Sony's Kaz Hirai calls for worldwide coordinated action against hackers

Sony deputy president says cyber attacks are an attack on the fabric of society

Sony deputy president Kaz Hirai has called for joint worldwide effort to counter growing cyber attacks.

In an interview for the Guardian, Hirai said that in today's world all companies and organisations in the Web world are victims of cyber attacks, regardless of design, security and software architecture.

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Uncharted3Goty2748d ago

there not only attacking sony there attacking everyone its the world against hackers.

movements2748d ago

I would leave that talk behind if I were Sony.

Uncharted3Goty2748d ago

why should they hes right its not only about sony think about it many companies have been hacked by hackers Nintendo amazon apple these isnt only about them hes talking about the everyone.

Baka-akaB2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

why should Sony shut up about it ? arent they constantly attacked weither they talk or not ? then there you go

Menech2748d ago Show
Oxymoron0282748d ago


Really? It doesn't suggest anywhere in the article that they are blaming Anonymous, in fact they said they don't know who was behind the hack...

zag2748d ago


Yeah because Anonymous isn't a hacking group, that DDoS sony servers or leave files with their name and stuff in them like "we were here"

Are you always this bright?

They would grab all your details and sell it off to the ID thieves at the first chance they get.

B-radical2748d ago

You are the most annoyingest person on this site.

NateCole2748d ago

Citi Bank is the latest victim. The issue needs to be addressed so no movements.

The issue must be brought under control as leaving these hackers to do whatever they want can be devastating to society as a whole especially now that we depend on the digital age alot. Its too risky to leave it to chance. If someone screws up and mess up for example the financial systems it can cause another global financial crysis.

For those that are stating freedom of speech. The hackers are doing more harm to the freedom of the internet than anyone can possibly imagine.

Commander_TK2748d ago

All hackers = / = criminals...

Ah, the stupidity in the world today...

Christopher2748d ago

@Commander_TK: Read the article. He didn't say hackers. What he said was

"Hirai said in the interview that cyber attacks were threats to the fabric of society and needed a counter coordinated worldwide action, including legislation."

He specifically calls out cyber attacks and says nothing about hackers. It's just poor journalism at work, using flamebait titles to sell an article.

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nycrekid2748d ago

Jesus everfigter you really are a Sony hater. What is your problem they kill your dog raped your wife or something. Why so mad all the time? Do you not like gaming?

I had three accounts with Sony and have yet to have any spam or fraudulent activity happen to me. Every company gets hacked and if you can't see that cyber crimes are a problem not limited to Sony and gaming then you are seriously letting you hate blind your judgement.

chaos-lockheart2748d ago

If everyone just give up because they get bullied they will always be bullied, do people just give up war because they have disadvantages, they fight for what they believe in, and try to make things better. People wouldn't be living their lives if it wasn't for people fighting the fight. This is war.

evrfighter12746d ago

"What is your problem they kill your dog raped your wife or something. Why so mad all the time? Do you not like gaming? "

a little of both

why you interested? want to donate to my cause? I'll pm you my paypal donate button if so.

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plmkoh2748d ago


Sorry but the Financial Times say's otherwise

Pintheshadows2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

He tries some shitty vid from the Escapist. You counter with the FT. Have a bubble.

Awwww poor baby mad. Your comment made me laugh and i'd already seen the video. I trust the FT more. So would you if you were not 7.

PS I've been called far worse by much better people than you.

Menech2748d ago Show
Eamon2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

You trust the Financial Times more? I doubt you even read that newspaper regularly.

And you didn't read the article, did you? Where does it say Anonymous did it? It just has alleged members claiming it could be by people related. No solid proof but pure speculation.

And in that video Menach listed, it clearly explains that it could have been Anonymous but due to their leaderless nature it could be dissidents or people with different ideals who did the attack while the majority are against it.

lol, kids these days.

Pintheshadows2748d ago

I could explain that Eamon that your 2 paragraphs contradict each other entirely. And I tend to read the FT on a daily basis during train journeys. You don't have a clue mate.

And yes I trust the FT more than the Escapist which also has no proof or concrete evidence to what they say in that retarded video. The FT on the other is A MASSIVE INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPER.

