aren't ready to reveal everything, so I'll wait until the console is actually on the shelves before I make any comments about how successful it is. Until then no one knows what it's going to be like.

TenkoTAiLS2742d ago

That's the problem isn't it. People jumping to their own conclusions. They stay quiet about the stats so it's automatically bad. They get asked if it can compare to the current consoles and they simply say yes, do automatically it's only on par with the others. The Vita can link with PS3 so it's not innovative even tho people at E3 saw cross platform interaction with games like that "ninja star" demonstration with Vita doesn't look like it has been made to do since it isn't made to be a controller. I just don't get all the hate when we know next to nothing about it, why make up stories?

VampiricDragon2743d ago

let them moan. It happens every time nintendo puts anything out.

Then nintendo burns them good

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