MS: ‘We’ll never leave the core behind’

As evidenced by its E3 showcase, Microsoft is embracing a wider audience. But is it shafting the hardcore? VG247 spoke with Xbox UK boss Stephen McGill about that, Sony, and much more.

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Zir02749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

"Gears of War is massive. Forza is massive. Halo is massive. These franchises outsell PlayStation’s first-party lineup"

I don't think even PS3 fanboys can deny that. The difference between MS's exclusives are that they have MASS appeal similar to how COD has mass appear.

Sony has yet to make a must have franchise for the PS3 that can sell in the high multimillions.

Considering GT has been around for 3 generations its not surprising it has a huge following. But what about new franchise from this gen, does Sony have a new IP which has sold even half of what Gears has?

moegooner88 my point is simply that MS's first party games sell better on average than Sony's.

moegooner882749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

"Sony has yet to make a must have franchise for the PS3 that can sell in the high multimillions."

You mean Gran Turismo.

@ ziro what's ur point both Halo and Forza have been around since the original xbox as well and Uncharted 2 sold around 5 million copies, i am guessing that's more than half of what gears 2 sold( according 2 vgchartz gears 2 sold 6 million)

Why o why2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

No, i thought he meant uncharted. If not leaving your core behind means 4 game ips then ok. You cant enjoy that extra revenue but nintendo and sony fans can sure enjoy more games with a higher variety. Core game announcemts vs kinect/casual is stupidly high in the causual ends favor. You have to ask yourself why people are questioning ms unless its blatentely obvious a high number of 360 owners and factions of the gaming media have an issue

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solidjun52749d ago

"Considering GT has been around for 3 generations its not surprising it has a huge following. But what about new franchise from this gen, does Sony have a new IP which has sold even half of what Gears has?

That doesn't make sense. Halo came out for the original XBOX in case you forgot. Forza also came out on the original XBOX and that doesn't outsell GT series. Gears of War came this generation and I give you that but that's the only one that came out this generation that proves whatever you're making about MS' first party selling more than PS3 first party. And in case you forgot , it's made by a 3rd party...EPIC.

Venatus-Deus2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

A large part of GeoW popularity is the fact it’s a good franchise, but you can’t underestimate the fact it was also lunched on the only next gen console, being the first with the next gen wow factor and with little competition from other next gen franchises.

If the launch dates of the PS3 and Xbox360 were reversed then so to would the sales of Gears and Uncharted.

ZombieAssassin2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

"These franchises outsell PlayStation’s first-party lineup"

Not really if you count every first party game that's been released this gen I don't think so....besides Gears isn't a first party game most people seem to forget that and MS don't even own the IP plus the first was on PC also. I mean both uncharted together is what 9 million easey, both resistances are about 6 million, Lbp 1&2 are 5.5m, inFAMOUS is 1.5m, GT5p and Gt5 is about 12m, Gow3 is 3.8, Warhawk 1m, Killzone 2&3 4m, Socom Confrontation 1m, Demons Souls 1.1m...and since xbox counts Gears even though it's not an MS IP just an exclusive I guess they could count things like MGS4 in with the sales which would be another yea ps3 exclusives have just as many sales and more variety. The mest up thing too is I bet all of them put together didn't even have as much spent on advertising as Halo 3 did.

More on topic though, I don't think 3 franchises counts as taking care of the core especially since it's not a lot of choice and what if you don't like the 3 (I only like Forza and Gears, Halo is way overrated IMO). Not that they couldn't come out sometime soon and announce a whole bunch of new exclusive core Ip's I just don't see them doing that with all the money they've put behind kinect.

GfxPipeline2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Sony's first party games have outsold Microsoft's first party games this gen by a massive amount. It's not even close.

Just a quick look at Sony's first party sales looks like they are in the 35-40 million range while Microsoft's are 16 million range.

Sony first party has had roughly double the sales Microsoft has even with the Xbox 360 releasing a year before this current gen started(and 1.5 years in Europe).

