Wii U: Cost of the Controller writes, "We take a closer look at the Wii U's controller, and examine how the controller could factor into the system's cost or how expensive it could be if they sell it separately. Check out the article after the break!"

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NamelessTed2748d ago

The Wii U controller won't have a cost as Nintendo has said that they won't be selling the controller separate from the entire system. The Wii U currently only supports the ability to use a single Wii U Controller but can use up to 4 Wii Remotes.

Emilio_Estevez2748d ago

Well what if you need a replacement? They will have to sell them seperately.

Merivigian2747d ago

Recently these guys in Japan discovered a thing called a Warranty, so I think we might be good.

darthv722748d ago

they really want to establish the use/need for it by having it part of the full deal to begin with. The demand will increase for additional units and so they will then sell them.

I can see this good for card games against other local players. Like texas hold-em. The big screen shows the cards on the table as they get laid down. You have your hold cards on your screen so the other guy next to you cant see them.

I know nintendo has been behind on the online aspect but there is room for local multiplayer in sports games with the wii-u in each persons hand as well.

As for the durability...yeah you just have to take care of your stuff. My kids get the wii-motes and I get this one. Save the best for daddy!

Merivigian2747d ago

Also I think they don't want consumers buying the new console and an extra screened controller, only to be unable to use it.

zeal0us2748d ago

"The Wii U controller won't have a cost as Nintendo has said that they won't be selling the controller separate from the entire system."

Nintendo say this now but most likely their story will end up changing. Some ppl/families don't care if it supports up to 4wii remotes, what they care about is getting one for each person that using the WiiU.

NamelessTed2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Yeah, but from the sound of it the Wii U will only be able to communicate with a single tablet controller at a time. There might be a way for them to get 2 of them going but it sounds like they are limiting it to one because of technical reasons. I don't know that there would be any reason to have more than one controller if the console can't communicate with more than one at a time.

TXIDarkAvenger2748d ago

Woah wait a second. If the Wii U only supports 1 Wii U controller but can use up to 4 Wii remotes, does that mean they are going to use the same controller from last gen?

MrAwesome2747d ago

Yeah, they are going to use the Wiimote this gen again, the question is: how often? However they are also gona use the classic controller, let's hope that's the most used controller for mp games...

Lyle912747d ago

Oh no! Kind of like Sony does every gen? I really doubt it's a bad thing. Using the Wii-mote just mean that more casuals will have an easier time getting used to the hardcore games.

TXIDarkAvenger2747d ago

Ah very good point. Never thought about Sony using the same controllers every gen lol.

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pcz2748d ago

i cant imagine nintendo making it so expensive it doesnt make sense.

they obviously designed it with its price in mind.

MinusTheBear2748d ago

It will be 150$ if sold separately.

theonlylolking2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

The 3ds costs $100 to make. So unless nintendo wants to overprice this controller like the 3ds then it will cost $150.

Do not believe me? Check these links out

So this controller will easily not cost as much as a 3ds to make so why would you expect it to be sold $150?

I could not put a lot of links because it kept saying "The comment looks like spam."

The lack of knowledge of how cheap tech really costs to make is why they think it must cost a lot to make. Also lack of tech knowledge does not make you a fanboy.

swishersweets200312748d ago

I hope whatever parent buys their kid this system makes them treat that controller like royalty. No way would i want to buy a 100$ or more replacement.

Relientk772748d ago

It's got to be expensive

Between $50-100 probably

LoaMcLoa2748d ago

100 sounds more reasonible. $50 is way too cheap, even a Dualshock 3 controller is around that price

Relientk772748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I agree 50 is too cheap I said it cuz its more expensive then the Wiimote and cuz they said it lol. Based on what it could do, it has to be probably $100 it seems like it should be even more than that, but they can't make it too much either. It seems like ur getting your moneys worth based on what I have seen.

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