Duke Nukem Forever Street Date Broken

Well it seems that retailers have no ope in keeping a street date to the certain date as a gamer has managed to get a copy of the Limited Edition of Duke Nukem Forever in South Australia before it is released.

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TheROsingleB2745d ago

Is this news? Pretty much every street date ever gets broken...

joffa812745d ago

yea i have to agree !!!

im sat here with my standard copy and free duke talking keyring that was delivered today from Shopto !!!

CoD5112745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

EB Games all over Australia has broken the street date if their twitter is anything to judge by. Games of course sometimes arrive a day early in the post :P Not really news.

cdland2745d ago

Ok nice... So I'm in North America... Canada. And how is the game in the rest of the world... we have to wait until TUESDAY... That is the standard release day around here...

Ok so how is the game??? I want to know if it is fun and lots of levels, chapters or what ever the progression of the game is called. Have fun CC :-)

axerated2745d ago

I'm about two hours in, gotta say it's fun as hell! I was worried after playing the demo but Ive put my fears to rest cos it's exactly how I wanted it to be!

Toman852745d ago

I got Duke Nukem Balls Of Steel Edition today aswell :P

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