Battlefield 3 Jets To Only Be In Conquest

Battlefield 3 Jets To Only Be In Conquest

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Convas2748d ago

Will be VERY interesting to see how this is pulled off in the Open Beta in September. Very excited about it!

callmedom942748d ago

BETA will most likely only have 1 game mode.. But this is interesting news, and is completely understandable and makes total sense. Looks like im gonna be playing conquest a lot more often now!

lil Titan2748d ago

i just hope its balanced its nearly impossible to take a heli down in conquest now

arjman2748d ago

^This, AA guns & machine gun turrets are the only useful way to take down choppers but I always get blown up by the pilot straight away.

Any skilled pilot can avoid pretty much all the AA guns and machine guns and wreak havoc so I can't imagine what they'd do with jets...

Terarmzar2748d ago

Well im glad i know someone else feels the same about helicopters in Bad company 2. Someone skilled enough with a helicopter in battlefield can almost be an automatic win in conquest mode.

Saryk2748d ago

Mobile AA is needed not stationary!

CaptCalvin2748d ago

In conquest mode all you need to do to maintain air superiority is secure the outpost with the VADS AA gun on maps that have it. That thing brings down helicopters in less than 2 seconds. That's why you need some coordination between ground troops and CAS.

ethan2748d ago

I believe Mobile AA vehicles are already confirmed. Or at least they had it on a confirmed vehicle list on some website, not sure if it was completely accurate though. It would make sense to have it though.

darksied2748d ago

@lil Titan

I agree, it's tough taking those guys out, and there's never an engineer who knows what he's doing. I think that they need to make it so that more than 1 spec can attack the heli's and jets. They can give them more armor and HP, but they have to let regular bullets hurt them, like in BC2: Vietnam.

lil Titan2748d ago

@CaptCalvin what we need in BF3 is some sort of communication between the support. and maybe more than just people in a squad because it sucks i have to keep taking my friends tags just because im with 3 already lol

acquanemesisX2748d ago

jets are more air fighters than ground attackers unless they have total air superiority. They can limit helicopters which could make sense having them in conquest. Im afraid they will overpower helis or attack ground troops too much though

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STONEY42748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Well, conquest is the de facto Battlefield game type (other than Bad Company, which was gold rush), so I don't see the problem here. It'll probably be the most played game type in BF3.

evrfighter2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


Why the heck would there be tdm in battlefield?

SirBillyBones2748d ago

There is actually TDM in battlefield 3.

captain-obvious2748d ago

there is team death match in BF3

SirBillyBones2748d ago

TDM is focused on soldier combat. Conquest is the main game mode for vehicles.

MostJadedGamer2748d ago

Looks like I will be playing mainly TDM then. I don't like vehicles.

fatalis952748d ago

will the jets be on console versions?

Jezuz2748d ago

Yes and there'll be a larger airspace in the console version of BF3 to compensate for the smaller maps.

Pandamobile2748d ago

No, the airspace will be as large as it is on the PC version, but the actual area in which the ground troops can fight is much smaller.

DeadIIIRed2748d ago

As much as it pains me, not likely unless they bump the player count up

limewax2748d ago

Actually one of the devs was questioned about it at E3, he said jets on consoles and pc

DeadIIIRed2748d ago

Well that's good news, hopefully that means they found a way to increase the player count too

CaptCalvin2748d ago

no it just means the infantry area is restricted while aircraft gets more access.

frostypants2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Here's my problem with having jets on the console (or even 12v12 games on the PC): with only 12 players on your team, lets say for a given map a team has at least 2 planes (typical for BF games), an attack helicopter, and a transport helicopter for your team.

You've then potentially got 2 fighter pilots, 2 chopper pilots, 1 attack chopper gunner, and 2 transport gunners. That means 7 of the 12 people on your team could be screwing around up in the air, leaving only 5 to do the grunt-work on the ground. The problem is aircraft are supposed to be a support role, not the main focus of the battle, but this potentially moves the majority of the combatants to the sky.

We've had aircraft in console BF games with few problems up until now, but we've never had this MANY aircraft on the console BF games. BFBC2 has choppers, but no planes. BF1943 has planes, but obviously no choppers. So in BF3, unless they limit the number of choppers on any 12v12 maps that have jets, I'm kind of concerned. I've heard others voice this same concern as well.

BlackKnight2748d ago

I doubt that many vehicles will be available when 12v12. 1 Jet, 2 heli (1 attack, 1 blackhawk) and an assortment of tanks, hummers, and atvs.

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overlorduk2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

This is bad news to me as I'm not interested in multiplayer. Still gonna be a great game I guess. Just hope they are not hiding more bad news :)

TheGameFoxJTV2748d ago

Lol, they'll still be in the SP. This is saying that they'll only be in one Multiplayer mode.

SirBillyBones2748d ago

Lol what a stupid comment. Everything that's in multiplayer will be in single player! XD

overlorduk2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

But will the jets be flyable by the player in single player? I doubt BF3 will have huge Arma2 size levels in single player, and even in that game they had to slow the jets down a lot.

BlackKnight2748d ago

Yes, they will be controlled by the player, the SP levels where you fly a jet will have to be huge. They will probably not allow you to get out on foot though until you are supposed to. No bailing out of your jet when the mission is to take out other jets. Unless you can get to some AA vehicles....

frostypants2748d ago

The BF series is all about multiplayer. Single player mode is just icing on the cake. BF1942, BF2142, BF2, and BF1943 didn't even offer single player campaigns.

TheGameFoxJTV2748d ago

Well, they did but it was kinda like Brink. MP modes with bots.

BeastlyRig2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

As exciting as jets and planes are I already know I will be more of a spotter! I love to blow up tanks or heal teammates!

I love being the backbone of the fight & let the others get the most kills no problem for me!

I'll get the most important kills like blowing up tanks, choppers & maybe jets!

Team effort ftw!!

Edit: But sometimes I just feel like killing it's in my gamer blood I guess.

DavidMacDougall2748d ago

I just wanna kill the engine in a jeep with a 50cal sniper rifle without blowing it up.

PRHB HYBRiiD2748d ago

u can do that??? blowing up tires would be epic too o.o

DavidMacDougall2748d ago

They said you can "immobilize vehicles without blowing them up" but i'm guessing at this point.

CaptCalvin2748d ago

I saw in the tank gameplay where a tank gets smoked and the crew just crawled out. I thought it looked scripted, but maybe it's hinting at the immobilize thing?

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