Forza 4 takes EA's Autolog to a 'whole new level'

Social features in games are becoming increasingly important to publishers and developers, so it's no real surprise to see a suite of new social options available in Forza 4 - known in the game as Rivals mode.

But does Turn 10 Studios take any inspiration from Autolog, the social tracking feature currently embedded into the Need for Speed racing series? "It certainly builds on a lot of those things," says Wendl, "but I think with some of the additions like the bounty, and some of the other features around car clubs and how they interact, I think it's kind of taking it to a whole new level."

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dangert2747d ago

Honestly now i loved forza 3 but whats got me is...the great gameplay they showed at E3 for forza 4 it was amazing!...oh wait ok...i don't trust them this time around

2747d ago
fei-hung2747d ago

Forza is unbeatable in one aspect - customisation. there is no other racing game on a console I know of which does it as well as Forza series.

What I am really looking forward to is racing simulator which has GT physics, graphics, gameplay content, damage model (dynamic) with Forza's deep customisation feature. This game will rule above all. Now lets just pray either Turn 10 or Polyphony make it happen!

fei-hung2747d ago

dude, cartoony arcade kart racing is not the same as racing simulator.

F4sterTh4nFTL2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Turn 10 has a better chance but the consoles are limiting Forza's true potential, Forza can be bigger than World of Warcraft if it becomes a PC MMO Racing Game as there are literally Billions of car fans around the world with computers but no Xbox 360s. The PC piracy issue will also be resolved if they go for the subscription model.

gapecanpie2747d ago

GT damage models sucks and they are not dynamic... you can hit a wall and then bounce off of it and like 3 second later you see damage lol....

lochdoun2747d ago

I'd like to see the menus. The menus in Forza 3 were very clean and slick and fun to use.

iamgoatman2747d ago

They were a definite improvement over Forza 2's menus that's for sure, although they did lag a bit if the game wasn't installed to the HDD.

Series_IIa2747d ago

Just want better loading times.