Neocrisis: Dark Souls - Limited Edition Images Changed

Neocrisis: It would seem that the images on the limited edition of Dark Souls, PS3 and 360, has been changed once again.

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CherryLu-Chan2663d ago

I love the extra injection of colour - it should make the game leap from the store shelves with an extra [evil] fizz.

I must admit I love the cover of the standard edition far more than the metal tin ltd edition cover though.

jazzking20012663d ago

lol correct

i like the new version the others

CherryLu-Chan2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I notice that it says the mini strategy guide is a digital download - yet shows a physical booklet in the art.

Does that mean that it's going to be available as a digital download as well .. or instead?! O_o

If it is just a digital download i'd say that's a real shame, considering the wonderful pieces both Atlus and Namco Bandai did with Demon's Souls.

Strange that with so much positivity and hype around the new title, they look to be paring back to package available. :/

Burning_Finger2663d ago

Do you need to sell your soul to afford one of this?? XD

jazzking20012663d ago

i think that applies to both LEs and CEs lol

snakebite362663d ago

wow, the covers on all those look amazing.

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