Eamon2748d ago

lol the desperation in your comment kinda tells me you don't really read FT. Stop lying. haha

Using Caps Lock for emphasising points seems to be a trend here at N4G. Don't worry, I don't think I'll miss the phrase "A MASSIVE INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPER" lol. Jeez, the nerd rage levels here are crazy.

Oh yeah, where exactly are the contradictions in my paragraphs? Learn to read, mate.

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snaz272748d ago

why does everyone bitch about hackers? You think they started all this? Lol... Look people, i know you love sony, ms, nintendo etc, but really they do not give a fuck about you! All they care about is your money!... Intellectual property is just ridiculous! It should never have been allowed! Capitalism shouldn't either! Nor should fractional reserve banking! Look that one up btw! It could open some of your eyes to the scam we've all been fed! If you want to aim your anger somewhere, try big business and corporations that are impeding the free flow of information and technology!...

TheDivine2748d ago

LOL what? You lost me at capitalism is evil. Btw you would be pissed if you worked for years on something living off its sales and some punk comes along and steals it or leaks it to the net claiming intellectual property is bs. Maybe to people who dont create anything or just want hand outs.

snaz272748d ago

i don't expect you to understand, capitalism is basically a fraud for a start because it relies on fiat currency! Do you know what fiat currency is? Do you know what money is? Also anyone that's got anywhere has at some point trampled on someone else! Is that a civilised society? Lol... The whole system is corrupt from the bottom to the top! Did you know that the top 1 percent of the population has more money than the bottom 98 percent! Doesn't this tell you something is wrong? Lol

snaz272748d ago

let me give an example of the fraud... Ok you go for a mortgage, they bank offers you the loan, you sign it and off you go house shopping... But wait! Where did the bank get the money to lend to you? Other peoples deposits? Nope! Not allowed... The bank owner then? Pfft yeah ok!... I'll tell you where it comes from... You ready?... Thin air!! When you sign the money is created! You own that money as you created it with your signature! So then, why do you have to pay the bank? What did they stand to lose? Thin air? Lmao! Oh it's ok, nevermind, just go back to sleep!

BigPenguin2748d ago

I suggest no one reply to this guys messages. Don't let him get to you.

nycrekid2748d ago

All of life is a scam if you want to get deep into but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it while you are here!

I like games and Sony provides them so I couldn't care less if all they care about was my money as long as they provide me with service, hardware, and games I will willingly pay them my hard earned cash. It's my choice. No one is forcing you to game and pay for it.

Don't make this bigger than it is and turn it into a debate about the merits of capitalism. Sure Capitalism has it upsides and downsides just like everything else but it is people and their greedy nature that ruins it not the system. We can argue it all week but it wouldn't change anything. If you hate Capitalism so much try living in China or North Korea and see how that works.

Guldevito2748d ago

I hear and understand were your coming from but what if i just wanna play games!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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metsgaming2748d ago

the US government started contemplating that an attack via a hack would warrant a military response.

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Brian52472748d ago

Fight the good fight, Kaz.

Shadow Flare2748d ago

Sony seem to be one of the only companies out there to have the guts to stand up to hackers instead of ignoring them, and I support them for that

r1sh122748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

By stand up do you mean get every other server/ website owned by sony hacked using the same basic hack?

Im all for sony over coming these attacks, but every site of theirs around the world has been getting hit.
They should shut down the entire Sony network (excluding PSN - because its been upgraded) and upgrade all systems.
I think they are on attack 18 now according to sophos.

Another problem is that industry standards were pretty old and had not been revised which is why even though many organisations followed the correct approach they used ideals which were very old.
Many will be revising their systems over the coming months.
The industry standards are partly to blame

@the person who said citigroup must be incompetent because of their hack...
Thats not true, the reason the media and security experts are calling Sony incompetent is the exact same SQL injection is hitting every internet SONY owned property.
They should shut everything down so there isnt access for hackers, whilst they apply similar upgrades to those systems

nycrekid2748d ago


Bro if you did your research your would find out that the entire us federal government infrastructure is antiquated and needs to be updated. They get hack all the time, as well as almost every freaking company. You make it seem like Sony is the only one with weaknesses in their network.

