The Top 11 3DS Games Announced At E3

On June 7th, the Wii U was announced. It’s sad that we won’t see it till 2012, but oh well. Lets concentrate on the here and now with the 3DS. If you didn’t notice, plenty of games were announced for Nintendo’s new handheld. So lets take a review of some of the new ones.

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agentxk2745d ago

Looking forward to Luigi's mansion 2

Xof2745d ago

Meh. Ace Combat might be good, but a handheld really can't have the necessary level of detail and draw distance for a good flight game. And since the 3DS has only one analog stick....

Only handheld that might do AC justice would be Vita, and even then, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Where are the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and SMT announcments?

agentxk2745d ago

FF needs to come out for the 3DS