Silent Hill: Downpour detailed alongside the Silent Hill HD Collection and Book of Memories

The Silent Hill series remains one of the most fascinating and entertaining stories in video game history, and the three new titles celebrate the past, present and future of the franchise.

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Wolfie2660d ago

so HD Collection is PS3 exclusive? yes or no?

MoDyDo2660d ago


I can't wait this is a must buy for me XD


What difference does it make?

Seriously, old games people, it's not like if they will get compromised any more over porting or whatever.

Mr Tretton2660d ago

uh, it makes a difference if someone has a platform preference or only owns a certain platform.

Seriously, how do I only have 2 bubbles when I make sense at a pretty good success rate. Come on now, give Mr.T some love. (must be the name)

MasterCornholio2660d ago

For some strange reason i want to play all the collections on the Vita. Dont ask me why because i dont know i just do.