E3 2011: Payday: The Heist trailer and in-game video shows co-operative bank robbery

Payday: The Heist came out of nowhere to shock Tim yesterday, forcing him down onto the ground with its co-operative bank robbing action, and raiding his figurative vault of interest. Today, we get to see a set of videos: the trailer, above, and an in-game video below the cut.

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BeastlyRig2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

If they can only guarantee more than 6 missions & constant updates I am in! Otherwise I am sticking with L4d which is around the same price.

Edit: is this cross platfrom? or have mod tools?

Kinda weird seeing a shooter on pc made by sony. But I like it!

More! I have to say this really feels like being a bank robber even just watching it!

TheCampfireSong2742d ago