Diehard GameFAN: Ten Thoughts on… Catherine

DHGF: Catherine, at first glance, looks like another weird game from our friends at Atlus, but it’s more than a game that trades on its visuals and odd artistic style. With an art style that evokes memories of Atlus mainstay franchise Shin Megami Tensei, the game has a distinctly supernatural air to it, and that’s pretty appropriate given the bizarre subject matter. Figuring out what Catherine is supposed to be is another matter altogether, however. It is one part puzzle game and one part dating simulator (of sorts), so the game doesn’t really fit into any sort neatly understandable niche, and to say I’ve been exceptionally curious about the game since its announcement would be an understatement. Atlus USA is taking a pretty big risk bringing the game stateside, and a bigger one plastering the game all over the E3 advertising materials as they are, so when given a chance to really play around with the game at their booth this year, I jumped at the chance.

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TheColbertinator2746d ago

No other game like Catherine in the market.I'm very anxious to try it out and see what the Persona team is working on.

fossilfern2745d ago

I agree but unfortunately I doubt people will buy it and appreciate it :(

Son_Lee2745d ago

They're getting $80 from me, so that will help.

Focker4202746d ago

Agreed, I love bizarre and out of the ordinary games...