Inside_out2749d ago

What's the debate??? M$ should of been showing a perfect dark zerp demo with the same level of fidelity as the Tomb Raider demo. Where's Blue Dragon and lost Odyssey??? Viva Pinata is an easy fit for Kinect. Mech-assault??? I mean we have been through this a million times. There are hundreds of IP's that M$ owns and they announce nothing.

I have a theory ( New console 2012, windows 8, windows7, Kinect and Skype all included ) about WHY M$ is not saying much but for now, why not put a little pressure on M$ to invest in more IP's. If they can drop 8.5 billion dollars on Skype, a couple hundred million will go a long way in the gaming industry.

malamdra2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I don't know which statement is more stupid and false:

"the core love Kinect" or this one?

GfxPipeline2749d ago

Microsoft only had a deal with Mistwalker for three games. There isn't going be any more stuff from them for the Xbox 360.

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Eu2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

When they say that out sell first party lineup they mean stand alone or alltogher, because if its all togheter...sorry but not really. And they even bring Gears..who isnt exclusive at all with the PC versions wich got pirated to heel and up... And MS is still to beat Sony record of 1st party game sell tru (GT3 A-Spec with 14kk)...and lets not talk about variety and the FACT that those sell well all around the world and not just lots in US and meagger on the rest of the freaking planet....

OT: the focus on the Kinect front is just that IMO...abbandoning the hardcore fools who bough their POS hardware 3-4 times to try and make money before dumping them when the next Xbox come out...just my opinion on the matter, not a fact...yet...

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Uh...but where are the new IPs? So the 360 can survive off of Forza, Halo and Gears? That's it? Nothing new? No 1st party RPG's or action games?

You see, that's why I chose the PS3. It actually has variety. If Microsoft continue to depend on those three franchises, in the future we'll see how long someone has a console when they see Sony coming up with new IPs from left to right.

Just my two cents.

BX812749d ago

It just depends on each gamer. I don't have any games currently for my PS3. I'm just waiting to beat the next uncharted then I'll trade it in for the PSvita. The 360 has a huge variety of games. Just because you don't like them, doesn't mean they're not there. The PS3 has a lot of games as well but GT5 was ok, Metal gear hasn't appealed to me since nintendo and I would much rather crap on little big planet vs. play it, GOW3 was great. I didn't play the others because it just looks like the same crap over and over. You talking about 3 ips but you're forgetting about the kinect. I thought they showed some pretty good range with the line up they have comming out. I'm looking foward to vita. I personally will play it way more then I even play my PS3.

Aarix2749d ago

Here's my two cents..

Just because one console has more exclusives doesn't mean it has more games. True gamers play games no matter what console it's on. Exclusive or not. Sure there are more ps3 exclusives but along with gears, there's dozen of quality games coming out this year for the xbox.

bicfitness2749d ago

They SELL BETTER because there are LESS franchises to choose from. 50 million people choosing from 4 core franchises vs 50 million picking from about 20 and yeah, you'll skew the market.

Obvious point is obvious.

I'll take choice over franchise fatigue any day.

Undeadwolfy2749d ago

+Bubs, you wrote was I just about to.

NewZealander2749d ago

my problem as a 360 owner is that the same exclusives all the time is getting tiresome, forza, gears of war, halo, fable, all great games, but MS give us something new apart from kinect.

Aarix2749d ago

Play some multiplatforms and shut up.

NewZealander2749d ago

aarix i do play multiplats, geeze that was rude.

solidjun52749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

They said they'll never leave the core behind and I want to believe them. But right now, at least after E3, I'm not sure. Granted, I believe they'll release new IPs in the future and probably have some in the work that wasn't shown at E3.

Time will tell.

stonecold32749d ago

gran tursimo series had out sold all of halo and gears and forza series combined thought that would make you happy?

gapecanpie2749d ago

But it been there since ps1 how can anyone compare that? To me thats just stupid....

vishant1012749d ago

and halo 3 will at the end of its life will have sold more then all three uncharted's combined imo ps3 best franchise

Kos-Mos2749d ago

When did quantity mean more than quality?

