TheSixthAxis Hands On: F1 2011

TSA writes: "Codemasters created a brilliant, accessible simulation with last year’s F1 2010, their first outing with the license garnering some great reviews (the Metacritic average is around 84%) and expectations that this year’s game will improve on the niggles that hardcore fans had whilst still making it playable by gamers of all skill (and interest) levels. From my time with the game at E3 behind closed doors, that certainly seems to be the case."

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TLG19912746d ago

CO-OP HOLY BALLS! thats going to be sweet!

nikebee2746d ago

Loved F1 2010, but I just really hope they've fixed a few of the really simple bugs in it.

They never really sorted out the pit-lane bug, or the timing screen bug.

Can't wait for this though.

ikkokucrisis2746d ago

6th axis covering multi plat games?? Lol, theyre not jiggy enough with sony to get any exclusive news?