Sony: PS Move selling "well beyond" expectations

Sony recently revealed that it had shifted 8.8 million units of motion-control peripheral PlayStation Move. And, according to the company’s Andrew House, that’s “well beyond” what had been forecast.

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Zir02693d ago

But isn't 8.8ml more like just 5ml considering the vast majority of Move owners would have purchased two?

5ml unique owners Vs. 12ml unique owners for Kinect is nothing to shout about especially when it was released 2 months before Kinect as well.

mimbly2693d ago

IMO selling a controller is selling a controller regardless if some one buys 1 or 2. the more controllers they sell the better.

malamdra2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

just to clarify something: when they talk about sales numbers for the Move controller, they're only talking about the one with the ball, not the navigation controller

now it's true that some games require two of those for optimal performance but they're not mandatory

so very few people actually have two Move controllers, I would say 10% so the real number should be around 8 million, not half like some people are mentioning further down on this thread

Heartnet2693d ago


Although that true most motion games reccomend a second player in which youll need atleast 2 controllers so 10% is really like 30%

testerg352693d ago

Malambra, where do you get 10% from? I would assume a lot of users have 2.

SilentNegotiator2693d ago

"considering the vast majority of Move owners would have purchased two?"

Are you trolls still peddling this nonsense? These sales are of the PS Move controllers, not the navs. And there are only about TWO games that have the OPTION to use two MOVE controllers.

ArBilly2693d ago

And you have to consider, when Microsoft sells a Kinect unit, they sell one. When Sony sells Move, they sell Move, possibly a navigation unit, another move unit, a charging station, a PS Eye, maybe a Move Sharpshooter or other accessories.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out Sony has actually made far more money on Move then MS has made off Kinect. From a business standpoint - Move has far more potential. From a gamer standpoint, it has certainly proved it can hold it's own. No one is writing articles complaining about Move lag.

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sikbeta2693d ago

Hmmm... interesting, so if apply your reasoning to the x360, a guy who got his first x360 bricked and then went to buy another one, just counts as 1 sale, right?

1 person = 1 Sale

1 person buying the exact same product twice = 2 Sales

SpinalRemains1382693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

The parent company still gets the revenue for the purchase. If we're talking about install base and amount of users who own said device, then buying 2 Moves is still one customer. So it's the same thing.
-I don't like 360 or Kinect but facts are facts, guys.

testerg352693d ago

Yeah, but MS extended the warranty to 3 yrs. So after the 3yrs then I would say yes. Now PS3 fats and older slims are getting YLOD so the same can be said for the Sony.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2693d ago

Not even you can spin this, seriously.

silvacrest2693d ago

even if this was vaguely true where are you getting this 5 mill from?

if its just a guesstimate you shouldn't have bothered

and why are you assuming the vast majority bought two?
even if true, sales are sales, its not like sony gets less from someone buying two, for all you know they are buying two for a friend/brother/sister etc...

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Information Minister2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Yes Zir0, Kinect is the best thing EVAH! And all PS3 owners are veeeeeery jealous of the voice recogn... eeehhhrrrr, I mean Kinect integration in Mass Effect 3. Fist bump!/s

You're trying too hard.

XabiDaChosenOne2693d ago

Couldn't the same argument be made for the amount of 360's some people had to buy?

metsgaming2693d ago

you say that about the move but i bet you wouldnt say that the 50+ million xboxs arent real because of the huge amount of people who had to buy multiples to replace the ones that broke. Or buy a new one because they think there old one will break soon.

moparful992684d ago

Are you suprised by your bubble count? I hope not oh and way to waste your only bubble on such a pointless comment...

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EVO-OM3GA2693d ago

I'm still waiting on serious MOVE only titles before I buy, the same with Kinect right now I dont see a reason to own any of them considering there arent enough games yet

Pintheshadows2693d ago

I'll get a move when Sorcery comes out. It looks cool.

sikbeta2693d ago

Good question, wanted at least a trailer on E3, anyway, Sony, where is my Sorcery + Move Bundle, gimme naow! :P

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