Journey preview (BeefJack)

BeefJack: "Let me explain why I’m so excited about developer thatgamecompany’s fourth release, Journey, by first going over what exactly the game is. You’re a lone wanderer trudging through a deserted landscape, worked over by time and the elements like a heat lamp trained on an ice sculpture. It’s a place where only a vague outline remains of something that was once awesome and beautiful. Your only goal is a light in the distance, at the top of a far-off mountain peak. What is it? No clue. But it’s where you’re going."

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Spenok2746d ago

Man do I want this game. Out of all the titles releasing this year this is, if not at the top of my list then Damn near it for sure. There's something about random exploration of an uncharted world that has my interests quite piqued.