DeFFeR2749d ago

Who are you arguing for?

Sony? Why does more 1st party games mean more than the quality of MS 1st party games.

MS? Why does more sequels/sales mean more than the quality of Sony 1st party games.

Both arguments can be made with your point.

Be more vague, please.

Kos-Mos2749d ago

"Sony has yet to make a must have franchise for the PS3 that can sell in the high multimillions."said a person.

Do we real gamers need that multi million seller?
I think not.

The best games ever made are not the one that sells the most because complex games with depth is not made for the average gamer.

Thats my point.

asmith23062749d ago

@Zir0 if want you want is to go on sales then that exact attitude is MSs problem. Gears is done after 3, Halo is rehash after rehash and Forza even though I think is better than GT won't hold the same weight as the other two. Sony have LOTS of variety and they are never afraid to take risks. As a gamer I love that attitude. I never liked Halo, couldn't care much for racing games and I will get Gears purely because its the end of the trilogy but I am not really excited about it compared to some of Sonys games.

MSs E3 conference was an embarrassment and they are selling out the gamers who made the 360. Ill back Sony all the way from here on in, they have been through the shit and they deserve it.

DeFFeR2749d ago

No one deserves anything...

Every IP, every game needs to prove itself to it's consoles core audience... hype itself won't equate to a good game (HAZE effect).

I entered the "next gen" with my launch xbox in 05. I waited for PS3 to drop below $400 to pull the trigger, but I got one.

I'm happy with both consoles - the PS3 is my exclusive machine that plays blu-ray, and my xbox is the third party machine (sorry, but most of my friends pick multiplayer on XBL) as well as the console of choice for my kids.

The sesame street, disneyland and those types of games aren't really geared for US gamers (the type who would go to N4G...) but really, they appeal to parents (for the children) and children. I'm happy that my kids will be getting these types of games, I just wish the core audience could get the same experience.

NateCole2749d ago

Zir0. You are pathetic.

MS: ‘We’ll never leave the core behind’. So is that why their E3 conference which is the biggest gaming event was a Kinetic road show?.

If MS cared about their core gamers they will release more exclsuive targeted to their core gamers. Instead MS is only happy about starving you fools with only 4 exclusive franchise in two year rotation and milk as much money from you fools and you guys love it. Pathetic. To add salt to the wounds they pushed kineitic.

More proof you guys consider game sales as exclusive games that is catered to the x360 core gamers. Absolutely pathetic.

silvacrest2749d ago

people buy those games in large numbers because there is nothing else except multiplats

i dont think even xbox fanboys can deny that

"does Sony have a new IP which has sold even half of what Gears has?"

wow, really?

gears 1&2 both topped at around 6 mil

uncharted 1 - around 3.5, uncharted 2 - around 4.5
MGS5 - 5.2, LBP - 4.4 there are more too

you have what? 4 franchises that sell well, i would give that up for what sony offer in a hart beat, as a gamer you play games not sales

ipe2749d ago

lmao what???

gt5 outsold forza( and its 10 bundles) in month. Uncharted 2 surpassed 4.5 million back in middle of 2010. Now its well over 5/5.5 million. THATS GEARS NUMBERS SON. Mgs4 close to 6 million. Bunch of exclusives with sales of 3/4 million.

Yeah no doubt in total ps3 exlusives sell more.

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in my opinion they already have..

if it was not for third party games I don't know what I would play on my xbox 90% of the time.

SuperLupe2749d ago

Well thats why they dont bother too much with 1st party the end of the day you have to admit 3rd party has it covered.

But that wouldnt be a major problem if MS on their side kept on delivering core exclusives, which clearly doesnt seem to be the case.

HuGi2749d ago

The game has sold over 50M since Ps1 you gotta be kidding if you are saying Sony doesnt have that...

But Fps and so yes they dont have it... yet.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2749d ago

Yo, Mickey is hardcore son. Whatchu talkin' bout'?

LocO_o2749d ago

Whats wrong with Kindom Hearts?

Let guess your definition of core is games that have blood,guns and faul language.

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