Zir02748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Sony never should have went personal and targeted a single person by bringing them to court.

Companies like Apple, MS, Nintendo all know piracy exists on their systems but instead of attacking the individuals hacking them they just increase their defences to stop it from happening again.

Even though what Sony did was right they should have played it cool, now the hackers won't stop till they are bored which is likely never.

No I'm saying that, if they protected themselves in the first place any attack wouldn't have hurt them.

A good defence is a good offence.

Uncharted3Goty2748d ago

so your saying sony should do nothing and let them attack there network sony did the right thing why shouldnt they. Let hackers win the point is sony did the right thing.

Baka-akaB2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

we all saw that it was bullshit when they attacked companies that got nothing to do with it .

They wanted to hack something , hidden behind some fallacy and found one . They'd always find some excuse sooner or later .

Their initial champion doesnt even truly care and saved his skin via settlement

supremacy2748d ago

Im glad you remember that debacle.

thereapersson2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

There is no defense which hackers cannot break.

You are wrong in your opinion.

Joni-Ice2748d ago

Dude seriously your opinion sounds retarded. If someone killed a family member but got caught and we went to court and push for max punishment. Is it right for other killers to get mad and start killing my family members one by one cause we took a guy to court for murder in the first place? HELL NO! Thats what your statement sounds like.

PirateThom2748d ago

Citibank just admitted they got hacked today and thousands of customers had their data stolen.

Citibank never targeted an individual.

Face it, these hackers don't care about Hotz, this isn't even in the same league.

supremacy2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Now thom does that mean citi is incompetent? Because thats what these hackers were stating about Sony.

I am just being sarcastic, but if this is anything to go by then we have some serious issues here.

Now i don't know what NASA has done to any of these people, but hey maybe we should listen to ziro over here and leave them alone because god knows they are skilled and bored.

PirateThom2748d ago


Child's play.

I think they should just leave these people to go about their business....

Never mind Gary McKinnon...

supremacy2748d ago

But thats the problem here, there are too many irresponsible people in this world.

Which ironically who's actions are obviously supported by few for their own righteous believes.

Its like rage against the machine, only with no real purpose to it all.

And thats just sad to say the least.

jneul2748d ago

ziro oh yeah so it would be ok for hacker to hack xbox360 then ziro, funny thing is you'd be on our side if they was, but seen as they are hacking sony it's ok for you i guess.
finally guess what nothing is hack proof, so until hackers are permanently sorted out, they will continue to be a pain and steal information from as many places as possible

zag2748d ago

How can you have A good defence is a good offence.

when you say Sony should have done nothing?

If your going to break the law by ripping people off or hacking into servers or stealing stuff.

Then you need to be prepared to do some time for it, it's no good doing the crime and then complaining how you got busted and could end up in jail for it.

Anonymous and lulsec etc will end up getting busted because they will have companies paying people to chase them down.

lulsec is now hacking into the fbi websites so they can egg the US into using the army against them.

I don't know about you but I won't be surprised when some hackers start complaining when they have the cops busting their door in and ripping up all their shit.

NateCole2748d ago

If only i can give you negative bubbles.

UltimateIdiot9112748d ago

Companies have been passive about the whole thing for far too long. We are in an age where identity theft occur so often. There are so many sensitive information on each of us floating somewhere on the internet and within these companies. Not only that many economies of the world are tied into the digital world. Our whole financial market could go down in a single moment if hackers got their way all the time.

What good is it to only focus on defense if clearly these hackers are not going away. It's about time companies and possibly even the government to take bigger action. Seriously, who said you can't build a good defense while taking an offense. Also, nothing is stopping a bunch of companies to form a joint operation to pool resource and build a team solely focus on tracing down hackers.

sikbeta2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

If that were you, basically you'll run and hide and never try to counter them, right? that's not a good tactic man...

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LilDeja932748d ago

I hope those hackers get f*cked over.

Its not only Sony that suffered.

Pintheshadows2748d ago

I motion that from now on hackers be known as c*nts. And before anyone argues that all hackers are "not teh same" i'd like to point out that I don't give a f*ck.

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