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Emilio_Estevez2742d ago

Awesome, I missed this demo when it was live.

Inside_out2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

What a great franchise. I hope they stay away from the whole special powers thing and keep it straight and make it about the weapons and story. One of my favorite demo's of not only this E3 but all of them.

What's sad and great at the same time is this game is a very mature title ( GREAT!!!) and therefore will be ignored ( SAD ) by most media because of it's adult content while games that resemble romance novels will be called the greatest ever.

@fem...I really enjoyed Far Cry 2. Looking for diamonds, exploring and finding friends and hidden items like the glider and atv was great fun for me without the whole supernatural each their own I guess. I still play it from time to time. This looks like it will be the best of both long as it stays open world and gives the player the chance to choose what path to follow. I don't need another scripted story force feed to me.

femshep2742d ago

but the special powers are what made the farcry games....they need to stay away from everything made was put into farcry 2 cause that game was horrid....bring it to predator and happy they announced this so many memories of makeing maps on instinct/ predator so much time put into them days even

Raf1k12742d ago

It wasn't special powers that made FarCry. It was the huge open world which was amazing to look at. The special powers thing came in when FarCry games were made for consoles.

TheXonySbox2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

what a noob!

dude you know in farcry 1 you had no special powers right? You used guns to kill mutants and humans. Farcry was very open and huge compared to the pathway level-design of consoles and memory limitations PS2/Xbox, it was AMAZING difference in how your mind was free to do anything to tackle a problem, not being forced to do it one way.

Farcry became shit when it came to consoles; similar to BF. Console kiddies dont know shit about a franchise that was better and still is better on PC.

Dont know shit son, no wonder all these great once PC titles are getting ruined; they listen to people like you ^^.

Farcry 2 isnt even good either vesus where they once stood during farcry 1; pos console ports are backsteps, thank god for dice making a real pc game for once.... BF3, they understand that we want back our quality PC games.

Raptor2742d ago

Looks really lame to me

Maybe I'm just disillusioned with shooters lately, but the only thing I could think about was how many times he should have died in that demo

Also when he jumped on the guard, knifed a guy and then threw that knife into another guard's belly and instantly kills him...

I just think NOPE

Hozi892742d ago

is this coming this year?

BeastlyRig2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Reminds me why I got into pc! Loved the first farcry!

This is more like crysis even more than crysis 2!

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