PlayStation Vita Hits Sweet Spot: Tops Bestseller Charts with $249.99 Price and Tech Specs

"As with most new gadgets and gizmos it is typically all about the specs... The just announced PlayStation Vita is no different...

What apparently is different (particularly for Sony) is the the announcement of the $249.99 and $299.99 (Wifi, 3G respectively) price points. Apparently this pricing is hitting the sweet spot with gamers as the Vita is currently topping the Amazon BestSellers List! The old sell the razor for a loss, and make it up on the razor blades loss leading model appears to be the strategy for Sony this go around.

Will you be pre-ordering a PlayStation Vita at this price point?"

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PirateThom2747d ago

Wifi version pre-ordered. The price point just falls into what I was expecting.

bestofthebest2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

same here I'm not interested in the 3g version

Drekken2747d ago

Why would Sony force AT&T down our throats? The biggest iphone complaints were AT&T... it makes no sense.

Samk182747d ago

Who is forcing you to buy a 3g one is, its just an option. I'm sure a very small percentage of people will buy a 3g version. Its not like youll be able to use it to play multiplayer online. Its mostly for updates and social stuff.

Drekken2747d ago

samk, why are you even responding to me. Comprehend anyone that wants 3G has to sign up with AT&T. I used to use AT&T for my cell service and NEVER AGAIN. NEVER. $39.00 a month service used to cost me $70 min, that plus all the service problems = no AT&T for me.

I would like a 3G PSv, so sam... If this explanation helps you comprehend what I am saying a little better, you cant argue with that. If you are still not comprehending... dont bother responding to me.

nightmarex1212747d ago

probably b/c att has much more wifi hot spots compare to the others

DigitalHorror812745d ago

That's not what Gamestop told me. The manager told me I could get the 3G one right out of the box and that I wouldn't have to do a 3G service. Somebody, PLEASE link your source to show me the guy is wrong. 3G for me if I don't have to do a subscription contract right at the moment of its release.

Otherwise, Wi-Fi all the way.

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LilDeja932747d ago

I will pre-order one, most likely the 3G one.

The price is also reasonable, especially for a device with such specs.

Zir02747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

If I was anyone I would wait a bit, the 3DS price dropped rapidly after a few weeks and the same will likely happen to the PSV.

After the initial demand from the dedicated fans has gone prices will plummet.

The PSV won't sell as well as the 3DS, only the hardcore Sony fans will be buying this not the mass market, sales WILL drop after a few weeks that is certain. The PSP was dead everywhere but Japan so don't expect anything different with the PSV.

LilDeja932747d ago

I doubt it, the price for the 3DS dropped because it didn't sell no where near as much as everyone thought it would, including Nintendo.

Plus the PS Vita has got a brilliant launch titles.

Only time will tell.

VampiricDragon2747d ago

"he price for the 3DS dropped because it didn't sell no where near as much as everyone thought it would, including Nintendo. "

Correction, they didnt hit the benchmark in terms of units sold (slightly off).

Sales have been good and smooth according to iwata. They are on the 100+ mil pace and outselling the ds at the same point according to analysts.Which is why they say sales have been good.

If the ds was in second place at all during the first 2 years nintendo would of been happy

MasterCornholio2747d ago

When did the price for the 3DS drop? because here in spain they are still selling it for 250 euros.

Dannehkins2747d ago

I have to admit Zir0, I am disappointed.

I thought EVEN YOU might see that this is a fantastic price for a fantastic piece of kit. It's without a shadow of a doubt value for money. I think all the excitement and people saying they will be getting this day one shows that. Sony hit the sweet spot.

LilDeja932747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

@ "Zir0"

"The PSP was dead everywhere but Japan so don't expect anything different with the PSV."

Clearly it's not dead, otherwise Sony wouldn't still be selling them.

And the PSP sold millions thoughout its early days.

It might aged , but its still selling.

fatalred alarm2747d ago

grrr why would u name a device after my favorite football club? Heresy!

supremacy2747d ago

Here it goes again, 3DS will sell but vita wont claim from a guy with zero credibility who's name so happens to be ziro at that.

The vita will be a success, its inevitable and that wont change regardless of what you say.

oldjadedgamer2747d ago

I don't get on N4G much anymore because of all the trolls and fanboys, but PSP outsold the DS in the beginning. It was the lack of software for the PSP and Nintendogs +Brainage that caused the DS to explode.

StbI9902747d ago

Plus piracy killing the software mass buyer...this time though?

Would you like to lose PSN, CROSS game chat, transfarring, crossplatforming, live, near, online, for playing isos or homebrew on ur console? i kno i wouldnt.

ndl15312747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

psp 70 million sold ww. and still going strong and you call that dead? wonder what you think of ps3 and 360 ? speak for yourself as for me its VERY exciting to hear and absolutely cant wait to get one

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VampiricDragon2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Not yet. I need to see some truely exclusive content and games from third parties which we havent seen really yet.

jrpgs mostly. Then I will preorder.

So that means I am waiting for the tokyo game show before I make the decision to preorder

Make no mistake I am buying it

but seeing what kind of jrpgs there are will help me make the determination between preordering it, and just buying it launch day

@ matrix
Yes falcom is making one early on, but Id like to see a bunch from different companies. And dragon crown is an action jrpg but its also coming to the ps3 so thats likely the lead platform SO I am getting it for that.

Optical_Matrix2747d ago

Falcom are working on a JRPG for launch, and have you seen Vanillaware's new game, Dragon Crown? Releasing in early 2012. Not exactly a JRPG but you must know what their games are like.

I've pre-ordered the 3G Version. £279.99. Bargain if you ask me

claterz2747d ago

Bargain? How the hell can the UK price be so high when it's only $299.99 in US?
I'll wait for a price drop or just get it shipped from US, no way I'm paying £279.99

St02747d ago

I agree, we always get shafted when it comes to pricing in the UK


Optical_Matrix2747d ago

@claterz, it is a bargain considering the tech inside it. We pay ridiculous taxes in Western Europe so the UK price was never going to be a direct conversion of the US price. It never works like that with anything. hence why 3DS costs $249.99 in the US and £229.99 in the UK. Maybe it sucks but it's never bothered me because if those taxes weren't there, tech companies would be making millions in loses on top of what they're already loosing if they release a system at a price below the manufacturing costs.

If you get it shipped from the US you're gonna get ambushed by customs mate. I wouldn't bother. When I imported my original fat PSP from Japan in 2005 customs ambushed me on my doorstep and I ended up paying nearly £80 on top of the already expensive system. Same thing will happen to you friend.

trounbyfire2747d ago

the chart has many PS things in the top 10, both vita versions and ps3 plus games

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