Uncharted 3 Has Won Over 20 Award Nomination At E3 2011

Wonder how well naughty dog doing on this E3? Naughty just revealed on their Twitter that their masterpiece Uncharted 3 have won over 20 awards this time.

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pain777pas2749d ago

No surprise. The demo and trailer sealed its fate as my most anticipated game this year. Infinite, Skyrim and Arkham are there too. Surprises... Resistance and Rage. Heart warmer is Anniversary edition Halo 1 remaster and RIIIIIIIdge Racer Vita baby. Suprised that LBP Vita is not getting some best of show nods since it I will say it again be one of the highest rated games of all time.

grailly2749d ago

imo, the best demos from E3 were the skyrim, batman et tomb raider ones. Rayman demo was good too. but the other demoes didn't get me more exited for games(to be fair, I was already very exited for uncharted 3 and bioshok)

MidnytRain2749d ago

Where's the love for Far Cry 3? That gets *my* Best of E3 award.

grailly2749d ago

yeah farcry 3 looked really awesome! but I'm stayeing skeptikal after what we got from farcry 2

pain777pas2749d ago

Farcry3 did look amazing but the atmosphere sold me on the game. Crazy. B3.... I have to play a demo and a good one. Too mainstream for my taste. I think that it looks GREAT in the combat sections. It has real vehicles, destructible environments etc... SOLD on the tech. The game experience... still on the fence.

malamdra2749d ago

the best I've seen so far was the short gameplay trailer for Bioshock Infinite and Uncharted 3 at the Sony presser

Skyrim looked a little weird, seemed more like the first Bioshock than an Elders Scroll game, still good but not what I expected

KingDustero2749d ago

I don't belive LBP on the Vita is actually at the show, thus that is why there aren't any rewards for it.

Uncharted 3 and Dark Souls are currently my two most anticipated games for this year. IMO Uncharted 3 is the game to beat for GotY this year, but I don't believe it will be beat.

Non the less 2011 is one of the best years for gaming this generation across all platforms.

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farhad2k82749d ago

Once again, Sony & Uncharted steal the show.
What a combination!

Can't wait for the PSV version.

jneul2749d ago

lol looks like it may get GOTY at this rate, the only competition it has is skyrim that looked awesome:-D

CaptainSheep2749d ago

But Battlefield 3 got 31 award nominations.. 11 more than Uncharted 3. But I bet it won't win as MANY as Uncharted will. ;D

grailly2749d ago

I don't get the battlefield excitement, it's truly a beautiful game, but that tank demo, was boring as hell. If anything e3 made me less exited for the game.

MasterCornholio2749d ago

Some people will Argue Gears 3 but i dont beleive its GOTY material. For me the top 5 are (in no particular order)

1. Uncharted 3
2. Elderscrolls 5 SKyrm
3. Battlefield 3
4. Dark Souls
5. Infamous 2

pain777pas2749d ago

I2 is on shelves. Arkham maybe in its place. R3 is looking very good too. I am suprised that R3 looks this good but its been 3 years. I2 will get purchased soon but I am waiting to finish I1 again.

Headquarters112749d ago

The lighting on this game, from what was shown on the trailer, looks absolutely stunning. AGAIN ND outdoes their previous installment of UC, great developers!

And I agree Skyrim looks awesome, the animations! OMG they look so much better than Oblivion, which had last gen animations so not really saying much there lol.

Can't wait to see this engine on a new fallout game.

CaptainSheep2749d ago

Battlefield 3 vs Skyrim for the Best Graphics Award 2011?

koehler832749d ago

Not to dampen the accomplishment, but nominations aren't wins.

I'm sure they'll win most of them, though.

Shazz2749d ago

as they say its the dogs bollocks

WhiteLightning2749d ago

When do the winners get announced ?

Is it the end of this week...

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