Halo 4 details leaked?

Details have started to leak out of about 343 Industries' upcoming shooter, Halo 4.

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GamerPops2685d ago

Why would someone at Bungie be leaking comprehensive details of a game they are not working on?

RahatR2685d ago

The source said it was from bungie forums but I think the wording makes it seem like an employee from bungiee.

JamestheScruffy2685d ago

Yes, this is what happened...wording got a little confusing there


leaked or not we all know halo 4 will b announced sooner or later...Just like COD,GTA,MARIO...e.t.c games like this will always have a sequel.

limewax2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

It got announced 3 days ago,

Edit - Well 2-3 days ago, See thats what watching E3 does to your body clock if you live in Uk

NoobJobz2685d ago

Are you being serious right now? I can't tell.

Parasyte2685d ago


Yes, he is being serious. Microsoft ended their press conference with at teaser trailer for Halo 4. It's coming out Winter 2012.

ASSASSYN 36o2685d ago

Nothing gets by you blackboijones.

BlackKnight2685d ago

LOL just confirms how much of a PS3 fanboy you are jones.

Next you are going to tell me that in Killzone you fight the Helghast and in Halo you fight "big ass monsters" HHG-style.

Fanboys man...

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DankJemo2685d ago

Oh man, this is great. I am actually excited about Halo 4, unlike Reach... Sometimes I feel like I was the only person that just wishes Reach was never made. The new planet sounds amazing too! It's got a hard outer shell, with a soft chocolatey center.

The Meerkat2685d ago

Its a shield world.
Just like Onyx.

And no you're not the only one.
Reach the book should have been made. The Reach that was made was a shadow of what it could have been.

dragonelite2685d ago

Did you read first strike they just had to follow that. Jetpacking through space. Space station part could be campaign version of firefight holding off covenant while the other spartan is trying to destroy or charge the position chip/krystal thingy.

Hozi892685d ago

You are not alone. I however wish they never made ODST as well.

gameseveryday2685d ago

"Halo 4 will expand the series trademark arsenal of weapons and vehicles beyond any other title so far. "

Interesting. I mean these sections are already okay in the series. Why fix something that is not broken?

DankJemo2685d ago

It almost sounds like we are seeing a whole new race of aliens, so it could be that they simply have different weapons technology. I also do think that the Halo franchise needs a bit of a facelift. I thought Halo Reach was really stale and it may be just because we already knew what happens with Reach, it's like watching the Star Wars prequels, it wasn't that exciting because we knew what was going to happen.

I do hope they don't get rid of all the weapons, especially the human weapons. A lot of those were my favorite weapons in the Halo series.

dragonelite2685d ago

big changes are forerunners are the new enemies or the precursor i should buy halo:cryptum novel.

MinusTheBear2685d ago

Sounds like Elder Scrolls with Guns.

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