Gatling Gears Review (GPT)

GPT: "2010's Greed Corp was a title not easily forgotten. Not due to innovative gameplay or beautiful graphics, but because it was beyond disappointing. While loaded with unique ideology and new gameplay twists to the puzzle and RTS genres, it simply didn't work. So when I heard that a dual-analog shooter was being made featuring the same universe as Greed Corp, I was a little concerned. Seven hours later, it seemed most of my predictions were true."

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vgn242745d ago

Go figure, another mediocre dual analog shooter..

jonlynch2745d ago

It had potential, but so many games with potential fall flat. Just another in the long line.

BeaRye2745d ago

Be lying if I said I was surprised. Their last game sucked too.

kennykramer2745d ago

Is this better than Aqua? That's on sale...

vgchica2745d ago

BS! I picked this one up. Reviewer probably just sucked and got his/her *** handed to them in game.