Battlefield 3 Has Won 31 Award Nomination At E3 2011

DICE has shared their joy on Twitter that they have won 31 award nomination on E3

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movements2720d ago

That's NOMINATIONS. Not actual awards...sigh

fluffydelusions2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I don't see what the problem is? The title says nominations so what's confusing?

TheOldOne2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Look at movements comment history. He is an anti battlefield/ pro cod fan.

Tank_Commander_E62720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

How many nominations did MW3 get?

MinusTheBear2720d ago

It says "won" nominations. That sounds a little misleading. It should have said the game has been nominated for 31 awards.

Cloudberry2720d ago

It's better than nothing.

But I'm curious, does Modern Warfare 3 got anything too?

DigitalRaptor2720d ago

That game looks as stale as the bread in my kitchen cupboard.

CaptainSheep2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

@Cloudberry: I dunno, I guess Battlefield is cooler thing to play at E3. xD

Trunkz Jr2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I NOMINATE movements as dbag of the day. Seriously don't be angry cause theres far more BF3 articles today then MW3.

B-radical2720d ago

I have noticed since e3 battlefield 3 has had alottttttt more articles woooooooo :)

acquanemesisX2720d ago

i nominated and awarded movements dbag of the YEAR

ndl15312720d ago

hating much ? anyway congratulations dice its great news

Hanif-8762720d ago

Battlefield 3 > All First Person Shooters :-)

acquanemesisX2720d ago

that doesn't mean battlefield can't win them :D

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LilDeja932720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

It deserved every single one of them.

DirtyLary2720d ago

Can't wait to play BC3.

GrumpyVeteran2720d ago

Should say:

"Battlefield 3 has been nominated for 31 awards"

Rather than won.

They'll win a lot, but using the word won in this title is deceptive.

Paralex2720d ago

So I'm assuming MW3 got nominated for the same 31 awards, which it will win. Go MW3!!! Woohoo!

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The story is too old to be commented.