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Achieve security and justice is not difficult, but not easy too!! The pollution of our crimes, murder and rape since time immemorial!! The proof is the city of Los Angeles, which suffered a lot of violence in the forties ... Has seen the Los Angeles murders many and spread the violence and bloodshed, but must stop all this and solve safety and security the town and all this needs to be someone pure he has self-confidence to spread justice and security and, indeed, appears to man all his goal to spread security and safety city of angels this is the man You!! Yes you who will, however, that intervention into the world of investigations game LA Noire, and begin to resolve the issues and the arrest of the killers and criminals, and the questioning of witnesses, so if you want to be an investigator is excellent and end the game the highest score and you get upgrades from superiors Fattaba us a complete solution and the photographer for each case through Network Games gold

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