27 new screens released for Tales of Xillia on Playstation 3

Twenty-seven new screenshots have been released by Namco Bandai Games Japan for their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive role-playing game, Tales of Xillia.

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pain777pas2664d ago

When is the release date?

Redempteur2664d ago

spetember this year for the JAPAN release ..

For me , i'll NOT wait for a US annoncement , Namco US is way too slow and stupid .. and the game just look too good anyway

shreeveera2664d ago

Will this game release outside japan ever?

Lavalamp2664d ago

There's a good chance it will if Tales of Graces F sells well enough in the west to warrant it.

shreeveera2664d ago

When is Tales of Graces F releasing in the US???
Is Tales of Vesperia(PS3 version) buried for good?

Lavalamp2664d ago

Unfortunately, all we have to go by is sometime in 2012. As for Vesperia, it's anyone's guess if that'll end up being localized.